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descriptionVarious fixes and improvements for TopGit.
last changeTue, 5 Oct 2010 07:07:59 +0000 (5 09:07 +0200)
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This fork contains various TopGit branches that apply on top of the official master branch. It is named "tsort.git" since the first work I did was to add an option to "tg summary" so that it sorts the branches topoligically, but I have since made several other improvements as well.
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check for deps repetitionsmastert/annihilatet/base-usaget/checkoutt/import-git-test-frameworkt/summary-deps-as-function
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check .topdeps for valid branches
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check for cycles in dependencies
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check .top* files in the to-be-commit...
2010-10-05 Bert simplify cat_file
2010-10-05 Bert WesargREADME: move note about shortcomings of using --first...
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargtg-log: short cut to git log
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargput die() messages to stderr
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargtg-remote: use default remote if none is given
2010-10-03 Bert WesargLet tg-update take a branch parameter
2010-10-03 Olaf DabrunzAdd pointer about the problems regarding tg depend...
2010-10-03 Per CederqvistIndicate the current branch in "tg summary --graphviz"
2010-10-03 Per CederqvistImplement "tg summary --deps" as a shell function.
2010-09-06 Per CederqvistDo basic error checking in "tg depend add"t/refactor-summaryt/uncommit
2010-09-06 Per CederqvistRefactor tg summary
2010-08-24 Uwe Kleine... Fix pretty_tree to work in a subdirectoryt/baset/depend-usaget/ignore-emacs-autosavet/no-export-topmsg-topdeps
7 years ago t/summary-deps-as-function
7 years ago t/integrate-test-framework
7 years ago t/check-target
7 years ago t/import-git-test-framework
7 years ago t/depend-swap
7 years ago t/depend-add-using-set
7 years ago t/depend-rm
7 years ago t/depend-set
7 years ago t/checkout
7 years ago t/base-usage
7 years ago t/annihilate
7 years ago master
7 years ago t/ready-for-integration
7 years ago t/all-my-work
7 years ago t/graphviz-indicate-current
7 years ago t/summary-sort-order
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