2015-08-18 Robin GreenMerge pull request #49 from vvv/macosx-fixmaster
2015-05-27 Valery V. (precheck): Mac OS X fix49/head
2015-03-03 Robin GreenCreate info directory if it does not already exist
2015-02-24 Robin GreenMerge pull request #45 from imz/upstream
2015-02-24 Ivan ZakharyaschevSpell-checked README.45/head
2013-04-07 Robin Greenprev: omit annihilated branches, like next does
2013-04-07 Robin Greenannihilate: Propagate old dependencies to any children
2013-04-07 Robin Greencheckout: make it work after branch annihilation
2013-04-07 Per CederqvistAdded 'tg checkout'.
2013-04-07 Robin Greenexport: Again, only check for annihilation if a branch... t/checkout
2013-04-07 Robin GreenFix bug caused by lack of local variables in Bourne...
2013-04-07 Robin GreenOnly check tg-ish branches for annihilation
2013-04-07 Robin Greenpush: Fill in, and correct, the documentation
2013-04-07 Robin Greenupdate: Make abort really abort in the recursive case
2013-04-07 Robin GreenRecursion fixes
2013-04-07 Robin GreenImproved error messages for unclean working directory... t/summary-deps-as-function
2013-04-07 Robin Greenupdate: Ensure the tree is clean first
2013-04-07 Robin GreenREADME: Fix typo
2013-04-07 Robin GreenCentralise annihilated branch checking
2013-04-06 Per CederqvistFix "tg base -h" and generalize "tg base".
2013-04-06 Robin GreenINSTALL: Add more third-party packagest/base-usage
2013-03-31 Robin GreenMakefile: Use 'git describe' to get a precise TopGit...
2013-03-31 Robin GreenCorrect required git version
2013-03-30 Robin GreenAdded git version check (runtime & build time)
2013-03-30 Thomas Schwingetg-annihilate: Pass --no-verify when committing.
2013-03-30 Per CederqvistCreate the "tg annihilate" command.
2013-03-18 Jiang Xinremote: prune stale remote branch when update
2013-03-18 Jiang Xinexport: add --all option for --quilt to export all... t/asciidoct/import-move-head
2013-03-17 Robin GreenAdded .mailmap
2013-03-16 Andrey Borzenkovbash-completion: fix update) and ... in command list11/head
2013-03-11 Jiang XinBash completion bugfix: git-core's completion changed...
2013-03-11 Jiang Xinpush: add --all to push all tg branches to remote server
2013-03-11 Robin Greentg-push: push all in one go
2013-03-11 Jiang XinNo stop to edit for the new merge behavior of git
2013-03-09 Robin GreenBumped version to 0.9; last minute doc changestopgit-0.9
2013-03-09 Robin GreenDocumentation cleanup
2013-03-09 Robin GreenINSTALL: Added installation instructions
2013-03-09 Heiko Hund--strip option for tg export
2013-03-09 Robin GreenREADME: Fix obsolete references to git push
2013-03-08 Robin GreenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-03-07 Robin GreenMake tg help work in any directory
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: check for detached state of current branch
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: correctly return error for missing deps
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: allow skipping branch if recursion fails
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg: fix recursing with missing dependencies
2011-03-19 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: document variables
2011-03-18 Andrey BorzenkovREADME: really update documentation
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-delete: simplistic check for dependency on deleted...
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: strip refs/top-bases/ from PATTERNs just...
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: clarify that there could be multiple PATTERNs
2011-03-18 Andrey BorzenkovMerge branch 'x' into github
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-update: add -a support for all branches
2011-03-18 Andrey support tag objects as parent
2011-03-18 Andrey check for removed branch in branch_annihilated
2011-03-18 Andrey Borzenkovtg-create: let format.signoff control adding of Signed...
2010-12-26 Uwe Kleine... Merge commit 'index-wt~2' of git://
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-prev/tg-next: commands to explore dependencies
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-mail: accept -i/-w
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-summary: accept -i/-w
2010-11-08 Bert Wesarglist_deps: accept -i/-w
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-patch: use pretty_tree and diff-tree to generate...
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargbranch_empty: use pretty_tree and therefore respect...
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-files: simplify arg checking and add sanity check...
2010-11-08 Bert Wesargtg-export: use pretty_tree -b for base
2010-11-02 Bert Wesargcat_file: take -i/-w parameters
2010-11-02 Bert Wesargprovide a global temporary directory
2010-11-02 Uwe Kleine... README: clearify note describing short-comings of tg log
2010-11-02 Bert Wesargtg-files: list files changed by the topic branch
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check for deps repetitions
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check .topdeps for valid branches
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check for cycles in dependencies
2010-10-05 Bert Wesarghooks/pre-commit: check .top* files in the to-be-commit...
2010-10-05 Bert simplify cat_file
2010-10-05 Bert WesargREADME: move note about shortcomings of using --first...
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargtg-log: short cut to git log
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargput die() messages to stderr
2010-10-03 Bert Wesargtg-remote: use default remote if none is given
2010-10-03 Bert WesargLet tg-update take a branch parameter
2010-10-03 Olaf DabrunzAdd pointer about the problems regarding tg depend...
2010-10-03 Per CederqvistIndicate the current branch in "tg summary --graphviz"
2010-10-03 Per CederqvistImplement "tg summary --deps" as a shell function.
2010-09-06 Per CederqvistDo basic error checking in "tg depend add"
2010-09-06 Per CederqvistRefactor tg summary
2010-08-24 Uwe Kleine... Fix pretty_tree to work in a subdirectory
2010-08-24 Per CederqvistGeneralize subcommand selection in "tg depend"
2010-08-24 Per CederqvistAdd "tg base" that prints the base version.
2010-08-24 Per CederqvistIgnore Emacs auto-save files
2010-08-24 Uwe Kleine... Order .gitignore alphabetically
2010-08-24 Per CederqvistDon't implement the usage message of tg depend more...
2010-07-25 Per CederqvistAdded the --deps option to "tg summary".
2010-07-25 Per CederqvistImplemented "tg summary --sort".
2010-04-10 Uwe Kleine... tg patch: treat all files as ascii
2010-04-10 Uwe Kleine... tg mail: document config setting to prevent unintended...
2010-04-10 Carsten HeyDon't call pre-commit hook if tg is not installed
2010-03-15 Thomas Schwingetg-delete: Handle the case where the branch has been...
2010-03-04 Thomas Schwingetg-mail: Properly quote argument to --in-reply-to
2010-03-04 Thomas Schwingetg-push: Filter out plain SHA1s from being pushed.
2010-02-02 Michal SojkaMake 'tg patch' work in subdirectories
2009-10-27 martin f. krafftquote $LESS in case it includes spaces
2009-10-27 martin f. krafftdeal with single quotes in from/to headers