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descriptionTopGit - A different patch queue manager (mirror of GitHub repo)
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TopGit aims to make handling of large amount of interdependent topic branches easier. In fact, it is designed especially for the case when you maintain a queue of third-party patches on top of another (perhaps Git-controlled) project and want to easily organize, maintain and submit them - TopGit achieves that by keeping a separate topic branch for each patch and providing few tools to maintain the branches. (learn more)
2015-03-03 Robin GreenCreate info directory if it does not already existmaster
2015-02-24 Robin GreenMerge pull request #45 from imz/upstream
2015-02-24 Ivan ZakharyaschevSpell-checked README.45/head
2013-04-07 Robin Greenprev: omit annihilated branches, like next does
2013-04-07 Robin Greenannihilate: Propagate old dependencies to any children
2013-04-07 Robin Greencheckout: make it work after branch annihilation
2013-04-07 Per CederqvistAdded 'tg checkout'.
2013-04-07 Robin Greenexport: Again, only check for annihilation if a branch... t/checkout
2013-04-07 Robin GreenFix bug caused by lack of local variables in Bourne...
2013-04-07 Robin GreenOnly check tg-ish branches for annihilation
2013-04-07 Robin Greenpush: Fill in, and correct, the documentation
2013-04-07 Robin Greenupdate: Make abort really abort in the recursive case
2013-04-07 Robin GreenRecursion fixes
2013-04-07 Robin GreenImproved error messages for unclean working directory... t/summary-deps-as-function
2013-04-07 Robin Greenupdate: Ensure the tree is clean first
2013-04-07 Robin GreenREADME: Fix typo
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7 years ago topgit-0.1 topgit-0.1: Initial release
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