2012-06-27 Milutin Jovanovićtests: Minor adjustments selecting which tests are... mob
2012-06-27 Vincent LefevreIncorrect shift result type with 64-bit ABI
2012-06-18 Milutin Jovanovićtests: Added numerous tests.
2012-06-13 Thomas Preud... Detect multiarch on Kfreebsd and Hurd
2012-06-12 Thomas Preud... Evaluate configure arguments
2012-06-12 grischkaRevert "Make ex1.c and ex4.c be executable on any systems"master
2012-06-12 grischkatcc.c: fix argv index for parse_args
2012-06-11 Milutin Jovanovićosx: Removed some optimizations for x86 builds as they...
2012-06-10 Michael Matzx86-64: Fix call saved register restore
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... tccelf.c: Add R_ARM_REL32 relocation
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... Add support for arm hardfloat calling convention
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... Fix removal of vnrott
2012-05-28 Thomas Preud... Only warn for unknown options in configure script
2012-05-22 Thomas Preud... Several multiarch/biarch fixes
2012-05-22 Thomas Preud... Fix CONFIG_LDDIR usage
2012-05-13 Michael Matzx86_64: Fix compares with NaNs.
2012-05-13 Michael MatzEmit spaces for -MD
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix comparing comparisons
2012-04-18 Michael MatzMake sizeof() be of type size_t
2012-04-18 Michael Matzx86_64: Implement GET_CALLER_FP
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix parsing function macro invocations
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix detection of labels with a typedef name
2012-04-18 Michael Matzx86_64: Fix segfault for global data
2012-04-18 Michael Matzx86_64: Fix indirection in struct paramaters
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix bitfield loads into char/short.
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix conversion in a?0:ptr.
2012-04-18 grischkalibtcc: tcc_get_symbol uses the TCCState parameter
2012-04-18 grischkasupport "x86_64-linux-gnu" subdirs with lib & include
2012-04-18 grischkatcc_realloc: auto "memory full" error
2012-04-18 grischkatcc.h: unify multiple #ifdef CONFIG_TCC_BACKTRACE
2012-04-18 grischkacleanup some partially broken patches
2012-04-18 grischkawin32: tcc.exe uses libtcc.dll
2012-04-18 grischkatcc.c: fix previous commit "Use CString to concat linke...
2012-04-18 Gabriel CorneanuRe-enable "Use CString to concat linker options"
2012-04-18 Gabriel Corneanuadd "nostdlib" option to libtcc
2012-04-10 Thomas Preud... Revert "Use CString to concat linker options"
2012-03-20 Thomas Preud... Use CString to concat linker options
2012-03-16 Thomas Preud... Fix use after free for linker_arg
2012-03-16 unknownfix mingw compliation
2012-03-14 Thomas Preud... Support linker options passed in several -Wl param
2012-03-14 Thomas Preud... Consider long int constant as 64 bits on x86-64
2012-03-14 Thomas Preud... Remove vnrott (duplicate vrotb)
2012-03-13 Thomas Preud... Inform user that -b only exists on i386.
2012-03-06 Milutin JovanovicFurther changes improving the OSX build. Everything...
2012-03-05 grischkax86_64: fix loading of LLOCAL floats
2012-03-05 grischkatcc.h: define TCC_IS_NATIVE
2012-03-03 Andrew MulbrookFix assumption of 32bit long on portions of Elf
2012-03-03 Andrew MulbrookRevert "Multiple fixes for 64 bit sections"
2012-02-29 Ramsay JonesAdd __REDIRECT needed for Large File Support API on...
2012-02-27 mobMultiple fixes for 64 bit sections
2012-02-16 Milutin JovanovicAttempt to fix 32 bit OSX build. The fix consists of...
2012-02-09 Milutin JovanovicPatch attempting to build OSX TinyCC.
2012-01-23 Daniel Glöckneri386: fix loading of LLOCAL floats
2012-01-22 Thomas Preud... Error out when assigning void value.
2012-01-08 Thomas Preud... s/derefencing/dereferencing/ in i386-gen.c
2012-01-06 Thomas Preud... Compile tccasm.c conditionally (TCC_CONFIG_ASM)
2012-01-04 Thomas Preud... Fix linkage of named file in loader script.
2011-10-03 Nicolas Limarelibtcc: add missing tcc_enable_debug()
2011-08-12 Thomas Preud... Don't define strtold and strtof on *BSD + uClibc
2011-08-12 Daniel GlöcknerFix problem with PLT and GOT relocs on armel.
2011-08-11 grischkarename error/warning -> tcc_(error/warning)
2011-08-11 grischkalibtcc: minor adjustments
2011-08-10 Gabriel Corneanudll build + small adjustments
2011-08-06 grischkalibtcc: support more than one crtprefix
2011-08-06 grischkalibtcc: cleanup the 'gen_makedeps' stuff
2011-08-06 grischkatcc: fix -m32/64 & simplify
2011-08-06 grischkatcctest: switch weak_toolate proto with impl
2011-08-06 grischkax86-64: fix flags and zero-pad long doubles
2011-08-06 grischkaconfigure: add switches to set search paths
2011-08-05 Thomas Preud... Remove semicolon in x86-64 va_arg definition.
2011-08-03 Thomas Preud... Revert "Add a --multiarch-triplet switch to configure"
2011-08-01 Thomas Preud... Add a --multiarch-triplet switch to configure
2011-08-01 Thomas Preud... Set CONFIG_TCC_CRT_PREFIX relative to CONFIG_SYSROOT
2011-07-31 grischkaAccept colon separated paths with -L and -I
2011-07-31 Thomas Preud... Revert "Force const. expr. in expr_cond outside function"
2011-07-30 Thomas Preud... Force const. expr. in expr_cond outside function
2011-07-22 Joe Sorokafixed Makefile test targets
2011-07-22 Joe Sorokare-added negative-array-size testcase and fixed fix...
2011-07-16 grischkaRevert "better constant handling for expr_cond"
2011-07-14 grischkaelf.h: define SHF_MERGE etc.
2011-07-14 grischkawin64: va_arg with structures
2011-07-14 grischkatccpe: cleanup ELFW() macros etc.
2011-07-14 grischkatccrun: win32: improve exception handler
2011-07-14 grischkatccrun: win32: improve rt_get_caller_pc
2011-07-14 grischkatccrun: rt_printline: fix no-stabs case
2011-07-14 grischkatccrun: improve rt_printline output format
2011-07-14 grischkatccrun: win64: add unwind function table for dynamic...
2011-07-14 grischkatccgen: reset aligned attribute for next type
2011-07-14 grischkamake: create native tcc from separate objects
2011-07-12 Thomas Preud... Fix array_test: move params to local vars
2011-07-11 grischkawin32: add -Wl,--stack=xxx switch
2011-07-11 grischkawin32/include: enable _timezone etc variables.
2011-07-11 Joe Sorokaallow defining sysroot at compile-time
2011-07-11 Joe Sorokahandle arrays with a flexible member but no initializer
2011-07-11 Joe Sorokabetter constant handling for expr_cond
2011-07-08 Joe Sorokafix self-referential token pasting
2011-07-08 Thomas Preud... Use CONFIG_TCC_LDDIR for ld.so on all linux archs
2011-07-08 Thomas Preud... Fix problem spotted in <4E15F966.4090102@gmx.de>
2011-07-08 Joe Sorokafix end-of-scope for self-referential macros
2011-07-07 Thomas Preud... Remove useless changes from 31ca000d in configure