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descriptiontinycc fork to help me test changes before commit to mob
last changeWed, 27 Jun 2012 18:48:08 +0000 (27 14:48 -0400)
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2012-06-27 Milutin Jovanovićtests: Minor adjustments selecting which tests are... mob
2012-06-27 Vincent LefevreIncorrect shift result type with 64-bit ABI
2012-06-18 Milutin Jovanovićtests: Added numerous tests.
2012-06-13 Thomas Preud... Detect multiarch on Kfreebsd and Hurd
2012-06-12 Thomas Preud... Evaluate configure arguments
2012-06-12 grischkaRevert "Make ex1.c and ex4.c be executable on any systems"master
2012-06-12 grischkatcc.c: fix argv index for parse_args
2012-06-11 Milutin Jovanovićosx: Removed some optimizations for x86 builds as they...
2012-06-10 Michael Matzx86-64: Fix call saved register restore
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... tccelf.c: Add R_ARM_REL32 relocation
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... Add support for arm hardfloat calling convention
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud... Fix removal of vnrott
2012-05-28 Thomas Preud... Only warn for unknown options in configure script
2012-05-22 Thomas Preud... Several multiarch/biarch fixes
2012-05-22 Thomas Preud... Fix CONFIG_LDDIR usage
2012-05-13 Michael Matzx86_64: Fix compares with NaNs.
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