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descriptionkirr's tinycc tree
last changeThu, 14 Jan 2010 20:00:05 +0000 (14 21:00 +0100)
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2010-01-14 grischkatccpp: signal missing #endif errormaster
2010-01-14 grischkatccpp: convert TOK_GET macro into function
2010-01-14 grischkatccpp: warn about #define redefinition
2010-01-14 grischkawin64: defined size_t and ptrdiff_t to unsigned long...
2010-01-14 grischkawin32: cleanup include
2010-01-14 grischkax86-64: use uplong for symbol values
2010-01-14 grischkatccpe: improve dllimport/export and use for tcc_add_symbol
2010-01-14 grischkawin32: readme: add libtcc_test example
2009-12-20 grischkaupdate Makefiles
2009-12-20 grischkabuild from multiple objects: fix other targets
2009-12-20 grischkax86-64: fix gtst, back to only 5 regs for now
2009-12-20 grischkax86-64: use r8/r9 as generic integer registers
2009-12-20 grischkax86-64: use r8,r9 as load/store registers
2009-12-20 grischkawin32: add size_t to _mingw.h
2009-12-20 grischkause vpushv in some places
2009-12-20 grischkawin64: add tiny unwind data for setjmp/longjmp
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