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descriptionImprovements to libtcc API.
last changeSat, 5 Dec 2009 22:12:32 +0000 (5 14:12 -0800)
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K1w1's modifications to TinyCC. Mainly improvements to libtcc API.
2009-12-05 k1w1Added missing file.master
2009-12-05 k1w1Added OS specific files. Builds now on Cygwin.
2009-12-05 k1w1Split out argument parsing code so it can be reused...
2009-12-05 k1w1Refactor complete for i386 target.
2009-12-05 k1w1Checkpoint. More refactoring.
2009-12-05 k1w1Checkpoint as I continue refactoring the code.
2009-12-04 k1w1Checkpoint as I remove #includes for .c files from...
2009-12-04 k1w1* Added library API function to allow callers to preven...
2009-12-01 bobblavoid needless register save when storing structures
2009-12-01 Bernhard Reutner... document -print-search-dirs
2009-12-01 Bernhard Reutner... improve handling of --help
2009-12-01 Luigi Rizzosolve tccelf problem on FreeBSD
2009-12-01 grischkawin32: remove #define alloca from mingw headers
2009-11-30 grischkawin32: explain usage of mingw w32api package
2009-11-30 grischkatccpe: fclose FILE*
2009-11-21 grischkawin64: Use tcc's own assembler
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