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descriptionVarious TinyCC modifications
last changeThu, 20 Nov 2008 21:52:35 +0000 (20 22:52 +0100)
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2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerFuther changes to castsmaster
2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerFix get_tok_str wrt wide characters
2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerRewrote '?' for constants
2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerCast parameter of '!' to _Bool
2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerRewrote casts
2008-11-20 Daniel GlöcknerMerge branch 'master' into mine-local
2008-09-15 grischkawas hash, not link
2008-09-14 grischkaupdate changelog
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerDisplay error on statement expressions with complex...
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerFix bitfields with non-int types and in unions
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerForce null pointer exception for code outside of a...
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerOptimize arithmetic with pointer to value on stack...
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerFix gv for long longs
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerAllow to use libgcc instead of libtcc1
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerA prefix for default library/include search paths
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerARM related Makefile changes
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