2008-03-31 grischkaupdate manual, changelogrelease_0_9_24
2008-03-31 grischkaadded verbosity levels (-vv -vvv)
2008-03-31 grischkaAccept standard input as an inputstream (Hanzac Chen)
2008-03-25 grischkaget rid of a warning and fix .bat
2008-03-25 grischkaAdd -soname linker option (Marc Andre Tanner)
2008-03-25 grischkaComply to c89 compilers other than gcc (Hanzac Chen)
2008-03-08 grischkaEnable -B option for library path on win32
2008-03-08 grischkaFix 'tcc -static' with recent glibc
2008-03-08 grischkaGet rid of one warning
2008-03-08 grischkaCheckin tiny_libmaker (ar replacement) by Timovj Lahde
2008-01-16 grischkaUdated and cleaned up TODO.
2008-01-16 grischkaJust warn about unknown directives, define __STDC_VERSI...
2007-12-19 grischkaSwitch to newer tccpe.c (includes support for resources)
2007-12-17 grischkaHandle backslashes within #include, #error, #warning
2007-12-16 grischkaImport changesets (part 4) 428,457,460,467: defines...
2007-12-13 grischkaDisable singnedness warnings with newer gcc.
2007-12-13 grischkaUse _WIN32 for a windows hosted tcc and define it for...
2007-12-09 grischkatiny_impdef.c - converted to LF line-endings (and sligh...
2007-12-04 grischkaImport 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
2007-11-25 grischkaSome in-between fixes (See Changelog for details).
2007-11-25 grischkaFixed:
2007-11-23 grischkaNew files: alloca86.S alloca86-bt.S
2007-11-21 grischkaImport more changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 2)
2007-11-14 grischkaImport some changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 1)
2007-10-30 grischkaFix 'invalid relocation entry' problem on ubuntu -...
2006-10-28 bellardtypos
2006-10-28 bellardfixed help
2006-10-28 bellardadded va_copy()
2006-10-28 bellardupdate
2006-10-28 bellardfixed sign extension in some type conversions (Dave...
2006-10-28 bellardconversion test
2006-10-28 bellardmultiple typedef test
2006-10-28 bellardfixed multiple typedef specifiers handling
2006-10-28 bellardworkaround for function pointers in conditional express...
2006-10-28 bellarddiscard type qualifiers when comparing function paramet...
2006-10-28 bellardBug fix: A long long value used as a test expression...
2006-10-28 bellardfixed multiple concatenation of PPNUM tokens (initial...
2006-10-16 bellardinitial implementation of -E option
2006-02-20 bellardallow (base,index) as alias to (base,index,1)
2005-10-30 bellardtcc_load_dll fix (Tao Wu)
2005-09-04 bellardavoid jumping into statement expression
2005-09-04 bellardupdate
2005-09-04 bellardfastcall keywords
2005-09-03 bellardfixed parsing of function parameters
2005-09-03 bellardanonymous union/struct support (Filip Navara)
2005-09-03 bellardsupport for empty input register section in asm (Filip...
2005-09-03 bellardwindows style fastcall (Filip Navara)
2005-09-03 bellardnormalized slashes in paths (Filip Navara)
2005-09-03 bellardsegment override prefix support (Filip Navara)
2005-09-03 bellardadded support for win32 wchar_t (Filip Navara)
2005-09-03 bellardignore AS_NEEDED ld command
2005-09-03 bellardfixed function type check
2005-09-03 bellarduse CFLAGS from configure
2005-09-03 bellardmark executable sections as executable when running...
2005-06-17 bellardupdaterelease_0_9_23
2005-06-17 bellardmacro function test
2005-06-17 bellardpreprocessor function macro parsing fix (grischka)...
2005-06-17 bellardwin32 fix
2005-06-17 bellardthe PE linker code is not ready for -fleading-underscor...
2005-06-15 bellardadded -f[no-]leading-underscore - '@' symbol for asm
2005-06-15 bellardadded -f[no-]leading-underscore
2005-04-17 bellardwin32 merge (grischka)
2005-04-17 bellard_Bool type fix
2005-04-17 bellarddo not assume signed char (grischka)
2005-04-17 bellardadded DECLARE_STDCALL_P (grischka)
2005-04-17 bellard_controlfp fix (grischka)
2005-04-17 bellarddos2unix
2005-04-17 bellardfib fix (grischka)
2005-04-15 bellardcannot change dir layout yet
2005-04-15 bellardupdate
2005-04-14 bellardmoved examples
2005-04-14 bellardbuild of cross compilers is optional - win32 merge
2005-04-14 bellardbuild of cross compilers is optional - added tccdir...
2005-04-14 bellardwin32 merge
2005-04-13 bellardbetter st_other support
2005-04-13 bellardupdate
2005-04-13 bellard#pragma pack support (grischka)
2005-04-10 bellardupdate
2005-04-10 bellard#include_next support (Bernhard Fischer)
2005-04-10 bellard__chkstk support
2005-04-10 bellardinitial PE format support
2005-04-10 bellardELF visibility defines
2004-12-16 bellardbetter gcc compatibility (Jon Griffiths)
2004-11-08 bellardupdate
2004-11-08 bellardupdaterelease_0_9_22
2004-11-07 bellardgcc 3.4 fix
2004-11-07 bellardupdate
2004-11-07 bellardpool for symbol allocation
2004-11-07 bellardoptimisations: hash table for include file search,...
2004-11-07 bellardgcc 3.4 compile fix
2004-11-07 bellardremoved warnings
2004-11-02 bellardstack full fix
2004-10-29 bellardpacked attribute support
2004-10-28 bellardfixed const and volatile function parameters typing...
2004-10-28 bellardgcc 3.3 compatibility fix for multi-line string literals
2004-10-27 bellardadded _Bool in bit-fields
2004-10-27 bellardcopyright update
2004-10-27 bellardcompile fix
2004-10-27 bellardcorrect libtcc1 link order
2004-10-25 bellardadded .quad asm directive