2013-02-15 Thomas Preud... Release TinyCC 0.9.26masterrelease_0_9_26
2013-02-15 Urs Janssenfixed pasto in in 108b2876; background for the addition...
2013-02-15 Urs Janssen- document -dumpversion
2013-02-14 Urs Janssen- don't use GCC_MAJOR to see if we're not using gcc...
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud... Revert "Don't search libgcc_s.so.1 on /lib64"
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: detect ARM variants
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud... Don't search libgcc_s.so.1 on /lib64
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: pass CONFIG_xxxDIR/PATH options via commandline
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud... Add missing heading slash to detect /lib64 systems
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud... Add arm ABI detection in conftest.c
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud... Another attempt to "detect" multiarch
2013-02-14 Urs Janssen- make clang accept unportable code in libtcc1.c
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: cleanup
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud... Create config-print program to test $cc
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud... Various fixes for f9ac2013
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud... Detect multiarch triplet and lddir from ldd output
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud... Fix previous commit
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud... Improve multiarch detection
2013-02-12 grischkalibtcc: new LIBTCCAPI tcc_set_options(TCCState*, const...
2013-02-10 grischkatcc --help: update option summary
2013-02-09 grischkatcc -vv/--print-search-dirs: print more info
2013-02-08 grischkatcc.h: declare CValue.tab[LDOUBLE_SIZE/4]
2013-02-08 Thomas Preud... Fix fn_dirname in configure script
2013-02-06 grischkalib/Makefile: use CC, add bcheck to libtcc1.a
2013-02-05 grischkatccelf: fix debug section relocation
2013-02-05 grischkatests: cleanup
2013-02-05 grischkatests2: move into tests
2013-02-05 Thomas Preud... Align on 4n bytes when copying fct args on stack
2013-02-04 grischkaportability: make tcc_get_symbol() available for non...
2013-02-04 Thomas Preud... Slightly improved support for !gcc compilers
2013-02-04 grischkawin32: Honor "-Wl,-subsystem=console/gui" option
2013-02-04 grischkatccrun.c: unify rt_get_caller_pc prototype
2013-02-04 grischkaMakefile: fix "allow CONFIG_LDDIR=lib64 configuration"
2013-02-04 grischkaportability: fix void* <-> target address conversion...
2013-02-04 grischkaMakefile: allow CONFIG_LDDIR=lib64 configuration
2013-02-04 grischkawin32: wincrt1.c: include stdlib.h for exit()
2013-02-04 grischkac67: remove global #define's for TRUE/FALSE/BOOL
2013-02-04 Thomas Preud... arm-gen.c: fix var initialization in gfunc_call
2013-02-04 Daniel Glöcknerarm: force rounding towards zero on cast to integer...
2013-02-03 Daniel Glöcknerarm: fix conversion from float/double to signed integer...
2013-02-03 Daniel Glöcknerarm: fix conversion from integer to float/double with VFP
2013-01-31 Thomas Preud... Revert "Add predictability in CType initialization."
2013-01-31 Thomas Preud... Revert "Don't call elf_hash on NULL value"
2013-01-31 grischkasafety: replace occurrences of strcpy by pstrcpy
2013-01-31 Thomas Preud... Revert "Check whether structure fields have a type"
2013-01-31 Thomas Preud... Check whether structure fields have a type
2013-01-31 Domingo Alvarez... Don't call elf_hash on NULL value
2013-01-31 Domingo Alvarez... Add predictability in CType initialization.
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud... Fix cross-compilation out-of-tree build
2013-01-30 grischkaChangelog: cleanup
2013-01-30 grischkaarm: define TCC_ARM_VERSION for cross compiler
2013-01-30 grischkatccpe: no debug, no stabs
2013-01-30 grischkaconfigure: use relative paths for in-tree build
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud... Add my copyright for changes in arm-gen.c
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud... Changelog update
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud... Update Changelog
2013-01-29 Thomas Preud... Favor arm hardfloat over arm softfloat.
2013-01-28 Thomas Preud... Fix overflow detection in ARM relocation
2013-01-27 Thomas Preud... Fix stack alignment on 8 bytes at function call
2013-01-26 Thomas Preud... Don't do builtin_frame_address test with ARM gcc
2013-01-26 Thomas Preud... Organize frames in a real linked list on ARM
2013-01-25 Thomas Preud... Use gcc to generate tcctest.gcc
2013-01-25 Thomas Preud... Link STT_GNU_IFUNC into STT_FUNC in executable.
2013-01-24 grischkawin32: _mingw.h: do not undef NULL
2013-01-24 Thomas Preud... Fix [f]getc return value usage in 40_stdio test
2013-01-14 grischkaRevert "Optimize vswap()"
2013-01-14 grischkaRevert mistake in "win32: malloc.h: fix win32 ... _STAT...
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud... Fix out-of-tree build with relative path to root
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud... Install libtcc.h when invoking make install
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud... Revert "Added what I call virtual io to tinycc this...
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud... Revert "pe: fix tcc not linking to user32 and gdi32"
2013-01-13 Thomas Preud... Stop setting -Wno-unused-result switch in Makefile
2013-01-13 Thomas Preud... Fix C99ism in vswap()
2013-01-11 mingodadAdded what I call virtual io to tinycc this way we...
2013-01-06 grischkaFix "Optimize cstr_reset() to only reset string to...
2013-01-06 grischkatccpp: alternative fix for #include_next infinite loop bug
2013-01-06 Thomas Preud... Stop returning 0 in cmp_comparison_test
2013-01-06 Thomas Preud... Honor CC when testing for -Wno-unused-result
2012-12-31 Roywin32: malloc.h: fix win32 tcc-tcc complication by...
2012-12-21 Kirill SmelkovOptimize vswap()
2012-12-21 Kirill SmelkovOptimize cstr_reset() to only reset string to empty...
2012-12-21 Akim Demaillebuild: fix out-of-tree install
2012-12-21 Akim Demaillebuild: fix out-of-tree build
2012-12-21 Akim Demaillebuild: simplify the makefiles
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: support absolete out-of-tree builds
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: style changes
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: prefer here-documents
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: style changes
2012-12-20 grischkaMakefile: revamp "tar" target
2012-12-20 grischkawin32: build-tcc.bat: get rid of hardcoded VERSION...
2012-12-18 Akim Demaillebuild: fix VPATH builds
2012-12-10 Roybcheck: there is no unistd.h in win32.
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovRepair bounds-checking more, this time `tcc -b -run...
2012-12-09 Kirill Smelkovtests: Add tests for compile/run tcc.c with `tcc -b...
2012-12-09 Kirill Smelkovlib/bcheck: Fix code typo in __bound_delete_region()
2012-12-09 Kirill Smelkovlib/bcheck: Don't assume heap goes right after bss
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovMake tcc work after self-compiling with bounds-check...
2012-12-04 Thomas Preud... Detect ARM CPU version in configure
2012-11-28 Thomas Preud... arm-gen.c: Invalid operator test always false
2012-11-28 Thomas Preud... Fix OABI calling convention