4 hours ago seyko-traditional and -iwithprefix optionsmob
10 hours ago seykofix "tcc test.c -Wl,,--oformat,binary"
10 hours ago seykofix "tcc test.c -UAAA -UBBB"
25 hours ago PhilipMostly revert "tccpp.c: minor fix I'd accidentally...
28 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: minor fix I'd accidentally not committed
29 hours ago Philipminor fix
31 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: unterminated macro argument error message
31 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: fix GNU comma handling
32 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: restore whitespace after failed macro
32 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: correct # stringification
32 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: parse flag to accept stray \
33 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: fix endless loop
33 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: reset spc after macro_subst_tok()
33 hours ago Philiptccpp.c: fix ##-in-macros logic
2 days ago Philiptccpp.c: fix empty stringify
3 days ago Philipfix a potential end-of-buffer issue in tccelf.c
3 days ago Philipfix end-of-buffer error in tccpp.c
4 days ago Philipfix vstack leak
5 days ago PhilipVLA fix: save stack pointer right after modification
6 days ago Philipfix VLA/continue issue
6 days ago Philipadd test case for VLA segfaults
6 days ago seykoreplace PARSE_FLAG_ASM_COMMENTS with PARSE_FLAG_ASM_FILE
6 days ago Philipwarn about declarations after statements when compiling...
6 days ago seykofixes for "tcc -E -dD"
6 days ago seykopreprocess: "assign PARSE_FLAG_ASM_COMMENTS only for...
7 days ago Philipfix another x86_64 ABI bug
8 days ago PhilipFix zero-length struct/union test. Remove nonsensical...
8 days ago Philipx86_64 ABI tests, which currently cause failures
8 days ago seykoa test for the #pragma push/pop_macro
10 days ago grischkatccpp: alternative #pragma push/pop_macro
10 days ago grischkaRevert "* and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")"
10 days ago Philipfix a subtle x86-64 calling bug
10 days ago PhilipBugfix: 32-bit vs 64-bit bug in x86_64-gen.c:gcall_or_jmp
12 days ago seyko"#pragma once" implementation
12 days ago seyko * and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")
13 days ago Ramsay Jonesadd missing test from -fdollar-in-identifiers commit
13 days ago seyko-fdollar-in-identifiers addon
2015-04-18 Thomas Preud... Fix program symbols exported in dynsym section
2015-04-16 seykoclarify error message when library not found
2015-04-16 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-16 Steven G. MesserveyRevert "implement #pragma comment(lib,...)"
2015-04-15 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-12 seykoability to compile multiple *.c files with -c switch
2015-04-12 seykoability to specify a type of the input file with the...
2015-04-12 seyko-fdollar-in-identifiers switch which enables '$' in...
2015-04-12 seykoA new file CodingStyle with rules for indentation
2015-04-12 seykoreplace a method to force bcheck.o linking
2015-04-11 seykoFix for Microsoft compilers
2015-04-10 seykooption to use an old algorithm of the array in struct...
2015-04-10 seykofix "handle a -s option" commit
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-04-10 seykoa bounds checking code for the ARCH=x86_64
2015-04-10 seykoAdd a demo.bat file to the examples directory on Windows
2015-04-10 seykofix installation amd bcheck for Windows
2015-04-10 seykohandle a -s option by executing sstrip/strip program
2015-04-10 seykooutput all sections if we produce an executable file
2015-04-10 seykoremove a compilation warnings for libtest and test3
2015-04-10 seykofix the bug #31403: parser bug in structure
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnFix to accommodate missing i386/bcheck.o during install...
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnFix to test for HOST_OS not TARGETOS
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnFixing bug for Linux x86_64 introduced in previous...
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnAdjusted configure host_os to use uname for Darwin
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnAdjusted configure to be more BSD friendly
2015-03-30 seykoa small revers for bcheck.o changes (d80593bc4d43)
2015-03-29 seykoFix for Microsoft compilers
2015-03-29 seykofix for the bcheck.o (bug #14958)
2015-03-28 seykofix: try to add a bounds.o only if __bounds_init not...
2015-03-26 seykofix for the previous commit (compilation on RPi)
2015-03-26 seykomake a bound checking more compatible with Windows 64
2015-03-26 seykofix for the previous commit: tcc_add_support() was...
2015-03-26 seykofix: enforce bcheck.o linking when -b option is used
2015-03-25 seykofix a bug #43984: tcc -run reports errno=2
2015-03-23 seykofix for a -dumpversion option: move it before -dD
2015-03-23 seykofix for: x86_64-tcc compiled by i386-tcc is wrong
2015-03-23 seykofix a gcc compiler warning for the previous commit
2015-03-23 seykorevert a commit: Work around for the issue TCC doesn...
2015-03-23 seykoA right fix for the array in struct initialization...
2015-03-23 seykoRevert of the commit: fix for the array in struct initi...
2015-03-22 seykoquick fix for the native tcc on debian/ubuntu
2015-03-21 seykoconfigure: don't output CONFIG_LDDIR when build_cross...
2015-03-20 seykoskip 73_arm64,test on ARCH=x86-64: it fails on this...
2015-03-20 seykorestore a linux 2.4.26 kernel compilation (commit 5bcc3...
2015-03-20 seykocorrection for the previous commit
2015-03-20 seykolibtcc1.a while "configure --enable-cross"
2015-03-19 seyko"configure --enable-cross" on x86: build a libtcc1...
2015-03-19 seykofix to allow build tcc by build-tcc.bat
2015-03-11 Edmund Grimley... Convert some lines from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
2015-03-10 Edmund Grimley... .gitignore: Add lib/arm64.
2015-03-10 Edmund Grimley... tccgen.c: (!nocode_wanted) -> (nocode_wanted) in arm64...
2015-03-10 Thomas Preud... Add some missing nocode_wanted guard
2015-03-10 Edmund Grimley... lib/Makefile: Partial revert of 896a0c881ac3.
2015-03-10 seykoA correction for the commit: revert a grischka patch...
2015-03-10 seykodon't use a *-tcc to compile *.S files for ARM*
2015-03-10 seykoA native tcc for MSYS (Windows) must be i386-win-tcc...
2015-03-09 Michael Matzx86-64: Fix stdarg for large non-float structs
2015-03-09 Michael MatzRemove incorrect comment
2015-03-08 Michael MatzFind libtcc1.a on arm32
2015-03-08 Michael MatzFix stack overwrite on structure return