6 days ago Reimar ffingerAdd support for .p2align asm directive.mob
8 days ago Reimar DöffingerFix macro expansion of empty args.
8 days ago Reimar DöffingerSet CONFIG_MULTIARCHDIR for cross compilers.
8 days ago Reimar DöffingerBuild also WinCE cross compiler when cross compilers...
2015-01-06 seykoAllow tcc to understand a setob,... opcodes as alias...
2015-01-06 seykoWarn about a conflicting compile options spectified...
2015-01-06 seyko.i as file extension
2015-01-05 seykoround() in test (24_math_library) fail because there...
2014-12-30 Carlos Montierscrt1.c revision
2014-12-15 Lee DuhemFix parsing of binary floating point number
2014-12-11 Lee Duhemtcc.h (BufferedFile): Remove unnecessary static memory...
2014-12-11 Lee Duhemlibtcc.c (put_extern_sym2): Extend the scope of buf...
2014-12-11 Lee Duhem.gitignore: Ignore Emacs temporary files
2014-11-28 Lee DuhemMakefile: Add rules to create tags and TAGS.
2014-11-28 Lee Duhem.gitignore: Ignore generated files.
2014-11-23 Carlos Montierslittle optimization to crt1
2014-11-22 Carlos Montiers__getmainargs compatibility checking success
2014-11-03 James Burenwin32: fix implicit function warning
2014-10-17 Matteo CyprianiFilter-out warning about softfloat in tests2
2014-09-23 grischkatccgen: use lvalue as result from bitfield assignment
2014-09-07 Matteo CyprianiAccept CPPFLAGS from the environment
2014-09-07 Matteo Cyprianitccelf: layout_sections: add missing param strsec
2014-09-07 Matteo CyprianiClear CFLAGS & LDFLAGS in tests
2014-09-07 Matteo CyprianiDon't build libtcc1 with -fstack-protector-strong
2014-08-01 grischkatccgen: nocode_wanted: do not output constants
2014-08-01 grischkawin64: fix resource file support
2014-07-17 Carlos MontiersRemoved the error message and minor changes.
2014-07-17 Carlos Montiers__getmainargs return int, not void, and on error, it...
2014-07-11 Carlos MontiersFix mistake. Change jb by jbe. tiny c round (INT_MAX...
2014-07-10 Carlos MontiersFix problem using alloca function, executable crashed...
2014-07-01 jiangRename:
2014-07-01 Thomas Preud... Specify license of lib/armeabi.c
2014-06-29 jiangbug:
2014-06-25 David MertensRevert the many un-reviewed commits starting from early...
2014-06-25 grischkawin64: try to fix linkage
2014-06-22 jiangrevert vstore()
2014-06-20 Thomas CoudrayRevert "Win: Enable use "*.def + *.c" files as library...
2014-06-16 YX HaoWin: Enable use "*.def + *.c" files as library instead...
2014-05-28 jiangLet init_putz one-time generation.
2014-05-28 jiangConsidering the effect of CH_EOF on line_num
2014-05-28 jiangModify the 66_macro_concat_end.expect
2014-05-23 jiangThe number of rows to display warning is wrong
2014-05-21 jiangforget Delete __va_ld_reg
2014-05-20 jiangDelete a = (a > = 0)? A: -a; \
2014-05-20 jiangclean '\t'
2014-05-20 jiangIn the local use of local stack, use a global stack...
2014-05-17 jiangint main()
2014-05-17 jiangImproved '\ n' output effect (# pragma pack (push,...
2014-05-16 jiang1 macro_push and macro_pop work I made a mistake, no...
2014-05-16 jiangadd push_macro test again
2014-05-16 jiangfix push_macro, asked Tom to help me testfix push_macro
2014-05-15 jiangWhen tcc.exe update, abitest-tcc.exe not updated. For...
2014-05-14 jiangAdd warning 4
2014-05-14 jiangAdd warning 3
2014-05-14 jiangclean '\t'
2014-05-13 jiangrestore 2dd8587c2f32d17a2cd0443a60a614a3fa9bbe29
2014-05-13 jiangModify tcc_error ("invalid type",);
2014-05-13 jiangfix 14d0aa450f9a926a852ea01fbdecf27425264d14
2014-05-09 jiangAdd warning 2
2014-05-09 jiangAdd warning
2014-05-08 grischkawin64: try to fix linkage
2014-05-08 jiangfix bug if (seen_reg_num + reg_count <= 8)
2014-05-06 grischkaRevert "update static void parse_number()"
2014-05-04 jiangReturn to: e20c1eb99e1003c1e59522c136dbb15c52d7cc7c
2014-05-03 jiangtcc on i386 are still having problems at work.Thank...
2014-05-02 jiangforget commit tccge.c for i386
2014-05-02 jiangModify i386-gen.c,
2014-05-02 jiangFix x86-64 vla
2014-05-02 jiangFixes include the double quotes bug
2014-05-02 jianggen_putz () and struct_copy (), is to reduce the third...
2014-05-01 jiangAdd a comment.
2014-05-01 grischkaAttention: never use hard tabs other than 8 (eight...
2014-05-01 jiangupdate for x86_64-gen.c
2014-05-01 jiangclean
2014-05-01 jiangfix its own making bug. Improved init_putz (). Modify...
2014-04-30 jiangExpansion code again for x86_64-gen
2014-04-30 jiangrename i386-tok.h i386-asm.c, add PRINTF_ASM_CODE
2014-04-30 jiangrename libtcc1.c
2014-04-30 jiangFix va_arg bug, Fix type conversion bug, an increase...
2014-04-30 jiangRestore eda2c756edc4dca004ba217d5bf361235dd9de1f
2014-04-29 jiangReduce the generation of machine code for x86_64, Less...
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-29 Thomas Preud... Add support for load/store of _Bool value
2014-04-28 jiangfix test3 for x86_64-gen.c
2014-04-28 jiangfix abitest.c for x86_64 bug
2014-04-28 jiangfix tccpp.c
2014-04-28 jiangupdate static void parse_number(const char *p) for...
2014-04-28 jiangadd test for abitest.c
2014-04-17 grischkatccpe: adjust for new 'hidden' symbols feature
2014-04-14 Thomas Preud... Improve efficiency of macro concatenation
2014-04-14 Michael MatzRemove unused variable
2014-04-14 Michael Matzx86_64: Handle PLT relocs to hidden symbols
2014-04-14 Michael MatzParse assembler .hidden directive
2014-04-14 Michael MatzParse and emit hidden visibility
2014-04-13 grischkatccpe: speed up .def file loading
2014-04-12 minuxtests2: fix and enable 46_grep test.
2014-04-12 minuxtests2: fix 30_hanoi test and enable it.
2014-04-12 Thomas Preud... Make build CPU detection a tad more flexible
2014-04-12 Thomas Preud... Fix preprocessor concat with empty arg
2014-04-12 minuxbuild: add initial NetBSD support.