Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / tcctok.h
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-07-27 gus knightTrim trailing spaces everywhere.
2015-04-23 grischkatccpp: alternative #pragma push/pop_macro
2015-04-23 grischkaRevert "* and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")"
2015-04-21 seyko"#pragma once" implementation
2015-04-21 seyko * and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")
2015-04-16 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-16 Steven G. MesserveyRevert "implement #pragma comment(lib,...)"
2015-04-15 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-12 seykoreplace a method to force bcheck.o linking
2015-03-08 Edmund Grimley Evansarm64: Implement __clear_cache.
2015-03-06 Edmund Grimley EvansAdd __builtin_return_address.
2015-03-04 seykopartial revert of the commit 4ad186c5ef61
2015-02-23 Edmund Grimley EvansAdd arm64 (AArch64) as a target architecture.
2015-01-20 Reimar DöffingerAdd support for .p2align asm directive.
2014-06-25 David MertensRevert the many un-reviewed commits starting from early...
2014-05-14 jiangclean '\t'
2014-05-13 jiangrestore 2dd8587c2f32d17a2cd0443a60a614a3fa9bbe29
2014-05-04 jiangReturn to: e20c1eb99e1003c1e59522c136dbb15c52d7cc7c
2014-05-02 jiangFixes include the double quotes bug
2014-04-30 jiangrename i386-tok.h i386-asm.c, add PRINTF_ASM_CODE
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-14 Michael MatzParse assembler .hidden directive
2014-04-14 Michael MatzParse and emit hidden visibility
2014-03-29 Thomas Preud'hommeCreate bcheck region for argv and arge argument
2014-01-06 grischkai386: use __fixdfdi instead of __tcc_cvt_ftol
2013-11-03 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Add support for thread-local storage variables"
2013-10-29 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for thread-local storage variables
2013-08-28 grischkai386-gen: preserve fp control word in gen_cvt_ftoi
2013-04-24 James Lyon64-bit tests now pass (well, nearly).
2011-04-12 Joe Sorokatcctok.h: fix ifdef target/host confusion
2011-04-06 Joe Sorokare-apply VLA by Thomas Preud'homme
2011-03-03 Joe Sorokatccgen: handle __attribute((alias("target")))
2011-02-05 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Make TOK_alloca available for x86-64"
2011-02-04 Thomas Preud'hommeMake TOK_alloca available for x86-64
2010-12-28 Shinichiro HamajiSupport struct arguments with stdarg.h
2010-05-06 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd nan, snan and inf float constants
2010-04-05 Detlef Riekenbergtccasm: Detect (but ignore) .ident directive
2010-04-05 Detlef Riekenbergtccasm: Detect (but ignore) .size directive
2010-04-05 Detlef Riekenbergtccasm: Support .type directive (only name,@function)
2010-04-05 Detlef Riekenbergtccasm: Detect (but ignore) the .file directive
2010-02-27 Manuel Simoniweak function symbols
2010-01-26 Detlef RiekenbergAdd support for the __mode__ attribute
2009-12-19 grischkawin32: enable bounds checker & exception handler
2009-12-19 grischkaintegrate x86_64-asm.c into i386-asm.c
2009-11-13 Frederic Feretfixed and added missing file for x86_64 assembly
2009-11-13 Frederic Feretfirst support of x86_64 assembly
2009-11-13 Frederic Feretadded 16-bit x86 assembly support
2009-11-13 grischkawin32: handle __declspec(dllimport)
2009-05-16 grischkadrop alloca #definerelease_0_9_25
2009-04-18 grischkaTOK_builtin_malloc: alternative solution
2009-04-18 Shinichiro HamajiRemove multiple definition error caused by combination...
2008-12-02 Shinichiro HamajiAdd __builtin_frame_address(0)
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerRuntime lib functions
2007-12-04 grischkaImport 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
2007-11-21 grischkaImport more changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 2)
2005-09-04 bellardfastcall keywords
2005-04-13 bellard#pragma pack support (grischka)
2005-04-10 bellard#include_next support (Bernhard Fischer)
2005-04-10 bellard__chkstk support
2005-04-10 bellardinitial PE format support
2004-10-29 bellardpacked attribute support
2004-10-25 bellardadded .quad asm directive
2004-10-23 bellardupdate
2004-10-18 bellardupdate
2004-10-05 bellardC67 COFF executable format support (TK)
2004-10-04 bellardARM fixes (Daniel Glockner)
2004-10-02 bellardboth .globl and .global directives are accepted by as
2003-10-14 bellardARM target support (Daniel Glockner) - allow unsigned...
2003-04-28 bellardvarious asm directives - char support (Dave Long)
2003-04-26 bellardadded __builtin_constant_p() and __builtin_types_compat...
2003-01-06 bellardadded asm tokens - suppressed synonims (avoid potential...
2002-11-24 bellardupdate
2002-11-02 bellardall keywords are now in tcctok.h
2002-08-31 bellardadded alloca
2002-08-29 bellardfixed strlen - added __FUNCTION__
2002-07-24 bellardadded bound check symbols
2002-07-22 bellardadded runtime library - fixed more relocations