Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / tccpp.c
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-07-27 gus knightClean up lots of rogue tabs.
2015-07-27 gus knightTrim trailing spaces everywhere.
2015-05-13 seykoredo of the -dD option
2015-05-12 seykominor pp optimizations
2015-05-12 seykoSYMBOL_NAME_LABEL(X) X##:
2015-05-09 grischkatccpp: fix issues, add tests
2015-05-02 PhilipMostly revert "tccpp.c: minor fix I'd accidentally...
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: minor fix I'd accidentally not committed
2015-05-02 Philipminor fix
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: unterminated macro argument error message
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: fix GNU comma handling
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: restore whitespace after failed macro
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: correct # stringification
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: parse flag to accept stray \
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: fix endless loop
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: reset spc after macro_subst_tok()
2015-05-02 Philiptccpp.c: fix ##-in-macros logic
2015-05-01 Philiptccpp.c: fix empty stringify
2015-04-30 Philipfix a potential end-of-buffer issue in tccelf.c
2015-04-30 Philipfix end-of-buffer error in tccpp.c
2015-04-27 seykoreplace PARSE_FLAG_ASM_COMMENTS with PARSE_FLAG_ASM_FILE
2015-04-27 seykofixes for "tcc -E -dD"
2015-04-27 seykopreprocess: "assign PARSE_FLAG_ASM_COMMENTS only for...
2015-04-23 grischkatccpp: alternative #pragma push/pop_macro
2015-04-23 grischkaRevert "* and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")"
2015-04-21 seyko"#pragma once" implementation
2015-04-21 seyko * and #pragma pop_macro("macro_name")
2015-04-20 seyko-fdollar-in-identifiers addon
2015-04-16 seykoclarify error message when library not found
2015-04-16 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-16 Steven G. MesserveyRevert "implement #pragma comment(lib,...)"
2015-04-15 Steven G. Messerveyimplement #pragma comment(lib,...)
2015-04-12 seyko-fdollar-in-identifiers switch which enables '$' in...
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-04-10 seykofix a preprocessor for .S
2015-03-19 seykofix to allow build tcc by build-tcc.bat
2015-03-03 seykotcc_free(table_ident) in preprocess_new() if table_iden...
2015-03-03 seykoAdd a debug info when a #line directive is handled.
2015-03-03 seykopp-many-files: don't drop a preprocessor defines when...
2015-03-03 seykoA gcc preprocessor option -dD added
2015-03-03 seykoAdded a gcc preprocessor options -P, -P1
2015-03-03 seykoMove a line_ref variable from tcc_preprocess() function...
2015-03-03 seykoA preprocessor should Interpret an input line "# NUM...
2015-02-18 Thomas Preud'hommeThe "open a whisky and cut your finger open" patch
2015-01-18 Reimar DöffingerFix macro expansion of empty args.
2014-12-15 Lee DuhemFix parsing of binary floating point number
2014-06-29 jiangbug:
2014-06-25 David MertensRevert the many un-reviewed commits starting from early...
2014-05-17 jiangImproved '\ n' output effect (# pragma pack (push,...
2014-05-16 jiang1 macro_push and macro_pop work I made a mistake, no...
2014-05-16 jiangadd push_macro test again
2014-05-16 jiangfix push_macro, asked Tom to help me testfix push_macro
2014-05-14 jiangclean '\t'
2014-05-13 jiangrestore 2dd8587c2f32d17a2cd0443a60a614a3fa9bbe29
2014-05-06 grischkaRevert "update static void parse_number()"
2014-05-04 jiangReturn to: e20c1eb99e1003c1e59522c136dbb15c52d7cc7c
2014-05-02 jiangFixes include the double quotes bug
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-28 jiangfix tccpp.c
2014-04-28 jiangupdate static void parse_number(const char *p) for...
2014-04-14 Thomas Preud'hommeImprove efficiency of macro concatenation
2014-04-12 Thomas Preud'hommeFix preprocessor concat with empty arg
2014-04-08 Thomas Preud'hommePrevent ## to appear at start or end of macro
2014-04-04 grischkatccgen: x86_64: fix garbage in the SValue upper bits
2014-03-31 Vincent LefevreFixed typo from commit 0ac8aaab1bef770929e5592d02bc06d3...
2014-03-29 grischkatccpp: reorder some tokens
2014-03-29 Thomas Preud'hommeMake get_tok_str support NULL as second param.
2014-03-26 mingodadAfter several days searching why my code refactoring...
2014-03-09 Thomas Preud'hommeFix warning of clang
2014-03-08 Thomas Preud'hommeFix various errors uncovered by static analysis
2014-01-06 grischkamisc. fixes
2013-02-18 Urs Janssenremove doubled prototype
2013-02-15 Urs Janssen- document -dumpversion
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: cleanup
2013-02-12 grischkalibtcc: new LIBTCCAPI tcc_set_options(TCCState*, const...
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Added what I call virtual io to tinycc this...
2013-01-11 mingodadAdded what I call virtual io to tinycc this way we...
2013-01-06 grischkaFix "Optimize cstr_reset() to only reset string to...
2013-01-06 grischkatccpp: alternative fix for #include_next infinite loop bug
2012-12-21 Kirill SmelkovOptimize cstr_reset() to only reset string to empty...
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovRepair bounds-checking more, this time `tcc -b -run...
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovMake tcc work after self-compiling with bounds-check...
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix parsing function macro invocations
2012-04-18 Michael MatzFix detection of labels with a typedef name
2012-04-18 grischkatcc_realloc: auto "memory full" error
2012-04-18 grischkatcc.c: fix previous commit "Use CString to concat linke...
2012-03-14 Thomas Preud'hommeConsider long int constant as 64 bits on x86-64
2011-08-11 grischkarename error/warning -> tcc_(error/warning)
2011-08-11 grischkalibtcc: minor adjustments
2011-07-08 Joe Sorokafix self-referential token pasting
2011-07-08 Joe Sorokafix end-of-scope for self-referential macros
2011-05-16 Thomas Preud'hommeRemove unused variables
2011-03-06 grischkatccpp: fix problem in preprocess_skip with empty #
2011-03-01 Changming XuReplace comment by a blank
2011-02-27 Changming Xutcc -E: append a ' ' after subst
2011-02-23 Joe Sorokatccpp: treat gas comments in .S files as raw text,...
2011-02-04 grischkafix crash with get_tok_str() in skip()