Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / i386-gen.c
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert "fix-mixed-struct (patch by Pip Cet)"
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-07-27 gus knightTrim trailing spaces everywhere.
2015-05-14 seykofix-mixed-struct (patch by Pip Cet)
2015-05-09 grischkatccpp: fix issues, add tests
2015-05-04 seykoa lot simpler VLA code
2015-03-26 seykomake a bound checking more compatible with Windows 64
2015-03-08 Michael MatzFix stack overwrite on structure return
2015-03-04 seykopartial revert of the commit 4ad186c5ef61
2015-03-03 seykoA partial reverse for commit eda2c756edc4dca004ba217d5b...
2014-05-04 jiangReturn to: e20c1eb99e1003c1e59522c136dbb15c52d7cc7c
2014-05-03 jiangtcc on i386 are still having problems at work.Thank...
2014-05-02 jiangModify i386-gen.c,
2014-04-30 jiangRestore eda2c756edc4dca004ba217d5bf361235dd9de1f
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-29 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for load/store of _Bool value
2014-01-07 grischkabe stricter with aliasing
2014-01-06 grischkai386: use __fixdfdi instead of __tcc_cvt_ftol
2014-01-06 Thomas Preud'hommeFix struct ret in variadic fct with ARM hardfloat
2014-01-06 Thomas Preud'hommeDon't call __tcc_fpinit if using libgcc
2014-01-04 Thomas Preud'hommeMove logic for if (int value) to tccgen.c
2014-01-03 Thomas Preud'hommeReport error on NaN comparison
2013-12-16 grischkaFix "Add support for struct > 4B returned via registers"
2013-11-22 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for struct > 4B returned via registers
2013-08-28 grischkai386-gen: preserve fp control word in gen_cvt_ftoi
2013-06-14 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for load/store of _Bool value
2013-04-29 grischkaavoid "decl after statement" please
2013-04-27 James LyonImproved variable length array support.
2013-04-25 James LyonFixed i386 calling convention issue and CMake build...
2013-04-18 James LyonTests in abitest.c now work on Win32.
2013-02-16 Urs Janssenadd version number to manpage
2012-11-16 Kirill Smelkovi386: We can change 'lea 0(%ebp),r' to 'mov %ebp,r'
2012-01-23 Daniel Glöckneri386: fix loading of LLOCAL floats
2012-01-08 Thomas Preud'hommes/derefencing/dereferencing/ in i386-gen.c
2011-08-11 grischkarename error/warning -> tcc_(error/warning)
2010-06-21 Kirill SmelkovMerge branch 'kirr/tcc-MD' into mob
2010-06-16 Kirill Smelkovchmod a-x i386-gen.c
2010-04-03 U-UNIT1\dennisgenerate inc and dec for smaller code
2010-01-14 grischkatccpe: improve dllimport/export and use for tcc_add_symbol
2009-12-20 grischkaallow tcc be build from separate objects
2009-12-19 grischkawin32: enable bounds checker & exception handler
2009-12-19 grischkafix uninitialized warnings with 'type.ref'
2009-12-19 grischkatccpe: improve dllimport
2009-12-19 grischkaintegrate x86_64-asm.c into i386-asm.c
2009-11-13 grischkawin32: handle __declspec(dllimport)
2009-08-24 Shinichiro Hamajix86-64: Fix stab debug information.
2009-07-18 grischkacleanup: constify some global data
2009-06-17 grischkawin32: structure return GCC compatible (ret 4 with...
2009-05-11 grischkamove some global variables into TCCState
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerSet VT_LVAL_xxx flags for function arguments in gfunc_p...
2007-12-19 grischkaSwitch to newer tccpe.c (includes support for resources)
2006-10-28 bellardBug fix: A long long value used as a test expression...
2005-09-03 bellardwindows style fastcall (Filip Navara)
2005-04-17 bellard_Bool type fix
2005-04-10 bellard__chkstk support
2004-10-27 bellardcopyright update
2004-10-18 bellardprimitive fastcall functions support
2004-10-04 bellardfaster (Daniel Glöckner)
2004-10-04 bellardinitial TMS320C67xx support (TK)
2003-10-14 bellardARM target support (Daniel Glockner) - allow unsigned...
2003-05-24 bellardchanged license to LGPL
2003-04-16 bellardsimpler function call API
2002-12-08 bellardrenamed registers
2002-11-24 bellardadded MAX_ALIGN
2002-11-18 bellardadded CType structure for type storage - supressed...
2002-11-03 bellardhandle computed gotos
2002-09-08 bellardtrivial jump size optimization
2002-08-31 bellardfixed PC32 relocation if constant address
2002-08-29 bellardadded symbol + relocation handling
2002-08-18 bellardrealloc text section in code generation
2002-07-27 bellardadded size info
2002-07-27 bellarduse data_offset in sections instead of pointer to ease...
2002-07-24 bellardmoved bcheck.c outside of tcc - optimized add sp code
2002-07-22 bellardadded runtime library - fixed more relocations
2002-07-22 bellardmoved relocation handling to elf generator
2002-07-18 bellardadded GOT support
2002-07-14 bellardfixed PC32 relocation
2002-07-14 bellardadded better relocation support (needed for file output)
2002-07-13 bellardfixed floating poing compare - use LVAL type - optimize...
2002-05-13 bellardadded arg to save_regs()
2002-03-03 bellardadded optionnal bound check compile - fixed error reporting
2002-02-10 bellardmoved i368 specific code
2002-01-26 bellardstdcall added + floating point fixes
2002-01-05 bellardadded local bound generation - fixed binary ops - added...
2002-01-03 bellardsuppressed some buffer overflows - moved function gener...
2002-01-03 bellardadded full long long support - added section support...
2001-12-23 bellarduse register classes (will allow better and simpler...
2001-12-22 bellardlast patches to separate type and value handling
2001-12-20 bellardseparated type and value on stack
2001-12-17 bellardfloat update
2001-12-16 bellardnew value stack system to handle the futur types (long...
2001-12-13 bellardfloat parsing + long double
2001-12-12 bellardseparated i386 code generator