Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / elf.h
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-02-23 Edmund Grimley EvansAdd arm64 (AArch64) as a target architecture.
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-01-08 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate elf.h
2013-11-03 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Add support for thread-local storage variables"
2013-10-29 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for thread-local storage variables
2013-02-16 Urs Janssenadd version number to manpage
2012-10-28 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for R_ARM_THM_{JUMP24,CALL} relocs
2012-10-09 Thomas Preud'hommeSupport for R_ARM_[THM_]MOV{W,T}_ABS[_NC} relocs
2011-07-14 grischkaelf.h: define SHF_MERGE etc.
2011-07-14 grischkatccpe: cleanup ELFW() macros etc.
2010-08-09 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for indirect functions as externals.
2010-05-14 Daniel Glöcknerdon't discard SHT_((PRE)INIT|FINI)_ARRAY sections
2010-05-14 Daniel GlöcknerARM: add support for R_ARM_V4BX
2009-11-13 Frederic Feretadded 16-bit x86 assembly support
2008-12-02 Shinichiro HamajiImported several macros required by x86-64
2008-12-02 Shinichiro HamajiIntroduce ElfW macro and ELFW to encapsulate the differ...
2007-12-13 grischkaUse _WIN32 for a windows hosted tcc and define it for...
2007-12-04 grischkaImport 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
2005-04-17 bellarddo not assume signed char (grischka)
2005-04-10 bellardELF visibility defines
2004-10-04 bellardinitial TMS320C67xx support (TK)
2002-12-08 bellardadded