Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / configure
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-07-27 gus knightTrim trailing spaces everywhere.
2015-05-10 seykorestore "./configure --enable-tcc32-mingw" on linux
2015-05-09 grischkatccpp: fix issues, add tests
2015-04-27 Philipwarn about declarations after statements when compiling...
2015-04-10 seykofix installation amd bcheck for Windows
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnAdjusted configure host_os to use uname for Darwin
2015-04-07 Raphael CohnAdjusted configure to be more BSD friendly
2015-03-21 seykoconfigure: don't output CONFIG_LDDIR when build_cross...
2015-03-10 seykoA native tcc for MSYS (Windows) must be i386-win-tcc...
2015-03-04 seyko--enable-tcc32-mingw option: build windows version...
2015-03-04 seykogcc options and mingw: move a gcc options detection...
2015-03-04 seykoa libraries paths
2015-03-04 seykoa cpu option of the configure script as a method to...
2015-02-23 Edmund Grimley EvansAdd arm64 (AArch64) as a target architecture.
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-12 Thomas Preud'hommeMake build CPU detection a tad more flexible
2014-04-12 minuxbuild: add initial NetBSD support.
2014-01-07 grischkabe stricter with aliasing
2014-01-06 grischkai386: use __fixdfdi instead of __tcc_cvt_ftol
2014-01-03 Thomas Preud'hommeUse libtcc.a for static link even with USE_LIBGCC
2013-09-07 Thomas Preud'hommeFix lib, include, crt and libgcc search paths
2013-04-27 James LyonImproved variable length array support.
2013-03-14 Thomas Preud'hommeFix configure script on FreeBSD
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: detect ARM variants
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: pass CONFIG_xxxDIR/PATH options via commandline
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd missing heading slash to detect /lib64 systems
2013-02-14 Thomas Preud'hommeAnother attempt to "detect" multiarch
2013-02-14 grischkaconfigure: cleanup
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud'hommeCreate config-print program to test $cc
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud'hommeVarious fixes for f9ac2013
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud'hommeDetect multiarch triplet and lddir from ldd output
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud'hommeFix previous commit
2013-02-13 Thomas Preud'hommeImprove multiarch detection
2013-02-08 Thomas Preud'hommeFix fn_dirname in configure script
2013-02-05 grischkatests: cleanup
2013-01-30 grischkaconfigure: use relative paths for in-tree build
2013-01-14 Thomas Preud'hommeFix out-of-tree build with relative path to root
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: support absolete out-of-tree builds
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: style changes
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: prefer here-documents
2012-12-21 Akim Demailleconfigure: style changes
2012-12-18 Akim Demaillebuild: fix VPATH builds
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovRepair bounds-checking more, this time `tcc -b -run...
2012-12-04 Thomas Preud'hommeDetect ARM CPU version in configure
2012-11-14 Kirill SmelkovRepair bounds-checking runtime
2012-11-11 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd armv6l to ARM supported processors
2012-06-12 Thomas Preud'hommeEvaluate configure arguments
2012-05-28 Thomas Preud'hommeOnly warn for unknown options in configure script
2012-03-03 Andrew MulbrookRevert "Multiple fixes for 64 bit sections"
2012-02-27 mobMultiple fixes for 64 bit sections
2012-02-09 Milutin JovanovicPatch attempting to build OSX TinyCC.
2011-08-11 grischkalibtcc: minor adjustments
2011-08-06 grischkalibtcc: support more than one crtprefix
2011-08-06 grischkaconfigure: add switches to set search paths
2011-08-03 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Add a --multiarch-triplet switch to configure"
2011-08-01 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd a --multiarch-triplet switch to configure
2011-07-11 Joe Sorokaallow defining sysroot at compile-time
2011-07-07 Thomas Preud'hommeRemove useless changes from 31ca000d in configure
2011-07-05 Thomas Preud'hommeFix commit 31ca000d
2011-07-05 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd multiarch dirs to linker search path
2011-06-17 Thomas Preud'hommeDefault to create progs with symbols (incl. debug)
2011-05-16 Thomas Preud'hommeSupport scratchbox, Nokia N900 and qemu arm archs
2010-12-23 Henry Kroll IIIconfigure: --sharedir defaults to /usr/local/share
2010-12-22 Henry Kroll IIIconfigure: --sharedir documentation root
2010-12-20 Henry Kroll IIIconfigure: add --disable-rpath option (Fedora)
2010-12-20 Henry Kroll IIIconfigure: improvements to option --tccdir
2010-12-04 grischkamake: new lib/Makefile for libtcc1.a on more platforms
2010-12-03 Henry Kroll IIImake cross compilers an expert option in configure...
2010-12-03 Henry Kroll IIIAdd --enable-cygwin option to build on windows with...
2010-12-02 Henry Kroll IIIsplit cross libtcc1.a to separate directories
2010-11-28 Henry Kroll IIIconfigure: allow changing installation directory
2010-09-21 Sergei Trofimovichinfo doc: fix --infodir to respect DESTDIR for 'make...
2010-09-10 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd info file creation into tcc build process
2010-09-10 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for GNU/Hurd
2010-06-23 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Use mktemp to generate temp files."
2010-06-22 Thomas Preud'hommeUse mktemp to generate temp files.
2010-06-21 Kirill SmelkovMerge branch 'kirr/tcc-MD' into mob
2010-06-15 grischkaFix "Fix bashims in configure ..." for MSYS
2010-05-26 Thomas Preud'hommeFix bashims in configure and
2010-04-25 Henry Kroll IIIMakefile fixup:
2010-04-24 Henry Kroll IIIput tcc in /usr/lib64/tcc on distros that have it
2010-04-24 Henry Kroll IIIadd --disable-static option to build instead...
2010-04-24 Henry Kroll IIIfix typo in configure
2010-04-21 Henry Kroll IIIUse mmap instead of exec mem for Selinux machines....
2010-04-18 Thomas Preud'hommeSupport more arm EABI compatible architectures
2010-04-15 Thomas Preud'hommeDon't prefix $prefix with $(DESTDIR) in configure
2009-12-01 Bernhard Reutner... improve handling of --help
2009-07-18 grischkaconfigure: support DESTDIR for RPM packagers etc.
2009-04-18 grischkafix makefiles etc for subdirs
2008-12-02 Shinichiro HamajiAdd support of x86-64.
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerAllow to use libgcc instead of libtcc1
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerA prefix for default library/include search paths
2008-03-08 grischkaCheckin tiny_libmaker (ar replacement) by Timovj Lahde
2007-12-16 grischkaImport changesets (part 4) 428,457,460,467: defines...
2006-10-28 bellardfixed help
2005-04-14 bellardbuild of cross compilers is optional - added tccdir...
2004-10-08 bellardcopy paste abuse
2004-10-07 bellardwin32 configure