win32: UUID typedef added
[tinycc.git] / arm-gen.c
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert "fix-mixed-struct (patch by Pip Cet)"
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-07-27 gus knightclang-format on arm-gen.c and tcccoff.c.
2015-05-14 seykofix-mixed-struct (patch by Pip Cet)
2015-03-11 Edmund Grimley EvansConvert some lines from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
2015-03-08 Michael MatzFix stack overwrite on structure return
2015-03-03 seykoarm-unused-warnings: remove problems with defined but...
2015-03-03 seykoA partial reverse for commit eda2c756edc4dca004ba217d5b...
2014-05-04 jiangReturn to: e20c1eb99e1003c1e59522c136dbb15c52d7cc7c
2014-05-03 jiangtcc on i386 are still having problems at work.Thank...
2014-04-30 jiangRestore eda2c756edc4dca004ba217d5bf361235dd9de1f
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-04-29 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for load/store of _Bool value
2014-04-07 Vincent LefevreCorrected spelling mistakes in comments and strings
2014-03-29 Daniel GlöcknerARM: Fix passing arrays to varadic functions
2014-03-25 Thomas Preud'hommeWarn about soft float ABI not being supported
2014-03-25 Thomas Preud'hommeDeprecate FPA and OABI support for ARM
2014-02-09 Thomas Preud'hommeDefine float_eabi only in arm-gen.o
2014-02-03 Thomas Preud'hommeFix fct param passing of struct with size < 4
2014-02-02 Thomas Preud'hommeSwitch float abi to softfp for int <--> float conv
2014-02-01 Thomas Preud'hommeMove result of itof double conv back to VFP reg
2014-01-11 Michael MatzFix compile on ARM non-eabi and non-vfp
2014-01-08 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for runtime selection of float ABI
2014-01-07 Thomas Preud'hommeExplicit that EABI only supports VFP for now
2014-01-06 Thomas Preud'hommeFix struct ret in variadic fct with ARM hardfloat
2014-01-04 Thomas Preud'hommeMove logic for if (int value) to tccgen.c
2013-12-11 Thomas Preud'hommeSupport special calling convention for runtime ABI
2013-11-25 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd comment to explain the code added by 41ce391c
2013-11-25 Thomas Preud'hommeFix structure passing in ARM calling convention
2013-11-22 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for struct > 4B returned via registers
2013-11-21 Thomas Preud'hommeRemove code in arm-gen.c for struct packing in reg
2013-11-21 Thomas Preud'hommeCorrectly identify homogeneous float aggregate
2013-11-21 Thomas Preud'hommeFix counting of VFP regs in ARM's gfunc_prolog
2013-11-21 Thomas Preud'hommeFix register corruption at function call on ARM
2013-11-17 Thomas Preud'hommeCorrectly align and reclaim stack at function call
2013-11-15 Thomas Preud'hommeRefactor and simplify gfunc_call() on arm
2013-11-08 Joseph Poirierstruct variable behind guard, proper macro check, and...
2013-11-05 Thomas Preud'hommeFix allocation of struct in registers on ARM
2013-06-14 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for load/store of _Bool value
2013-05-01 Daniel GlöcknerARM hardfloat: fix struct return with float/double...
2013-04-27 James LyonImproved variable length array support.
2013-04-18 James Lyonx86-64 ABI fixes.
2013-04-18 James LyonTests in abitest.c now work on Win32.
2013-02-16 Urs Janssenadd version number to manpage
2013-02-08 grischkatcc.h: declare[LDOUBLE_SIZE/4]
2013-02-05 Thomas Preud'hommeAlign on 4n bytes when copying fct args on stack
2013-02-04 Thomas Preud'hommearm-gen.c: fix var initialization in gfunc_call
2013-02-04 Daniel Glöcknerarm: force rounding towards zero on cast to integer...
2013-02-03 Daniel Glöcknerarm: fix conversion from float/double to signed integer...
2013-02-03 Daniel Glöcknerarm: fix conversion from integer to float/double with VFP
2013-01-30 grischkaarm: define TCC_ARM_VERSION for cross compiler
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd my copyright for changes in arm-gen.c
2013-01-27 Thomas Preud'hommeFix stack alignment on 8 bytes at function call
2013-01-26 Thomas Preud'hommeOrganize frames in a real linked list on ARM
2012-12-09 Kirill SmelkovRepair bounds-checking more, this time `tcc -b -run...
2012-11-28 Thomas Preud'hommearm-gen.c: Invalid operator test always false
2012-11-28 Thomas Preud'hommeFix OABI calling convention
2012-11-21 Thomas Preud'hommeOnly reference vfpr when available
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for arm hardfloat calling convention
2012-03-14 Thomas Preud'hommeRemove vnrott (duplicate vrotb)
2011-08-11 grischkarename error/warning -> tcc_(error/warning)
2011-07-14 grischkamake: create native tcc from separate objects
2011-05-17 Daniel GlöcknerFix calling ARM EABI functions returning big structures
2011-05-16 Thomas Preud'hommeRemove unused variables
2010-05-13 Daniel GlöcknerARM: use uint32_t for opcodes
2009-12-20 grischkaallow tcc be build from separate objects
2009-08-24 Shinichiro Hamajix86-64: Fix stab debug information.
2009-07-18 grischkacleanup: constify some global data
2009-05-11 Daniel GlöcknerARM: fix big immediate offset construction
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerRuntime lib functions
2008-09-12 Daniel GlöcknerSet VT_LVAL_xxx flags for function arguments in gfunc_p...
2007-12-04 grischkaImport 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
2004-11-07 bellardremoved warnings
2004-10-04 bellardARM fixes (Daniel Glockner)
2004-10-04 bellardinitial TMS320C67xx support (TK)
2003-10-14 bellardARM target support (Daniel Glockner) - allow unsigned...