Adding two more people to the RELICENSING file.
[tinycc.git] / Changelog
2015-07-29 gus knightRevert all of my changes to directories & codingstyle.
2015-07-27 gus knightReorganize the source tree.
2015-03-11 Edmund Grimley EvansConvert some lines from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
2014-04-29 jiangSo that the generated code, and more short
2014-03-31 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate Changelog from git changelog entries
2014-03-30 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate Changelog from git changelog entries
2014-02-06 Thomas Preud'hommeDef signedness != signed != unsigned for char
2014-02-06 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support of Thumb to ARM branch relocation
2014-02-04 Thomas Preud'hommeFix parameter passing of long long bitfield
2014-02-01 Thomas Preud'hommeMove result of itof double conv back to VFP reg
2014-01-08 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for runtime selection of float ABI
2014-01-04 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate Changelog from git changelog entries
2013-02-18 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for KfreeBSD 64bits
2013-02-12 grischkalibtcc: new LIBTCCAPI tcc_set_options(TCCState*, const...
2013-01-30 grischkaChangelog: cleanup
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud'hommeChangelog update
2013-01-30 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate Changelog
2012-06-05 Thomas Preud'hommeAdd support for arm hardfloat calling convention
2011-05-17 Thomas Preud'hommeUpdate Changelog
2011-04-06 Joe Sorokare-apply VLA by Thomas Preud'homme
2011-02-05 Thomas Preud'hommeRevert "Implement C99 Variable Length Arrays"
2011-02-04 Thomas Preud'hommeImplement C99 Variable Length Arrays
2011-02-04 Thomas Preud'hommeCorrect Changelog wrt. to fix attribution
2010-12-02 Henry Kroll IIIChangelog: document some of the recent changes
2010-06-21 Kirill SmelkovMerge branch 'kirr/tcc-MD' into mob
2010-06-21 Kirill Smelkovtcc: Draft suppoprt for -MD/-MF options
2009-05-16 grischkaulibc: #define TCC_UCLIBC and load elf_interp
2009-05-11 grischkaupdate Changelog, bump version: 0.9.25
2008-09-14 grischkaupdate changelog
2008-03-31 grischkaupdate manual, changelogrelease_0_9_24
2008-01-16 grischkaJust warn about unknown directives, define __STDC_VERSI...
2007-12-19 grischkaSwitch to newer tccpe.c (includes support for resources)
2007-12-17 grischkaHandle backslashes within #include, #error, #warning
2007-12-16 grischkaImport changesets (part 4) 428,457,460,467: defines...
2007-12-04 grischkaImport 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
2007-11-25 grischkaFixed:
2007-11-21 grischkaImport more changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 2)
2007-11-14 grischkaImport some changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 1)
2007-10-30 grischkaFix 'invalid relocation entry' problem on ubuntu -...
2006-10-28 bellardupdate
2005-09-04 bellardupdate
2005-06-17 bellardupdaterelease_0_9_23
2005-06-15 bellardadded -f[no-]leading-underscore
2005-04-13 bellardupdate
2004-11-07 bellardupdate
2004-10-23 bellardupdate
2004-10-18 bellardupdate
2004-10-07 bellardwin32 configure
2004-10-05 bellardC67 COFF executable format support (TK)
2004-10-04 bellardinitial TMS320C67xx support (TK)
2004-10-02 bellardupdate
2003-10-14 bellardupdate
2003-10-04 bellardupdate
2003-05-24 bellardupdate
2003-05-24 bellardchanged license to LGPL
2003-04-28 bellardupdate
2003-04-14 bellardupdaterelease_0_9_18
2003-04-13 bellardupdate
2003-04-13 bellardadded configure support
2003-04-13 bellardfixed macro function bug
2003-04-13 bellardupdate