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Tig is a git repository browser that additionally can act as a pager for output from various git commands.

When browsing repositories, it uses the underlying git commands to present the user with various views, such as summarized revision log and showing the commit with the log message, diffstat, and the diff.

Using it as a pager, it will display input from stdin and colorize it.

2016-04-25 Jonas FonsecaFix regression where unbinding default keybinding no... master
2016-04-24 Jonas FonsecaFix free() of corrupted pointer mutated by run_prompt_c...
2016-04-24 Jonas FonsecaFix potential segfault in file finder
2016-04-24 Jonas FonsecaMove keybinding lookup by keymap to separate method
2016-04-23 Jonas FonsecaExpand whitespace and draw control characters to spaces
2016-04-23 Jonas FonsecaHighlight all matching searches on a line
2016-04-20 Jonas FonsecaDo not exit when the main view is reloaded due to optio...
2016-04-19 Jonas FonsecaFix heap-buffer-overflow in graph v2 code detected...
2016-04-17 Jonas FonsecaAdd support for custom strftime(3) date formats
2016-04-17 Jonas FonsecaAdd date column option controlling whether to show...
2016-04-16 Jonas FonsecaAdd compact relative date display mode
2016-04-13 Laurent ArnoudMake user tigrc location configurable
2016-04-13 Jonas FonsecaDocument that GNU sed is required for running the test...
2016-04-13 Jonas FonsecaMinor fix in test docs
2016-04-13 Harish LallPrevent staged rename from displaying unstaged changes
2016-04-13 Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #494 from mopsfelder/configure
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5 years ago tig-0.16.2 tig version 0.16.2
5 years ago tig-0.16.1 tig version 0.16.1
6 years ago tig-0.16 tig version 0.16
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13 months ago gh-5-incremental-search
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2 years ago gh-255-actionable-lines
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