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Tig is a git repository browser that additionally can act as a pager for output from various git commands.

When browsing repositories, it uses the underlying git commands to present the user with various views, such as summarized revision log and showing the commit with the log message, diffstat, and the diff.

Using it as a pager, it will display input from stdin and colorize it.

6 hours ago Jonas FonsecaFix box reallocation in append_line_formatmaster
7 hours ago Jonas FonsecaMigrate to Travis container-based infrastructure
10 hours ago Jonas FonsecaFix test to work on Travis
18 hours ago Jonas FonsecaFix stage-split-chunk regression
29 hours ago Jonas FonsecaMove relative date formatting to separate function
30 hours ago Jonas FonsecaAdd utility to inject time when testing
2 days ago Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #433 from wkentaro/add-zsh-completio...
2 days ago Kentaro WadaAdd zsh completion file for autoload
2 days ago Jonas FonsecaRefactor DEFINE_ALLOCATOR to use helper method and...
2 days ago Sven Wegenerdisplay: remove separator on horizontal split
4 days ago Sven Wegenerdisplay: factor out separator functions
10 days ago Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #429 from ideal/master
10 days ago Jonas FonsecaMerge pull request #432 from edi9999/master
10 days ago Jonas FonsecaRemove cmdline-args option
10 days ago Jonas FonsecaParse diff stat into boxes to simplify rendering
10 days ago Edgar HIPPAdd chocolate theme
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16 months ago tig-2.0.1 tig version 2.0.1
16 months ago tig-2.0 tig version 2.0
2 years ago tig-1.2.1 tig version 1.2.1
2 years ago tig-1.2 tig version 1.2
2 years ago tig-1.1 tig version 1.1
3 years ago tig-1.0 tig version 1.0
3 years ago Master_repository_has_moved_to_github The master repository has been...
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4 years ago tig-0.16.1 tig version 0.16.1
5 years ago tig-0.16 tig version 0.16
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2 months ago gh-5-incremental-search
4 months ago release
16 months ago default-keybinding-convention
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