2007-06-17 Thomas PerlTennix 0.3.1tennix-0.3.1
2007-06-16 Thomas PerlAdd fading effect for menu/game transitions
2007-06-16 Thomas PerlMore elektron-based full screen menu bling bling
2007-06-15 Thomas PerlRemoved powershot sound
2007-06-15 Thomas PerlNew main menu with highlight and elektron bling bling
2007-06-15 Thomas PerlModularize human input and AI input (AI vs. AI testing)
2007-06-14 Thomas PerlFirst cut of single-player mode support (Player 2 ...
2007-06-14 Thomas PerlFix ball direction gameplay bug
2007-06-13 Thomas PerlAdded tennis ball and its shadow to 3D test
2007-06-12 Thomas PerlSetting version to 0.3.0 in tennix.htennix-0.3.0
2007-06-12 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'gameplay'
2007-06-10 Thomas PerlBugfix for ball not moving completely off-screen
2007-06-10 Thomas PerlSupport for ball out with sound
2007-06-10 Thomas PerlCompile-time debug mode, get_move_y gameplay fixes
2007-06-09 Thomas PerlLine drawing methods and new gameplay fixes
2007-06-09 thptesting 3d-to-2d conversion with a pygame draft script :)
2007-06-09 thpFirst cut of gameplay updates, partly broken
2007-05-23 thpUpdated Mac OS X iconsvn-r20
2007-05-23 thpAdd README files as data files
2007-05-23 thpdo not distribute bmp files
2007-05-23 thpuse pngs instead of bmps
2007-05-23 thpAdded README + COPYING for release
2007-05-23 thpremoved images
2007-05-17 thpHigh-quality Tennix icon
2007-05-17 thpMake Tennix buildable on the MacOSX platform (Tennix...
2007-05-15 thpBetter handling of display format w/ surface formats
2007-05-13 thpAlso add PNG files to binary release
2007-05-13 thpSupport for SDL_mixer and SDL_image on win32
2007-05-13 thpProper graphics loading/caching, use IDs for images
2007-05-12 thp640x480 version, graphics updated
2007-05-12 thpMake Tennix easier by reducing bouncing
2007-05-12 thpAdded sound support (needs SDL_mixer) + samples
2007-05-12 thpInitial support for win32
2007-05-11 thpRemoved DOS line endings
2007-05-11 thpinitial import of tennix SDL port