2013-07-28 Thomas PerlRewrite archive utility (command line parsing, C++)master
2013-07-28 Thomas PerlCleanup Python integration module
2013-07-28 Thomas PerlVersion 1.2.0 with new build/configure system
2013-07-25 Andrea Colangelopass LDFLAGS to compiler at link time
2013-07-25 Andrea ColangeloDon't delete ChangeLog when cleaning
2012-05-28 Thomas PerlCode clean-ups and makefile optimizations
2011-02-10 Thomas PerlTennix 1.1 "Classic Championship Tour 2011" releasedtennix-1.1
2010-02-13 Thomas PerlStreamline the archive loading mechanism
2010-02-13 Thomas PerlPort archiving tool to C++
2009-12-27 Thomas PerlAdd TODO: Maemo 5 Vibra support
2009-10-21 Thomas PerlAdd N900 Feedback list to TODO
2009-08-17 Thomas PerlDon't send input events when nothing has changed
2009-08-17 Thomas PerlApply fixes and documentation notes for Windows builds
2009-08-05 Thomas PerlOnly use one sending socket; auto-determine ports
2009-08-05 Thomas PerlAdd Mac OS X support for networking; better network...
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlFirst cut of multi-player support
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlAdd support for marshalling GameState + packed values
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlSplit input handling + stepping; type changes in GameState
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlSound volume + panning moved into rendering function
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlRemove dependency on local state in step()
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlMove weather settings to Location from GameState
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlBetter status message handling in Game-/RenderState
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlSplit sound event tracking into RenderState
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlRemove obsolete data fields / simplify GameState +...
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlRemove n-gram predictor which didn't work for a while
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/tennix
2009-08-04 Thomas PerlStreamline building Tennix on Mac OS X (static)
2009-05-11 Thomas PerlDo not hardcode Python version to 2.5 (allow 2.6)
2009-04-24 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/tennix
2009-03-02 Thomas PerlAdd missing artwork to the doc subdirectory
2009-02-25 Thomas PerlDescribe build-dependencies in README
2009-02-24 Thomas PerlMac OS X-specific release changes for Tennixtennix-1.0
2009-02-24 Thomas PerlMac OS X-specific release changes for Tennix
2009-02-24 Thomas PerlUpdated documentation (README, manpage, etc..)
2009-02-24 Thomas PerlClean up UI, main menu and add credits screen
2009-02-24 Thomas PerlNew branding ("Tennix 2009")
2009-02-19 Thomas PerlAdd prototype definitions for floating-point math
2009-02-16 Thomas PerlClass-based Python bot framework (proper)
2009-02-16 Thomas PerlExperimental Python-based AI bot framework
2009-02-13 Thomas PerlSave and load the current game on quit/start
2009-02-13 Thomas PerlUpdate TODO list, release targets
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlAdd more SVG sources for Tennix resource files
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlNew input selection UI + Mouse support, updated TODO...
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlAdd a simple animation framework (+ intro)
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlFix sound panning for ground hit
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlImprove the appearance of the score font
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlAdd permission e-mail from Martin Third
2009-02-12 Thomas PerlFloating-point fixes for the armel architecture
2009-02-11 Thomas PerlAdd rotozoom support; more realistic ball and shadow
2009-02-11 Thomas PerlUse SDL_ttf for font rendering; drop old font code
2009-02-10 Thomas Perlupdated todo list
2009-02-09 Thomas PerlCorrect ball hit direction for Player 2
2009-02-08 Thomas PerlAdd two new non-free locations (Austria + Beijing)
2009-02-08 Thomas PerlMore stereo sound effects with real panning
2009-02-08 Thomas PerlFix bug in world map night time display
2009-02-08 MaxCorrect installation folders for non-Debian systems
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlNew input system with automatic joystick detection
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlOptimize drawing of location selection screen
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlImplement night for world map + automatic night mode
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlFirst power bar code + our first non-free location
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlNew world map location selector screen
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlAdd location support (all four grand slam locations)
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlFix net collision, referee and ball restitution
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlAdd pointer-style cursor for better menu usability
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlAdd some missing #include lines, use C99 as standard
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlEnable more compiler warnings, fix most warnings
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlFix a severe bug on non-x86 machines (archive segfault)
2009-02-07 Thomas PerlRemove unneeded "ground" field in GameState
2009-02-05 Thomas PerlNew physics and scoring system (AI partially broken)
2009-02-05 Thomas PerlTennix 0.7.0 "Deine Eltern sind auf einem Tennixturnier"tennix-0.7.0
2009-01-31 Thomas PerlUpdated year, README, TODO list
2009-01-31 Thomas PerlDocumentation: How to generate callgraphs for Tennix
2009-01-31 Thomas PerlAdd makefile option for update rectangles mode
2009-01-27 Thomas PerlAdd compiler flags for Maemo
2009-01-26 Thomas PerlOnly redraw the referee when its state changes
2009-01-26 Thomas PerlOnly redraw game score strings when necessary
2009-01-26 Thomas PerlRemove is_fading() from the graphics module
2009-01-21 Thomas PerlUpdated pygame test code
2009-01-21 Thomas PerlAdd "--benchmark/-b" command line switch
2009-01-15 Thomas PerlMake sure graphics and sound data is really freed
2009-01-09 Thomas PerlBetter loading progress bar (uses button drawing)
2009-01-09 Thomas PerlFix referee talk image usage; support more ball states
2009-01-08 Thomas PerlLoading progress bar, add missing header files, Maemo
2009-01-08 Thomas PerlCache width and xposition in get_font_metrics
2009-01-07 Thomas PerlUse Tennix Archive Format instead in-executable data
2009-01-07 Thomas PerlVoice support, experimental wind, extended referee
2008-11-28 Thomas PerlTODO items after basic user experience test
2008-11-28 Thomas PerlAdd suggestions to TODO list
2008-10-29 Thomas PerlUpdate TODO list with ideas (tennix.dat)
2008-10-25 Thomas PerlCorrect sounds (enable the racket/ground sounds)
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlFirst cut of support for player selection in options
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlAdd background sound for rain mode
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlMake sure FPS limit in the main menu is always correct
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlFix a bug with negative offsets in fill_image_offset()
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlSupport for "night" mode (floodlights) added + source XCF
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlMore in-game weather (fog) + fill_image_offset() function
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlFirst support for in-game weather (rainfall)
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlAdd state machine for main menu + options menu
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlIdeas for adding in-game weather effects/mods
2008-10-22 Thomas PerlFPS Limiting for the main menu display code