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Tennix! is a tennis game written in C using the Simple DirectMedia Layer. The game features a two-player game mode and a single-player mode against the computer. The Tennix source code is available under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later. Tennix currently runs on Linux, MacOS X and Windows, but porting it to other platforms should be straightforward, if they support SDL.
6 days ago Thomas PerlTennix version 1.2.1mastertennix-1.2.1
6 days ago Thomas PerlFix compiler warnings
6 days ago Thomas PerlRemove unused flag 'building'
6 days ago Thomas PerlFix FTBFS on architectures where char is unsigned
6 days ago Thomas PerlPredictable ordering of tennix.tnx contents
6 days ago Thomas PerlEnable all warnings
6 days ago Thomas PerlReplace 'echo -n' with 'printf'
6 days ago Thomas PerlAdd option to disable searching for Python
6 days ago Thomas PerlAvoid redirection of main() on macOS
2013-07-28 Thomas PerlRewrite archive utility (command line parsing, C++)
2013-07-28 Thomas PerlCleanup Python integration module
2013-07-28 Thomas PerlVersion 1.2.0 with new build/configure system
2013-07-25 Andrea Colangelopass LDFLAGS to compiler at link time
2013-07-25 Andrea ColangeloDon't delete ChangeLog when cleaning
2012-05-28 Thomas PerlCode clean-ups and makefile optimizations
2011-02-10 Thomas PerlTennix 1.1 "Classic Championship Tour 2011" releasedtennix-1.1
6 days ago tennix-1.2.1
6 years ago tennix-1.1
8 years ago tennix-1.0
8 years ago tennix-0.7.0
8 years ago effprog-200901
9 years ago tennix-0.6.1
9 years ago tennix-0.6.0
9 years ago tennix-0.5.0
9 years ago tennix-0.4.2 Tagged tennix-0.4.2
9 years ago tennix-0.4.1
9 years ago tennix-0.4.0
9 years ago tennix-0.3.4
9 years ago tennix-0.3.3
9 years ago tennix-0.3.2
9 years ago tennix-0.3.1 Tagged tennix-0.3.1
9 years ago tennix-0.3.0
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