2007-08-06 Yann DirsonDeal with non-promotable shogi pieces.to-paolo
2007-08-06 Yann DirsonFix deserialization of shogi promotions.
2007-08-06 Paolo CapriottiAdded Dummy variant.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonAdd shogi-related traces in various places.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonWrite down current problems impacting Shogi.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonAdd minishogi variant.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonPut captured shogi pieces in the right pool.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFix Shogi::Piece::OppositeColor.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFix validity check to account for drop moves.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFixed serialization of shogi drop moves.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiAdded simple ruby script to create CppUnit tests.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiAdded ShogiDeserializationTest.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiExport ShogiPiece for testing.
2007-08-03 Yann DirsonDeserialize shogi promotions.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed serialization of decorated king moves.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed installation of shogi stuff.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiReplace many calls to QChar::operator== with switches...
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiMerge branch 'variant_refactor'
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiSmall ICS cleanup.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed animator en-passant bug.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed bugs in legal checking and promotion (shogi).
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiAdded promotion to shogi gamestate.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiRestored COMPACT and DECORATED serializations for Shogi...
2007-08-02 Yann DirsonGNUShogi engine.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed shogi initial position: swapped rook and bishop.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed shogi borderCoords and serialization.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiWorking on the shogi serializer.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiImproved shogi legality checking.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded legality checking to shogi.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded pools to shogi game state.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiFixed shogi initial setup.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted shogi.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded Chess 5x5.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded CustomBoard.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted crazyhouse generator.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiEnabled ICS for Chess and Crazyhouse.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted ICSAPI.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted crazyhouse serializer.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted crazyhouse MoveFactory and LegalityChecker.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted crazyhouse piece. Working on crazyhouse game...
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded stub of Crazyhouse Move.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted DropAnimatorMixin.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted pool wrapper.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded Crazyhouse stub.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted pool and added pool tests.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiRemoved AlgebraicNotation from the variant API.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiRemoved AlgebraicNotation from client code.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiCompleted AbstractMove wrapping in HLVariant.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiFixed DecoratedMove and serialization bug.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiPorted DecoratedMove.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiAdded borderCoord.
2007-08-01 Paolo CapriottiFirst working HLVariant.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiRemoved symbolic links.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiPorted Animator, UnwrappedGraphicalApi and MoveFactory.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiMoved HLVariant prototype inside Tagua.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded serialization tests.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded simple serialization.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded test for legality checking.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiMake sure all moves are tested before being returned...
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded test for getMove and fixed bug.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded a simple SAN test.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiFixed instantiation of Serializer and MoveGenerator...
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded move generator.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded a first (untested!) chess Serializer prototype.
2007-07-31 Paolo CapriottiAdded movable and dropped and related tests.
2007-07-31 Yann DirsonRemove now-useless duplicate mikachan font.
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonAdd symbol-set selection to shogi themes.
2007-07-30 Paolo CapriottiAdded wrapped "setup" test.
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonResurrect the shogi theme using TTF-imported SVG's.
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonMove definition of shogi moves into shogi lib, and...
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonDraw ShogiTTF tiles from individual kanjis.
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonResurrect ShogiSVG theme and make it use the shogi...
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonMove core of the shogi theme into a library.
2007-07-30 Yann DirsonRemove generated files.
2007-07-30 Paolo CapriottiInitial implementation of a new tagua_wrapped.
2007-07-30 Paolo CapriottiAll shared_ptr's in tagua.h are now passed by reference.
2007-07-30 Maurizio MongeAdded credit for Pieter Stouten, images on shogi.net.
2007-07-30 Paolo CapriottiAdded a prototype of the new template wrapper.
2007-07-30 Paolo CapriottiAdded legality tests and fixed some bugs.
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiAdded some legality checking tests.
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiFixed pawn move checking.
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiFirst LegalityCheck prototype.
2007-07-29 Riccardo IaconelliAdded a newline
2007-07-29 Riccardo IaconelliMy TODO is in! Feeling excited.... :P
2007-07-29 Riccardo IaconelliFix compiling
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiAdded ChessGameState, related classes and tests.
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiInitial implementation and tests for the new HL Variant...
2007-07-29 Paolo CapriottiChanged Yann's credit.
2007-07-29 Yann DirsonImprove the draw_arrowhead API.
2007-07-29 Yann DirsonRemove many hardcoded occurences of shogi board size.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiMerge branch 'ics'
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiFix build when no CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE variable is set.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiReplaced Always and Never turn policies with a Simple...
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiAdded premove policies. Implemented ICSPremovePolicy.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiAdded TurnPolicy::Collection::addSimplePolicy.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiICSTurnTest starts working.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiRemoved useless include.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiBye-bye setUserLiberties. First attempt at making ICSTu...
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiRefactored TurnTest.
2007-07-28 Paolo CapriottiOnly send moves to ICS if we are on the main line.