2008-04-20 Yann DirsonTentative Randomless-Entropy variant.mastermaster/entropy
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAddress some valgrind-detected problems, flag others... master/valgrind
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonSwitch to manual memory management in legal().master/manual
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonFix use of singleton pattern.master/fix-singleton
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonTentative MiniShogi implementation over move generator.master/minishogi
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonPreliminary port of Shogi to the component API.master/shogi
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonFinalize support for delegating behaviours.master/behaviour-delegate
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonRename delegate members, trying to avoid confusion.master/dgate
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMake component interfaces inherit Component.master/lift-components
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd a move-generator API.master/movegen
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd a PromotionManager.master/promotion
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd san() to the MoveSerializer interface, so other... master/san
2008-04-20 Yann Dirsondoxygen-tmpmaster/doxygen-tmp
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd more assertions.master/assert
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAllow building as monolithic app (no plugins) for easie...
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMove all() up to IVariantLoader.
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonRefactor the Variants factory to clearly separate KDE...
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMisc cleanups.
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonMore code documention.
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonReport error conditions instead of just doing nothing.
2008-04-20 Yann DirsonAdd a dump_component_methods() helper for debugging.
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonAdd Doxygen documentation to C++ namespaces.component-api/doxygen-namespaces
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonRemove dead code.component-api/deadcode
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonUpdate .gitignore files.component-api/gitignore
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonAdd useful defs from KDE4 doxygen.css for readabilitycomponent-api/doxygen-css
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonFix doxygen comments that were breaking parsing.component-api/fix-doxygen
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonUpdate for doxygen 1.5.5, graph generation, and match... component-api/doxygen
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonMake it clear in debian/changelog that next release... component-api/deb-beta
2008-04-04 Yann DirsonMerge commit 'v1.0-alpha2' into component-api
2008-04-03 Yann DirsonUpdate copyright dates in debian packaging.
2008-04-03 Yann DirsonCause unofficial deb packages to have a correct revisio...
2008-03-15 Yann DirsonHave the board GUI cache validity informationcomponent-api/cache-validmove
2008-03-15 Yann DirsonCreate a debian package for debug symbols.component-api/deb-debugsyms
2008-03-15 Yann DirsonBuild Debian package with TAGUA_DEBUG set.component-api/deb-debug
2008-03-09 Yann DirsonAdd to changelog.master/changelog
2008-02-27 Paolo CapriottiUpdated CHANGELOG.
2008-02-27 Yann DirsonUpdate l10n files, translate into french a bit more.master/i18n
2008-02-27 Yann DirsonStop message extraction on error (eg. missing extractrc)master/i18n-extract
2008-02-26 Yann DirsonRefresh the translations on package build.master/deb-i18n
2008-02-26 Yann DirsonFix debian/rules to build in BUILD/ dir.master/deb-build
2008-02-24 Paolo CapriottiNew wallpaper rendering code.
2008-02-24 Paolo Capriottii18n fixes.
2008-02-24 Paolo CapriottiFix eraser icon.
2008-02-24 Paolo CapriottiRemove icons from the engine configuration GUI.
2008-02-20 Yann DirsonGet rid of extra-verbose trace.master/rm-trace
2008-02-20 Yann DirsonAdapt enhanced engine debugging traces to the use of... master/fix-debug
2008-02-20 Yann DirsonComment out from shogi svg themes reference to glyph... master/fix-themes
2008-02-20 Yann DirsonVarious fixes and enhancements to tagua.desktopmaster/fix-desktop
2008-02-12 Yann Dirson[#68] Fix Tori Shogi legalitycheck to detect in-check... master/fix-tori
2008-02-11 Yann DirsonFix debian/rules in places where the move to BUILD...
2008-02-11 Yann DirsonRemove or relicense material under Creative Commons... master/nuke-cc
2008-02-11 Yann DirsonCompute version for debian package using git-describe.master/deb-version
2008-02-10 Yann DirsonFix debian/rules in places where the move to BUILD... component-api/deb-fixcomponent-api/fix-deb
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiMove to readded move when redoing an add. Fixes #65.
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiUse newGame in setupPGN instead of duplicating (wrong...
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiMerge from master bf883501679502d078aa719efed53ca4b2d4328c.
2008-02-10 Yann DirsonDebian packaging update for component-api branch.
2008-02-10 Yann DirsonFail nicely when the requested variant cannot be found.
2008-02-10 Yann DirsonMisc cleanups
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiMerge from master 33639cc09d7ce63adcce28d6f970d024b6b3e388.
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiRemoved most of the old stuff in common.h.
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiReplaced all std::cout with kDebug.
2008-02-10 Paolo CapriottiReplaced ERROR with kError and WARNING with kWarning.
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonComment some code, remove dups from TODO when done... master/doc
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonWarn instead of not warning in case of bugs in the... master/boost-variant
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonUse std::vector<>::back() to make the code more readable.master/stl-back
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonRemove debugging traces, now that PGN load/save works.master/notrace
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonAdd a newline after variant tag when saving PGN.master/pgn-newline
2008-02-06 Yann DirsonFix regexp for parsing PGN moves.master/pgn-variant
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiAsk before overwriting. Fixes #63.
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiMoved m_url into the controller. Fixes #62.
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiFix "tab close" and "promoted automatically" icons.
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiAdd kateconfig.
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiUpdate variant actions when creating a new game in...
2008-02-03 Paolo CapriottiRemove unused icons, use standard icons everywhere.
2008-01-31 Yann DirsonRecord variant name in PGN file, so they can be read... master/pgn-save-variant
2008-01-30 Yann DirsonImplement for shogi deserialization of the notation... master/shogi-deserialize
2008-01-25 Yann DirsonFix failed assertion loading PGN for a variant.master/pgn-variants
2008-01-25 Yann DirsonAdd finer engine tracing.master/engine-trace
2008-01-19 Yann DirsonAdd to TODOmaster/todo
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiRestored castling animations.
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiFixed chess 5x5.
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiEnabled castling rules in chess.
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiUse state prototypes instead of state factories.
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiAdd CastlingRules interface and implementation.
2007-12-17 Paolo CapriottiDo not validate moves more than once.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiAdd crazyhouse MoveSerializer.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiFix include guard in behaviour delegator.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiUse Validator in chess MoveSerializer.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiAdd crazyhouse validator and finish the animator.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiAdd delegator mechanism to Validator.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiFix translation build system.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiAdd Czech translation by Karel Volný.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiRestored Pool animations.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiFactor animation creating functions out of GraphicalSy...
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiMoved MainAnimation instance inside AnimationManager.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiRenamed AnimationSettings -> AnimationManager.
2007-12-16 Paolo CapriottiAdd IndexConverter pointers to GraphicalSystem.
2007-12-15 Paolo CapriottiReplaced IDefaultState subinterface with an encapsulate...
2007-12-15 Paolo CapriottiPartially implemented Crazyhouse.