2007-11-01 Yann DirsonAllow to set promoted flag in shogi Piece constructor.type-refactortype-refactor/piece-ctor
2007-11-01 Yann DirsonFactor canBeCaptured() out of Shogi legal() check for... type-refactor/capture
2007-10-28 Paolo CapriottiFix version number in Doxyfile.
2007-10-27 Paolo CapriottiRemoved Undo/Redo buttons from the movelist. Closes...
2007-10-24 Paolo CapriottiFix orientation after flip.
2007-10-24 Paolo CapriottiFix undo/redo icons in movelist.
2007-10-10 Paolo CapriottiAdapted to latest kdelibs changes.
2007-10-02 Paolo CapriottiReplaced KCPUInfo with BlitzCPUInfo.
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiDocumented the UI class. Fixes #55.
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiUpdate action state on move add, remove and promote...
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiUpdate action state on tab change.
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiFix: update action state in any case.
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiActionState notification fixes.
2007-09-18 Paolo CapriottiSetup ActionState observer in EditGameController::setUI.
2007-09-17 Paolo CapriottiAdded Controller::setUI.
2007-09-17 Paolo CapriottiOnly update action states if the notification comes...
2007-09-17 Paolo CapriottiImplemented an UI ActionState observer.
2007-09-17 Paolo CapriottiAdded ActionState to GraphicalGame.
2007-09-15 Paolo CapriottiRemoved unimplemented actions. Added shortcut for ...
2007-09-14 Mauro IazziRemove useless include in chess variant header.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiReload theme when the "same as" checkbox is toggled...
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiReimplemented engine dialog.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiUse standard 'preferences' action.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiDo not show the Dummy directory to the user.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiVariant factories are created in variant code.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiDo not create variant instances in pref_theme.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiVariant factories know the name and the theme proxy.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiRemoved old warning and debug messages.
2007-09-05 Paolo CapriottiThe allow_nil argument of Loader::getValue is now usable.
2007-09-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed alpha codename in the changelog.
2007-09-01 Paolo CapriottiUpdated info on the root dir.
2007-08-31 Paolo CapriottiRemoved annoying debug output.
2007-08-31 Paolo CapriottiCompile with kdelibs trunk.
2007-08-21 Paolo CapriottiRemoved unimplemented GUI actions.
2007-08-19 Paolo CapriottiFixed crash on new game in the same tab.
2007-08-19 Paolo CapriottiRemoved useless ifdef's from game.cpp.
2007-08-19 Paolo CapriottiSimplified NewGame dialog and added option for not...
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiFixed ticket #30.
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiWhen settings change, all tabs are notified. Fixes...
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiRemoved FEN stuff from the API. Fixed ticket #7.
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiSimplified API for move serialization.
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiSerializers use strings instead of integers to represen...
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiChanged my email in the copyright statements.
2007-08-17 Paolo CapriottiFixed examination bug.
2007-08-16 Paolo CapriottiAdded close button to the tab bar.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiAdded options to the other variants.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiFixed crash when changing tab.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiFactored out action code in the Action class.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiAdded setupMove to the variant API. Promotion options...
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiUser moves are now created by the entity.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiRemoved all promotion stuff from controllers and UI.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiAdded action callbacks.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiVariant wrappers keep a variant instance that can maint...
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiChess actions are now checkable.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiImplemented variant actions.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiFixed bug #40.
2007-08-14 Paolo CapriottiFixed bug #39.
2007-08-08 Yann DirsonFix deserialization of shogi promotions.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiFixed pool update bug.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiVariants are not singletons anymore.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiMerged animator.h and animator.impl.h
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiRemoved all promotion stuff from the menu.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiFallback to chess when a variant doesn't exist.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiRemoved all old variants.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiICSAPI::parseVerbose is now used instead of VariantInfo...
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiRelaxed Move comparison.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiPorted verbose deserialization.
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiEngines can now be stopped. Removed engine analysis...
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiAdded command-line option "variant" to choose the start...
2007-08-08 Paolo CapriottiUpdated general information.
2007-08-07 Paolo CapriottiHandle capture by drop. Fixes ticket #37.
2007-08-07 Paolo CapriottiDropAnimatorMixin::updatePool compares actual pool...
2007-08-07 Paolo CapriottiRestored GraphicalAPI::getPoolSprite.
2007-08-07 Paolo CapriottiBaseAnimator::warp now works regardless of the current...
2007-08-06 Yann DirsonDeal with non-promotable shogi pieces.
2007-08-06 Paolo CapriottiIn shogi pawns, lances and knights cannot be dropped...
2007-08-06 Paolo CapriottiAdded Dummy variant.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonAdd shogi-related traces in various places.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonWrite down current problems impacting Shogi.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonAdd minishogi variant.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonPut captured shogi pieces in the right pool.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFix Shogi::Piece::OppositeColor.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFix validity check to account for drop moves.
2007-08-05 Yann DirsonFixed serialization of shogi drop moves.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiAdded simple ruby script to create CppUnit tests.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiAdded ShogiDeserializationTest.
2007-08-03 Paolo CapriottiExport ShogiPiece for testing.
2007-08-03 Yann DirsonDeserialize shogi promotions.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed serialization of decorated king moves.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed installation of shogi stuff.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiReplace many calls to QChar::operator== with switches...
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiMerge branch 'variant_refactor'
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiSmall ICS cleanup.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed animator en-passant bug.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed bugs in legal checking and promotion (shogi).
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiAdded promotion to shogi gamestate.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiRestored COMPACT and DECORATED serializations for Shogi...
2007-08-02 Yann DirsonGNUShogi engine.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed shogi initial position: swapped rook and bishop.
2007-08-02 Paolo CapriottiFixed shogi borderCoords and serialization.