2009-07-19 Thiago MacieiraDon't let me waste 2 hours doing an import if the ident... master
2009-06-08 Thiago MacieiraAdd support for annotated tags
2009-06-08 Thiago MacieiraFix the recursing when the sub-path was modified instea...
2009-02-20 Thiago MacieiraAdd a warning about tag processing in the standardlayou...
2009-02-20 Thiago MacieiraFix the recurse rules sample file: the repository name...
2009-02-20 Thiago MacieiraAdd a set of sample rules files.
2009-02-20 Thiago MacieiraSupport Qt 4.3 too
2009-01-08 Anders KaseorgProperly interpret Subversion dates as UTC.
2009-01-08 Anders KaseorgAdd a --no-metadata option to suppress the svn info...
2009-01-08 Anders KaseorgRead symbolic links correctly.
2009-01-08 Anders KaseorgAdd missing calls to svn_stream_close().
2009-01-08 Anders KaseorgFix initialization of Repository::lastmark when creatin...
2008-08-26 Thiago MacieiraFix a bug when committing to two branches of the same...
2008-08-24 Thiago MacieiraStore the modified files in git-fast-import format...
2008-08-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd a process cache to keep the number of processes...
2008-08-18 Thiago MacieiraGeneral improvements and reload branches automatically...
2008-08-18 Thiago MacieiraEnhance the saving of repository data by adding a ...
2008-08-18 Thiago MacieiraDo not try to recurse into files when under a "recurse...
2008-08-18 Thiago MacieiraInitialize variable
2008-08-16 Thiago Macieiratrim the newlines
2008-08-13 Thiago MacieiraMake it easier to do automatic branching
2008-08-13 Thiago MacieiraAuto create branches
2008-08-13 Thiago MacieiraEnhance error message
2008-08-13 Thiago MacieiraTry auto-creation of branches
2007-12-28 Thiago MacieiraFix the double UTF-8 encoding of the author name. In... mob
2007-12-28 Thiago MacieiraImplement the identity map
2007-12-28 Thiago MacieiraWait forever. Not very efficient, but works.
2007-12-28 Thiago MacieiraFail if writing to the process fails
2007-12-28 Thiago MacieiraDon't start the git-fast-import process twice. And...
2007-12-27 Thiago MacieiraComplement the recurse rule finding (or not finding)
2007-12-27 Thiago MacieiraReintroduce the recurse rule. It's useful if you have...
2007-12-27 Thiago Macieirawrite to disk every 10000 commits, not 9999 times each...
2007-12-27 Thiago MacieiraAllow one commit to multiple branches of the same repos...
2007-12-27 Thiago Macieiracheckpoint every now and then
2007-12-27 Thiago MacieiraBugfix: don't forget the newline after the commit message
2007-12-26 Thiago MacieiraAdd missing return
2007-12-26 Thiago MacieiraAvoid ending slashes and mid double-slashes
2007-12-26 Thiago MacieiraMore information when saying you can't continue
2007-12-26 Thiago MacieiraDon't recurse into a directory if it's a perfect branch
2007-12-26 Thiago MacieiraSkip entries in recursion if said entries are in the...
2007-12-25 Thiago MacieiraDon't crash when running in dry-mode
2007-12-25 Thiago MacieiraKeep track of when a given branch was created instead
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraRemove the recurse rule
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraThis should be a space
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraBeautify the rule debug output
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd auto-recurse code
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAppend instead of overwriting the output file in dry...
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieiras,/,_, in the output filenames in dry-run mode
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraDon't request recurse rules when asking where something...
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraRefactor and add the ability to recurse into certain...
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraIgnore paths being deleted when we don't know anything...
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieiramore information at the end of the revision export
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieirause printf here
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieiraremove the source branch in the rules
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraDon't give fast-import paths starting with a slash
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd support for branch creation on-the-fly
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraSupport for pathless rules
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraOutput dry-run data to a file, for analysis later
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraSupport an upper limit of revision numbers
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraDon't crash on empty author
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAllow one to have references to outside refs/heads
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd some more line number information
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieiraadd some more information to the output
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraImprove error message
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraPrepend refs/heads/ to the origin branch too
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraIgnore any directories that didn't match any rules...
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraMake it a fatal error to have a malformed line in the...
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraDetect whether a file deletion was a directory
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAvoid warnings on exit
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd support for min/max revision ranges
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraI like this better
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraExtra newline after the reset command
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAllow repository names with dashes too
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd support for resuming work
2007-12-24 Thiago Macieirafix the option parsing
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraAdd a better option-parser
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraIn SVN, when a directory is renamed/copied, we must...
2007-12-24 Thiago MacieiraFix crashes and improve behaviour
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraFix rule parsing again: cap(0) is the entire match
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraParse rules correctly
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraHandle errors correctly
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAnd run the SVN code too
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraIntroduce the dry-run mode
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd the local-config.pri to the ignore list
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraImplement the commit transaction
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraDon't forget the final newline for a file's data
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd SVN code
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd initial SVN support
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd executable name to the .gitignore file
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd missing function
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd main.cpp
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd the Repository class
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraAdd .gitignore
2007-12-23 Thiago MacieiraInitial version