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descriptionStraw work fork
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last changeSun, 9 Dec 2007 17:25:05 +0000 (9 18:25 +0100)
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2007-12-09 DrFrasierCraneWork on reordering and reparenting in the tree view... master
2007-12-09 DrFrasierCraneFixes (workarounds) in OPML parsing, more work on GUI...
2007-12-08 DrFrasierCraneWork on GUI integration with new model.
2007-12-08 DrFrasierCraneIntermediate commit of big changes in the model, GUI...
2007-12-05 DrFrasierCraneMake treeview nodes reordering work properly.
2007-12-05 DrFrasierCraneAdded more indexes to database schema.
2007-12-05 DrFrasierCraneJobManager code cleanup.
2007-12-04 DrFrasierCraneFixed feed aggregation on nested subcategories.
2007-12-03 DrFrasierCraneAdded task-start signal to JobManager, more work on...
2007-12-03 PawelPaprotaJobManager code cleanup.
2007-12-02 DrFrasierCraneWork on feed discovery dialog.
2007-12-01 DrFrasierCraneWork on feed discovery assistant.
2007-12-01 DrFrasierCraneIntermediate work commit.
2007-11-30 DrFrasierCraneUpdate feedfinder to the latest version.
2007-11-26 DrFrasierCraneOPML fixes, more work on GUI.
2007-11-25 PawelPaprotaAfter right clicking on the feed list treeview, tree...
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