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2008-08-10 Paweł PaprotaRemove gtkmozembed view widget from the frame - workaro... master
2008-07-07 Paweł PaprotaCleaned up item view.origin/future
2008-07-07 Paweł PaprotaUse the new icon.
2008-06-08 Paweł PaprotaMerge commit 'origin/future'
2008-06-07 Paweł PaprotaImplemented "mark all as read".
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaLet's play it safe when restoring state in select_node.
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaMap space bar to scroll_unread_items (thanks estar).
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaMark displayed items as read (thanks estar).
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaLittle tweaks to item fetching.
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaAdded debug logging around document view creation.
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaDon't set main window size/position twice.
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaCleaned up the logging system a bit.
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaDisallow adding new categories under feeds. It's not...
2008-04-20 PawPaprota=?utf-8?q?Bug=20507683=20=E2=80=93=20Store=20applicatio...
2008-04-20 Paweł Paprota=?utf-8?q?Bug=20507683=20=E2=80=93=20Store=20applicatio...
2008-04-20 Paweł PaprotaNits.
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