2013-07-15 Dan Carpentermath: introduce get_absolute_rl()1.59
2013-07-15 Dan Carpentermath: improve how bitwise ANDs are handled
2013-07-15 Dan Carpenterkernel data/: update to recent linux-next (3.11-rc1...
2013-07-15 Dan Carpenterdb: declare strnlen() as returning "0-s32max[<=p1]"
2013-07-15 Dan Carpenteruser_data: export is_user_macro()
2013-07-15 Dan Carpenteruser_data: mark ntohl() data as user_data
2013-07-15 Dan Carpenteruser_data: improve tracking set vs passed in user data
2013-07-10 Dan Carpenterimplied: remove some unused code
2013-07-08 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: silence some "not allocating enough...
2013-07-06 Dan Carpentercomparison: white space cleanup
2013-07-06 Dan Carpenterextra: handle binop comparisons better
2013-07-05 Dan Carpenterdb/ filter ->read/write() functions
2013-07-05 Dan Carpenterfunction_ptr: handle scope of function pointers better
2013-07-04 Dan Carpentersmatch: add --debug=check_name option to debug only...
2013-07-03 Dan Carpentercomparison: fix breakage caused by moving to var_sym_lists
2013-07-03 Dan Carpentercomparison: cleanup first_sym() and rename to vsl_to_sym()
2013-07-03 Dan Carpentercomparison: cleanup: get rid of sym pointers
2013-07-02 Dan Carpentercomparison: track modifications better using var_sym_lists
2013-07-02 Dan Carpentervar_sym: introduce some helper functions for handling...
2013-06-29 Dan Carpenterdebug: add __smatch_states("register_comparison")
2013-06-29 Dan Carpenterdebug: update debug to handle the new comparison features
2013-06-29 Dan Carpentercomparison: inherit links when the comparison is set...
2013-06-29 Dan Carpentercomparison: partially fix how links are updated
2013-06-28 Dan Carpenterdb: track some more ==p1 return values
2013-06-28 Dan Carpentercomparison: save correct link name
2013-06-28 Dan Carpenterhelper: export append() function (it's the same as...
2013-06-28 Dan Carpentercomparison: fix bug handling min_t()
2013-06-28 Dan Carpentercomparison: ignore assigns like += or /= for now
2013-06-28 Dan Carpenterranges: problems parsing "s32min-(-1)[<=p2]"
2013-06-28 Dan Carpentercomparison: comparisons with 3 variables: "a > b + c"
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: if "a < b" and "b < c" then "a < c"
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: introduce var_sym_eq() helper function
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: code cleanups
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: handle divide "a = b / 2"
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: stop caring so much about wrapping (it...
2013-06-27 Dan Carpentercomparison: inherited comparisons were reversed
2013-06-21 Dan Carpentermath: stuff stored in the local variable table from...
2013-06-20 Dan Carpenterdb, add call_tree option
2013-06-20 Dan Carpenteroverflow: use hard_max instead of fuzzy max
2013-06-20 Dan Carpentermath: fix get_fuzzy_max()
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterranges: parse "0[<=p1]" correctly
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenteruser_data: handle returned user data better
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: return_state_to_var_sym() sometimes prints garbage
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: rename add_definition_db_callback() => select_calle...
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: rename add_db_fn_call_callback() => select_call_imp...
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: rename add_db_return_states_before() => select_retu...
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: rename add_db_return_states_callback() => select_re...
2013-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: handle conditional returns better
2013-06-18 Dan Carpenterdb: use comparison in db to determine get_implied_rl().
2013-06-18 Dan Carpenterdb: drop unused return_values table
2013-06-18 Dan Carpenterflow, clear_buffer: fake assigns were executing unops...
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenteruser_data: handle modification better
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenteruser_data, db: improve how returned user data is handled
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenterdb: introduce return_state_to_var_sym()
2013-06-17 Dan Carpentervalidation, check_user_data: add a validation test
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenterdebug: introduce __smatch_state(check_name, state_name)
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenterdb, ignore (struct irq_router)->set()
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenteruser_data: track things like get_user_data(&my_pointer);
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenteruser_data: make cross function tracking more specific
2013-06-17 Dan Carpentercomparison: use comparison from database instead of...
2013-06-17 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: fix handling of declarations with named elements
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterdb, ignore (struct irq_router)->get
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterdb: add comparisons to rw_verify_area
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterdb: add comments
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterdb, annotate: move strnlen() return annotation to the db
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterkernel: move stuff from check_kernel.c to db/fixup_kern...
2013-06-14 Dan Carpentercomparison: handle unmatched comparisons to " orig...
2013-06-14 Dan Carpentercomparison: copy all the comparisons when you assign...
2013-06-14 Dan Carpenterdb: add comparisons to split apart returns
2013-06-13 Dan Carpenterdb, comparison, ranges: store ranges and comparison...
2013-06-13 Dan Carpentercomparison: shift some code around a bit more
2013-06-13 Dan Carpenterdb: shift some code around in storing return ranges
2013-06-13 Dan Carpentercomparison: create expr_equal/lte_to_param() functions
2013-06-13 Dan Carpentercomparison: split range_comparison_to_param() into...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentercomparison: handle merging comparisons
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterhelper: fixes to the last expr_to_var_sym() speedup
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterdb: fix a bug storing range lists
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterranges: handle [==p0] return values correctly
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentercore: clear allocated smatch_states at the end of the...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentersmatch: add --time option for debugging what takes...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterslist: use a fake cur_slist for handling unmatched_states.
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterstates: introduce __set_fake_cur_slist_fast()
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterhooks: introduce AFTER_FUNC_HOOK
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: add some more functions that clear param...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterhelper: speed up expr_to_var_sym()
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentercapped: introduce is_capped_var_sym()
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterdb, comparison: store return range comparisons in the...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentercomparison: pull get_comparison_strings() into its...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpenterdb, comparison, ranges: improve how comparisons will...
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentercomparison: handle --/++ modifications better
2013-06-12 Dan Carpentermodification_hooks: pass the modify expression
2013-06-10 Dan Carpenterextra: revert part of the recurse patch which broke...
2013-06-10 Dan Carpenterrecurse: oops. add EXPR_VALUE and fix a validation...
2013-06-10 Dan Carpenterstates: introduce __set_fake_cur_slist()
2013-06-10 Dan Carpenteruser_data: pull is_user_data_state() into its own function
2013-06-10 Dan Carpenterrecurse, extra: introduce has_variable() and fix foreve...
2013-05-27 Dan Carpenterstart_states: add it to check_list.h
2013-05-27 Dan Carpentercomparison, db: use comparison information stored in...
2013-05-27 Dan Carpenterdb: remove an unused variable
2013-05-23 Dan Carpenteruser_data: add a comment