2012-02-29 Dan Carpenterflow: fix segfault on parse error1.56
2012-02-29 Dan Carpenterhooks: add CAST_HOOK
2012-02-29 Dan Carpentertype: add nr_bits(struct expression *expr)
2012-02-29 Dan Carpenterextra: delete the get_range_list() function
2012-02-28 Artem BityutskiyMakefile: do not install sparse and cgcc
2012-02-28 Dan Carpenternew: smatch_scripts/
2012-02-28 Dan Carpenternew: smatch_scripts/
2012-02-27 Dan Carpenterranges: make possibly_true/false() take expression...
2012-02-27 Dan Carpenterexpressions: new file smatch_expressions.c
2012-02-22 Dan Carpentertree wide: don't print offset into function
2012-02-22 Dan make it work for sparse warnings as well
2012-02-22 Dan Carpenterestate: don't reuse extra_undefined()
2012-02-22 Dan Carpentercontraints: add option --debug-related
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterconstraints: make set_equiv() take an expression pointer
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterextra, constraints: move set_equiv() from extra to...
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterdebug: add __smatch_dump_related()
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterimplied: use add_range()
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterestate, ranges: move whole_range from estate to ranges
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterextra: cleanup is_whole_range()
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterranges: make possibly_true_range_list_rl() take an...
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterranges: rename get_single_value_from_dinfo() => estate_...
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterimplied: use new estate_related() function
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterconstraints: use new estate_related() function
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterconstraints: make get_common_relationship() take an...
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterestate: introduce estate_min/max()
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterestate: introduce estate_related()
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterestate: introduce estate_ranges() helper function
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterdinfo, estate: mv smatch_dinfo.c smatch_estate.c
2012-02-21 Dan Carpentertree-wide: s/extra_state/estate/g
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterextra, dinfo: move get_dinfo() from smatch_extra.c...
2012-02-21 Dan Carpenterextra, ranges: make possibly_true/false() take an expre...
2012-02-20 Dan Carpenter*new* kmalloc_wrong_size: checks the element size...
2012-02-20 Dan Carpenterdebug: add __smatch_implied()
2012-02-20 Dan Carpenterextra: modify match_comparison() so it can deal with...
2012-02-20 Dan Carpenterdinfo: introduce extra_empty()
2012-02-15 Dan Carpenterranges: introduce alloc_range_list()
2012-02-15 Dan Carpenterextra: remove a variable from match_comparison()
2012-02-15 Dan Carpenterextra: create set_extra_expr_true_false()
2012-02-15 Dan Carpenterextra: move some code out of match_comparison()
2012-02-14 Dan Carpenterextra: handle post increment in comparisons
2012-02-14 Dan Carpenterextra: rewrite how ++ and -- are handled
2012-02-14 Dan Carpenterranges: introduce rl_min() and rl_max()
2012-02-14 Dan Carpenterranges: remove some duplicate code
2012-02-14 Dan Carpenterget_variable_from_expr(): &foo is complicated
2012-02-09 Dan Carpenterdb: use the return information in a couple other places
2012-02-07 Dan Carpenterextra, db, ranges: move new stuff out of ranges so...
2012-02-07 Dan Carpenterdb: speedup return info stuff
2012-02-06 Dan Carpenterdb: remove debugging message
2012-02-06 Dan Carpenterdb: handle -1 arguments correctly
2012-02-06 Dan Carpenterextra: fix segfault parsing invalid code
2012-02-06 Dan Carpenterdb: store the return value in the database
2012-02-06 Dan Carpenterdb: turn off database journalling
2012-02-03 Dan Carpenterranges: add a FIXME comment
2012-02-03 Dan Carpentertype: remove a free_netdev() false positive
2012-02-02 Dan Carpenterfill_db_function_ptr: fixup formatting changes fallout
2012-02-01 Dan Carpenterdb_info: we don't care about void returns for now.
2012-02-01 Dan Carpenterdb_info: remove duplicate implementation of show_ranges()
2012-02-01 Dan Carpentershow_unreachable: format changes fixup
2012-02-01 Dan Carpenterdb: remove an unneeded #include
2012-02-01 Dan Carpentertree wide: change output format
2012-02-01 Dan Carpenterredundant_null_check: make some variables static
2012-01-26 Dan Carpenterextra: uninitialized variable
2012-01-25 Dan Carpenterconditions: add a __pass_to_client(expr, LOGIC_HOOK)
2012-01-25 Dan Carpenteroverflow: don't complain about checks after use, inside...
2012-01-20 Dan Carpenterdb: don't increment the func_id too much
2012-01-20 Dan Carpenterdb: turn synchronization off and use a bigger cache_size
2012-01-19 Dan Carpenter*new* logical_instead_of_bitwise: places that use ...
2012-01-12 Dan Carpentersmatch*: fixes
2012-01-12 Dan Carpentererr_ptr_deref: handle PTR_RET()
2012-01-10 Dan Carpentervalidation: remove out of date sm_locking5.c
2012-01-10 Dan Carpentercore: handle foo += bar ? 1 : 0; expressions differently
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterextra: don't discard cast. strip_expr() => strip_parens()
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterextra: cleanup: shuffle code around.
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterextra: don't remove casts, those are important
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterdebug: fix some small memory leaks
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterlocking: remove some false positive-y functions without...
2012-01-10 Dan Carpenterlocking: add some more lock name variations
2012-01-04 Dan Carpenterdb: caller info needs to record the -1 parameters
2012-01-04 Dan Carpentermath: fix typo in comment
2011-12-15 Dan Carpenter*new* bogus_irqrestore: don't restore irq state before...
2011-12-09 Dan Carpenter*new* check_wait_for_common: make sure the return is...
2011-12-09 Dan Carpentertype: add expr_unsigned()
2011-12-08 Dan Carpenterdb: pass &foo type parameter information to called...
2011-12-08 Dan Carpentermath: do math for get_implied_min/max()
2011-12-08 Dan Carpenterhelper: when displaying sizeof() information use bytes...
2011-12-08 Dan Carpentercapped: track capped variables across function boundaries
2011-12-08 Dan Carpenterdebug: add __smatch_implied_min/max()
2011-12-01 Dan Carpentermath: white space changes.
2011-11-25 Dan Carpenterdb: save function pointers saved in arrays of structs
2011-11-22 Dan Carpenterdb/function_ptr: clear the correct table
2011-11-22 Dan Carpenterdb: remove untrusted table
2011-11-21 Dan Carpenterextra: unops don't normally change the value of a variable
2011-11-17 Dan Carpentertiny white space fixes
2011-11-17 Dan Carpenteruncapped_alloc: delete this check
2011-11-17 Dan Carpenterhelper: remove bogus parens from get_variable_from_expr...
2011-11-16 Dan Carpenterupdate smatch_data for 3.2-rc
2011-11-01 Dan CarpenterAllow check_debug.h to be included more than once.
2011-10-30 Dan Carpentercore: add --file-output variable for make -j8
2011-10-30 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra: clear out struct members if a the pointer...
2011-10-28 Dan Carpenterextra: fix crashing bug from last commit.