2010-05-26 Dan Carpenter*new* check_macros: find macro precedence bugs1.55
2010-05-25 Dan Carpenterhooks: add LOGIC_HOOK
2010-05-25 Dan Carpentermacro_table: take the file into account
2010-05-22 Dan Carpentermacro_table: do not include smatch.h
2010-05-22 Dan Carpenterflow: handle logic things like: foo(a && a->bar);
2010-05-22 Dan Carpentersigned: comparing to literals together creates a false...
2010-05-22 Dan Carpenterderef_check: remove the --spammy option
2010-05-22 Dan Carpenterdelete check_leaks.c: This check was always worthless
2010-05-20 Dan Carpenterwine: fixup the no return functions a bit
2010-05-20 Dan Carpentermacro_table.c: replacement for in_macro()
2010-05-18 Dan Carpentersmall cleanup and a comment change
2010-05-18 Dan Carpenter*new* check_snprintf: using the return value of snprint...
2010-05-15 Dan Carpenterunused_return: print function name that was ignored
2010-05-13 Dan Carpentermath: don't pass negative numbers as absolute max for...
2010-05-13 Dan Carpenterimplied: allow the known part to be a range list
2010-05-13 Dan Carpentermath: fix get_absolute_min/max() for sizeof()
2010-05-13 Dan Carpenterextra: make do_comparison() handle two variables
2010-05-13 Dan Carpenterranges: introduce free_range_list()
2010-05-13 Dan Carpenterranges: introduce possibly_true/false_range_lists()
2010-05-10 Dan Carpenterprecedence: don't complain about if foo is 0-1
2010-05-10 Dan Carpenterextra: cleanup: rename do_comparison_range() => do_comp...
2010-05-10 Dan Carpenterknown_condition_true/false(): handle expression statements
2010-05-07 Dan Carpenter*new* check_kunmap(): confusion between kmap() and...
2010-05-02 Dan Carpenter*new* smatch_scripts/
2010-05-01 Dan Carpenterflow: cleanup: make split_function() it's own function
2010-04-29 Dan Carpenterderef_check: use in_macro() to silence most of the...
2010-04-29 Dan Carpentermath: introduce get_absolute_min/max()
2010-04-28 Dan Carpentermath: cleanup: rename get_implied_single_fuzzy_max()
2010-04-28 Dan Carpentermath: cleanup: shuffle some functions around
2010-04-28 Dan Carpentermath: cleanup: get rid of the *discard thing
2010-04-28 Dan Carpentermath: cleanup: get rid of IMPLIED_SINGLE
2010-04-28 Dan Carpenterdelete check_null_deref.c and clean up validation/
2010-04-28 Dan Carpenterflow: the next statement should never be the current...
2010-04-27 Dan Carpenter*new* check_check_deref.c: checking for null inconsistently
2010-04-27 Dan Carpenter*new* check_no_effect: print warnings statements that...
2010-04-27 Dan Carpentersetup default modification hooks in set_true_false_states()
2010-04-27 Dan Carpenterintroduce in_macro() which returns true if we're in...
2010-04-25 Dan Carpenterintroduce: in_expression_statement() and rename get_blo...
2010-04-24 Dan Carpenterchurn: rename __split_statements() => __split_stmt()
2010-04-23 Dan Carpenterextra: handle i++ and i += 2 better outside loops
2010-04-23 Dan print the function names
2010-04-23 Dan CarpenterAdd STRING_HOOK for examining strings
2010-04-23 Dan Carpenter*new* check_kernel.c: handle tomoyo_memory_ok() and...
2010-04-23 Dan Carpentercore: fix handling of switch statements with unreachabl...
2010-04-07 Dan Carpenterbail out earlier if functions get too difficult
2010-04-07 Dan Carpenterinclude static functions in list of functions which...
2010-04-07 Dan Carpenter*new* freeing_null: calling free for a variable that...
2010-04-05 Dan Carpenterequiv: call remove_from_equiv() on assignment
2010-04-05 Dan Carpentermath: prevent divide by zero bugs
2010-04-05 Dan Carpentercheck_lock: add more locks
2010-04-02 Dan Carpenternew: check_proc_create() check for world writable proc...
2010-04-01 Dan Carpentermath: teach smatch to understand const values
2010-04-01 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: fix theoretical memory leak
2010-04-01 Dan Carpentercore: fix problem in handling select statement / ORing...
2010-04-01 Dan Carpentercleanup: rename sm_states to "sm" instead of "state".
2010-04-01 Dan Carpenterget_variable_from_expr(): if it involves a number it...
2010-04-01 Dan Carpenterdebug: print more useful information about conditions
2010-03-31 Dan Carpenterlocking: handle spin_trylock_irq()
2010-03-31 Dan Carpenterlocking: handle spin_lock_irqsave_nested()
2010-03-31 Dan Carpenterlocking: handle raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore()
2010-03-31 Dan Carpenterlocking: make "sometimes locked" messages depend on...
2010-03-31 Dan CarpenterMerge branch 'devel' into devel_equiv
2010-03-31 Dan Carpenterequiv: if a variable is only equivalent to itself set...
2010-03-30 Dan Carpenterextra: use the fake assignments instead of the initializer
2010-03-30 Dan Carpenterequiv: never set SMATCH_EXTRA values directly
2010-03-30 Dan Carpenterequiv: eliminate bogus call to set_state()
2010-03-30 Dan Carpenterintroduce __smatch_debug_on() and __smatch_debug_off()
2010-03-29 Dan Carpenterlocking: make spinlock_irqsave() work for my config
2010-03-29 Dan Carpenterlocking: white space fixes
2010-03-29 Dan Carpenterlocking: add more standard locks
2010-03-28 Dan Carpentercheck_locking: clean up list of kernel locks
2010-03-27 Dan Carpenterhandle select assigns: foo = a ? b : c;
2010-03-27 Dan Carpentercore: fake cur_slist more completely
2010-03-27 Dan Carpentercore: rewrite select statement handling
2010-03-26 Dan Carpenterstates: verify that the stacks are empty at the end...
2010-03-26 Dan CarpenterRename functions: __pop_foo() => __discard_foo()
2010-03-26 Dan Carpentersmatch_states: rename some functions
2010-03-26 Dan Carpenterrelease_resource: Doh. It's looking for the wrong...
2010-03-26 Dan Carpenterfix select statement handling
2010-03-25 Dan Carpentercore: cleanup. delete fake condition stack code
2010-03-25 Dan Carpentercore: make fake cur_slists stackable
2010-03-25 Dan Carpenterslist: make set_state_stack() return the new sm_state
2010-03-25 Dan Carpenter*new* check_release_resource.c: check that we release...
2010-03-24 Dan Carpenterflow: split asm clobbers, inputs and outputs
2010-03-23 Dan Carpenterwhite_spaceonly: allow header files
2010-03-22 Dan Carpenter*new* removes all the whitespace...
2010-03-22 Dan Carpenter*new* check_resource_size(): prod people to use resour...
2010-03-21 Dan Carpenterextra: assume impossible things are impossible
2010-03-20 Dan Carpentererr_ptr: fix btrfs false positives
2010-03-20 Dan Carpentererr_ptr: handle when an err_ptr is reassigned
2010-03-19 Dan Carpenter*new* check_db_info.c prints out stuff that will be...
2010-03-19 Dan Carpentercleanup: move stuff from smatch_extra.c to smatch_math.c
2010-03-19 Dan Carpenterwhitespace changes
2010-03-19 Dan Carpenterequiv: fix crashing bug
2010-03-19 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: malloc() => __alloc_smatch_state()
2010-03-19 Dan Carpentersmatch.c: don't leak those 10 bytes
2010-03-19 Dan Carpenterassigned_expr: fix memory leak
2010-03-17 Dan Carpenterkernel: free_area() doesn't call kfree()
2010-03-17 Dan Carpenter*new* check_return.c: complain if you don't check the...
2010-03-16 Dan Carpentermath: make get_implied_value() work for pointers better