2010-01-08 Dan Carpenterintroduce: get_dinfo()1.54
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: handle addresses differently
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra: clean up. state can never be &merged...
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: ignore the last member of structs
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra: I don't like empty ranges
2010-01-08 Dan Carpenteradd smatch_scripts/
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentersmatch_data/kernel.array_bounds.remove
2010-01-08 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: an an "error: " prefix to a printf.
2010-01-07 Dan Carpentersmatch_scripts/
2010-01-07 Dan Carpenternew script:
2010-01-07 Dan Carpenterintroduce getting_address()
2010-01-07 Dan Carpenterupdate smatch_scripts/ because of --info format changes
2010-01-07 Dan Carpentercheck offset after use: ignore foo = &array[bar];
2010-01-07 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: move some more stuff under the --info...
2010-01-07 Dan Carpenterclean up output: warning: => warn:
2010-01-07 Dan Carpentermodification_hook: -- and ++ are modifications
2010-01-06 Dan CarpenterIt makes sense to check an array offset if it has been...
2010-01-05 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: separate the two types of states
2010-01-05 Dan CarpenterFix precedence/crashing bug check_overflow
2010-01-03 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: check for limiting offset after using it
2010-01-03 Dan Carpenterintroduce alloc_state_num()
2010-01-03 Dan Carpentercleanup: rename alloc_state() => alloc_sm_state()
2010-01-02 Dan Carpenterintroduce get_fuzzy_max()
2010-01-02 Dan make it an interactive program
2010-01-02 Dan Carpentercreate get_implied_range_list()
2010-01-02 Dan Carpentersm_info: fix formatting
2010-01-01 Dan Carpentercall tree: initial upload
2009-12-31 Dan Carpenterdma on stack: move data to smatch_data/
2009-12-31 Dan rewrote so it's faster
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenteradd --param-mapper back.
2009-12-30 Dan Carpentercleanup up option parsing a little
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenteradd option: --info
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenterredo how options are parsed.
2009-12-30 Dan Carpentercleanup: debug_implied_states => option_debug_implied
2009-12-30 Dan Carpentercleanup: debug_states => option_debug
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenterparam_mapper: add --param-mapper option
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenterdma on stack: eliminate some false positives
2009-12-30 Dan CarpenterAdd dma functions that map to usb_control_msg()
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenteradd smatch_scripts/
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenterparam_mapper: initial commit
2009-12-30 Dan Carpenterdma_on_stack: &foo means it's an error too
2009-12-27 Dan Carpenterupdate smatch_data to 2.6.33-rc1
2009-12-27 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: fix crashing bug (divide by zero)
2009-12-27 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: fix crashing bug
2009-12-25 Dan Carpenteradd a check for passing stack variables to dma functions
2009-12-25 Dan Carpentercheck_used_returns: ignore inb, inw, and inl
2009-12-23 Dan Carpenterupdate validation tests
2009-12-23 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: handle arrays inside structs
2009-12-23 Dan CarpenterFix crashing bug: func(a & b);
2009-12-22 Dan Carpenterwarn about if(x); type code.
2009-12-22 Dan Carpenterprecedence: warn about: if (!a & b) {...
2009-12-22 Dan Carpentererr_ptr: it's perfectly ok to return both null and...
2009-12-18 Dan Carpenterwhite space changes
2009-12-18 Dan CarpenterRemove hack for handling Steve Rostedt's if conditions
2009-12-18 Dan Carpentercheck_unused_ret.c: fix check for local variables
2009-12-18 Dan Carpentercheck_unused_ret.c: ignore unreachable assignments
2009-12-18 Dan CarpenterIf --debug is passed the messages from the first pass
2009-12-17 Dan CarpenterAdd a check for unused assignments.
2009-12-17 Dan Carpentersimple check for format string vulnerability
2009-12-17 Dan CarpenterHandle EXPR_FORCE_CAST in __split_expr()
2009-12-15 Dan Carpenter[patch 2/2] redefine SYM_HOOK entirely
2009-12-15 Dan Carpenter[patch 1/2] Change definition of SYM_HOOK in smatch_hook.c
2009-12-12 Dan Carpenter&(foo->bar) is not really a dereference.
2009-12-12 Dan Carpenterchange expression_stack to expression_list.
2009-12-12 Dan Carpenterclean up. DEREF_HOOK handling.
2009-12-12 Dan Carpentercheck_signed: make it depend on --spammy
2009-12-12 Dan Carpentercheck_locks: add raw_local_irq_enable()
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenteradd check for precedence errors like if (x & y == 0...
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenterfix select handling
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenterchanges to comments.
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenteradd __smatch_note("hello world")
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenterpatch up the new check_locking.c replacement
2009-12-11 Dan Carpentermove check_wine_locking.c over check_locking.c
2009-12-11 Dan Carpenterdelete the old check_locking.c
2009-12-11 Dan CarpenterFix crashing bug.
2009-12-10 Dan Carpenterseparate out the *_bh() lock handling.
2009-12-10 Dan Carpenterfixes for unified wine & kernel locking script
2009-12-09 Dan Carpenterget_type() return pointer for &foo type expressions.
2009-12-09 Dan Carpenterprint message on false compares because of signed vs...
2009-12-09 Dan Carpentersuppress gcc warning. whitespace.
2009-12-07 Dan CarpenterMerge branch 'master' of /home/dcarpenter/progs/sparse...
2009-12-07 Dan Carpenterclean up kfree_skb() check.
2009-12-07 Dan Carpenteradd __smatch_cur_slist() debug function.
2009-12-07 Dan Carpenterid is supposed to be unsigned short.
2009-12-07 Dan Carpenterfix crashing bug.
2009-12-07 Dan CarpenterStart caring about the types a little.
2009-12-05 Dan Carpentercleanup: uses ARRAY_SIZE() macro
2009-12-05 Dan CarpenterPrint name instead of ID in debug output
2009-12-05 Dan CarpenterAdd --project=kernel to kchecker
2009-12-05 Dan CarpenterStart merging the kernel locking and wine locking checks
2009-12-05 Dan Carpenterhandle if (*ptr == 5)
2009-12-05 Dan Carpenterdeclare char* as const
2009-12-04 Dan CarpenterMore range fixes. (Delete and merge duplicates)
2009-12-04 Dan CarpenterPop the pre_condition_stack at the correct point
2009-12-03 Dan Carpenterfix issue with ranges
2009-12-02 Dan CarpenterFix get_implied_value()
2009-12-02 Dan CarpenterFix negate bug. (Dereferencing undefined false positive)
2009-12-02 Dan CarpenterUpdate comment
2009-12-01 Dan Carpenterwine: for checking individual files.
2009-12-01 Dan Carpenterwine: add more functions that don't return