2009-05-31 Dan Carpentersmatch_implied: only print the nr_children message... 1.53
2009-05-31 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra: fix (foo != 42) { ...
2009-05-31 Dan CarpenterFix overlapping ranges.
2009-05-28 Dan Carpentercheck_memory.c: fix reversed if statement.
2009-05-28 Dan CarpenterFix another bug caused by funny tmp_range_list()
2009-05-27 Dan CarpenterMerge branch 'new_implications' into devel2
2009-05-27 Dan CarpenterFix crashing bug caused by the switch changes.
2009-05-27 Dan Carpenterdebugging: print the line numbers in merge_sm_state()
2009-05-27 Dan CarpenterMake switch statements work again.
2009-05-26 Dan Carpenterclean up. use true/false_comparison_range_lr()
2009-05-26 Dan Carpentercode churn: rename ->pre_left => ->left, ->pre_right...
2009-05-26 Dan CarpenterPut a cap on implications.
2009-05-25 Dan CarpenterImprove debugging. Don't overwrite sm->line.
2009-05-25 Dan CarpenterMicro optimization...
2009-05-24 Dan Carpenterclean up in merge_slist()
2009-05-24 Dan Carpentercheck for out_of_memory() less often and only after...
2009-05-24 Dan CarpenterBetter debugging for check_memory.c
2009-05-22 Dan CarpenterAdd switch testing test.
2009-05-22 Dan CarpenterDoh. Too many implied states.
2009-05-22 Dan CarpenterRemove clone_slist_and_states() and merge_slist_clone().
2009-05-22 Dan CarpenterRemove switch cloning complexity.
2009-05-21 Dan Carpentertwo is always non-null these days. don't check it.
2009-05-21 Dan Carpenterremove unused merge_pools() function.
2009-05-21 Dan Carpenterdon't print "list" variable.
2009-05-21 Dan CarpenterMake my_pools => my_pool.
2009-05-21 Dan Carpenterintroduce clone_pool_havers()
2009-05-21 Dan Carpenterclone_state() doesn't copy my_pools.
2009-05-21 Dan CarpenterRework implications to use ->pre_left and ->pre_right.
2009-05-21 Dan Carpentertwo is always non-null these days. don't check it.
2009-05-17 Dan CarpenterIntroduce ->pre_left and ->pre_right.
2009-05-17 Dan CarpenterMake the RAM limit more accurate and flexible.
2009-05-10 Dan CarpenterOnly clone the states if it is a switch statement.
2009-05-08 Dan CarpenterDon't clone the false states
2009-05-08 Dan CarpenterDon't clone all the states for every case statement.
2009-05-06 Dan CarpenterMake the validation test harder.
2009-05-06 Dan CarpenterPrevent some endless loops.
2009-05-06 Dan CarpenterPutting parens around something doesn't make it undefined.
2009-05-06 Dan CarpenterFix memory leak. free_slist().
2009-05-06 Dan CarpenterMake struct sm_state more compact.
2009-05-04 Dan Carpentersmatch_slist.c no longer needs any functions from smatc...
2009-05-04 Dan CarpenterDelete all the anding compound conditions code.
2009-05-04 Dan Carpentercheck debug is useful for debugging
2009-05-04 Dan Carpenterpotential bug fix for gotos with implications
2009-05-04 Dan CarpenterMake validation test harder.
2009-05-04 Dan CarpenterRework smatch implied
2009-04-24 Dan Carpenterget_value(): handle a couple more bit operators
2009-04-23 Dan CarpenterSet things in smatch extra instead of smatch implied.
2009-04-23 Dan CarpenterHandle switch statements
2009-04-23 Dan CarpenterRevert "Don't the implications for the state determinin...
2009-04-22 Dan CarpenterRevert "Here is a bug in handling compound conditions."
2009-04-21 Dan Carpenterhandle if((foo = down_trylock()) < 0) { ...
2009-04-21 Dan Carpenteradd_is_merged_hook()
2009-04-21 Dan CarpenterDereferencing a variable doesn't make it undefined.
2009-04-18 Dan CarpenterRedo checking for out of range args to ERR_PTR()1.52
2009-04-16 Dan CarpenterHere is a bug in handling compound conditions.
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterHandle straight forward comparisons to zero.
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterStore the implications for return_implies_state() assig...
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterAdd: return_implies_state()
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterRename smatch_extra_helper.c to smatch_ranges.c
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterEliminate set_cond_states() function.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterSmall clean up. Allocating filter.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterVerify that the value passed to ERR_PTR() isn't too...
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterFix compiler int<->ptr conversion warnings
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterMerge adjacent ranges. 1-2,3-4 becomes 1-4.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterSave some allocations.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterFix strncat() bugs.
2009-04-13 Dan CarpenterImprove handling of for loops.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterHandle once through loops differently
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterFix merging ranges. Completely broken before.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterTypo: <= instead of >=
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterReverse all the ranges.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterDon't the implications for the state determining the...
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentermatch_comparison to handle less than, greater than.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterChange locking output.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterDon't allocate so many extra_undefined states.
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentercreate alloc_extra_state_empty()
2009-04-11 Dan Carpenterremove true_comparison() and do_comparison().
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentermove (true|false)_comparison_range() to smatch_extra_he...
2009-04-11 Dan Carpenterclear ->my_lists for &ignore.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterPrint more --debug-implied information when --debug...
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterRemoved hard coded options.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterFix range comparison.
2009-04-10 Dan Carpenterremove unused function: range_list_intersection()
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterHandle UNDEFINED range and display the name correctly.
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterFix state names for ranges.
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterImplied ranges. Part #3. Range Lists
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterUpdate data files for 2.6.30-rc1
2009-04-08 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra. save other comparisons besides just...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterhandle: if ((foo = try_lock())) { ...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterrename: expr_to_val() -> get_implied_value()
2009-04-08 Dan CarpenterFix handling of if (IS_ERR(foo = bar())) { ...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterhandle if conditional functions are assigned
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterAdd new restricted known_condition_true()
2009-04-07 Dan Carpenterrename known_condition_true() to implied_condition_true()
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterAdd ERR_PTR() check.
2009-04-07 Dan Carpenter__module_put_and_exit() doesn't return.
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterSeparate the list of freed arguments from decremented...
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterWrite a script to print functions that return NULL...
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterDon't free bin_dir.
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterOops. Commit these essential files.