2009-04-18 Dan CarpenterRedo checking for out of range args to ERR_PTR()1.52
2009-04-16 Dan CarpenterHere is a bug in handling compound conditions.
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterHandle straight forward comparisons to zero.
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterStore the implications for return_implies_state() assig...
2009-04-15 Dan CarpenterAdd: return_implies_state()
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterRename smatch_extra_helper.c to smatch_ranges.c
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterEliminate set_cond_states() function.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterSmall clean up. Allocating filter.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterVerify that the value passed to ERR_PTR() isn't too...
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterFix compiler int<->ptr conversion warnings
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterMerge adjacent ranges. 1-2,3-4 becomes 1-4.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterSave some allocations.
2009-04-14 Dan CarpenterFix strncat() bugs.
2009-04-13 Dan CarpenterImprove handling of for loops.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterHandle once through loops differently
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterFix merging ranges. Completely broken before.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterTypo: <= instead of >=
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterReverse all the ranges.
2009-04-12 Dan CarpenterDon't the implications for the state determining the...
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentermatch_comparison to handle less than, greater than.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterChange locking output.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterDon't allocate so many extra_undefined states.
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentercreate alloc_extra_state_empty()
2009-04-11 Dan Carpenterremove true_comparison() and do_comparison().
2009-04-11 Dan Carpentermove (true|false)_comparison_range() to smatch_extra_he...
2009-04-11 Dan Carpenterclear ->my_lists for &ignore.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterPrint more --debug-implied information when --debug...
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterRemoved hard coded options.
2009-04-11 Dan CarpenterFix range comparison.
2009-04-10 Dan Carpenterremove unused function: range_list_intersection()
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterHandle UNDEFINED range and display the name correctly.
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterFix state names for ranges.
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterImplied ranges. Part #3. Range Lists
2009-04-10 Dan CarpenterUpdate data files for 2.6.30-rc1
2009-04-08 Dan Carpentersmatch_extra. save other comparisons besides just...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterhandle: if ((foo = try_lock())) { ...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterrename: expr_to_val() -> get_implied_value()
2009-04-08 Dan CarpenterFix handling of if (IS_ERR(foo = bar())) { ...
2009-04-08 Dan Carpenterhandle if conditional functions are assigned
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterAdd new restricted known_condition_true()
2009-04-07 Dan Carpenterrename known_condition_true() to implied_condition_true()
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterAdd ERR_PTR() check.
2009-04-07 Dan Carpenter__module_put_and_exit() doesn't return.
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterSeparate the list of freed arguments from decremented...
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterWrite a script to print functions that return NULL...
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterDon't free bin_dir.
2009-04-07 Dan CarpenterOops. Commit these essential files.
2009-04-05 Dan CarpenterHandle known conditions when they are a simple value.
2009-04-05 Dan CarpenterAdd CASE_HOOK.
2009-04-05 Dan CarpenterFix memory leaks found by valgrind.
2009-04-05 Dan Carpenteralloc_string() -> alloc_sname()
2009-04-05 Dan CarpenterPut some validation scripts in the closet.
2009-04-05 Dan CarpenterImplied ranges. Part #2. Filters
2009-04-04 Dan CarpenterSilence the mutually exclusive output again.
2009-04-04 Dan CarpenterFree all data_info at the end of a function.
2009-04-04 Dan CarpenterAdd --no-data option and warning.
2009-04-03 Dan Carpenterrange fix. anding slists.
2009-04-03 Dan Carpentercleanups from clone_slist() changes.
2009-04-03 Dan CarpenterImplied ranges. Part #1.
2009-04-02 Dan CarpenterAdd the allocation funcs.
2009-04-01 Dan Carpenterfree_scq is defined 2 times quite differently. It...
2009-04-01 Dan CarpenterFix implications (fallout from clone_slist() changes)
2009-04-01 Dan CarpenterMajor memory saving.
2009-04-01 Dan Carpenter--debug means print the implications
2009-04-01 Dan CarpenterAdd --no-implied to the help text.
2009-03-30 Dan CarpenterSave memory. Don't copy the state name so much.
2009-03-30 Dan CarpenterAdd check_type.c (disabled)
2009-03-30 Dan Carpenterkref_put() and kobject_put() are basically like a free()
2009-03-29 Dan CarpenterDon't dereference freed memory.
2009-03-28 Dan CarpenterAdd all the allocation functions to check_leaks.
2009-03-28 Dan CarpenterGenerate a list of functions that allocate data.
2009-03-27 Dan CarpenterUpdate the and the generated data...
2009-03-26 Dan CarpenterSave function lists in smatch_data/
2009-03-26 Dan Carpenternew (disabled) script: check_leaks.c
2009-03-26 Dan Carpenterimplied: add get_implications() for scripts to use.
2009-03-25 Dan CarpenterAdd comment. get_value returns UNDEFINED on error.
2009-03-25 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: bump the number of entries in the...
2009-03-25 Dan Carpenternew: add_function_assign_hook()
2009-03-25 Dan CarpenterClean up the conditional hook code.
2009-03-25 Dan Carpenternew api: add_conditional_hook(), set_cond_states();
2009-03-24 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: pass the function name as well.
2009-03-24 Dan Carpenterdon't try return block things in get_variable_from_expr...
2009-03-24 Dan CarpenterAdd a list of noreturn type functions that nullify...
2009-03-24 Dan CarpenterMerge branch 'devel'
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterrecompile the check_*.c files if the smatch headers...
2009-03-23 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: test copy_to/from_user as well.
2009-03-23 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: don't multiply the size of strings...
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterassumed_nonnull crap... temp fix.
2009-03-23 Dan CarpenterAdd script to generate the frees list.
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterrename register_frees_argument to check_frees_argument.
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterfix order of processing of commas.
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterget rid of FUNCTION_CALL_AFTER_HOOK
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterchange order of condition processing
2009-03-23 Dan Carpenterget rid of ASSIGNMENT_AFTER_HOOK
2009-03-23 Dan Carpentercheck_memory: read freeing functions from file.
2009-03-22 Dan Carpentercheck_memory: read freeing functions from file.
2009-03-22 Dan Carpenterfrees_argument: don't count functions that only free...
2009-03-21 Dan Carpentercore: improve anding condition handling.
2009-03-19 Dan Carpentercheck_overflow: move to new add_function_hook().
2009-03-19 Dan Carpentercheck_locking: move to the new function hook.