2009-03-10 Dan CarpenterRemove some false positives and enable the check.1.51
2009-03-10 Dan CarpenterDemote argument null derefs to cross func null derefs.
2009-03-10 Dan CarpenterLabel the output: error, warn, or info
2009-03-09 Dan CarpenterAdd a hack to handle the kernel's redefined if.
2009-03-09 Dan CarpenterHandle more comparisons than just (foo == 0) and (foo...
2009-03-08 Dan Carpentercheck_locking: a merge with NULL is a merge with the...
2009-03-08 Dan CarpenterRemove unneeded code.
2009-03-08 Dan CarpenterAdd line number back.
2009-03-08 Dan CarpenterUse the most recent implications.
2009-03-08 Dan CarpenterAdd option --assume-loops.
2009-03-08 Dan CarpenterAdd an option --no-implied to turn of implications.
2009-03-07 Dan Carpenterimplied pools: cleanup how implied pools are created.
2009-03-06 Dan Carpentercheck_memory: separate out a malloced state
2009-03-06 Dan CarpenterAll along I was adding the pools to the wrong place.
2009-03-05 Dan CarpenterClean up. Move a couple ifdefs.
2009-03-05 Dan CarpenterAdd a sanity check that ->possible has a ->my_pool.
2009-03-05 Dan CarpenterClean up. Freeing the sm_states.
2009-03-05 Dan CarpenterOring the slists seems like merge_slist()
2009-03-05 Dan CarpenterAdd a --debug-implied option
2009-03-04 Dan Carpentercheck_memory: Fix segfault
2009-03-04 Dan Carpenterkchecker: helper script to invoke smatch
2009-03-04 Dan Carpentercheck_memory: new code. not used yet.
2009-03-04 Dan CarpenterFix bug in compound conditions and add validation test.
2009-03-03 Dan Carpentercheck_locking: handle functions with no return statement.
2009-03-03 Dan CarpenterFix so security_fixup_ops() doesn't trigger the OOM...
2009-03-03 Dan CarpenterFix 'or'ing states.
2009-03-03 Dan CarpenterFix NULL deref.
2009-03-03 Dan CarpenterFor some reason smatch can't find these header files...
2009-03-03 Dan CarpenterFix string memory leaks.
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterRemove unneeded allocation.
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterRemove outdated comment.
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterDon't __free_sm_state() until end of function.
2009-03-02 Dan Carpenterfree_slist() after calling get_all_states()
2009-03-02 Dan Carpenterdon't reallocate the ->possible states.
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterGet rid of unused line history code.
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterFix some memory leaks in __implied_states_hook()
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterAdd free_trackers_and_list() and free_tracker_list...
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterAdd new free_stack() function.
2009-03-02 Dan Carpenterrename del_slist_stack() to free_stack_and_slists()
2009-03-02 Dan Carpenterrename del_slist() -> free_slist()
2009-03-02 Dan CarpenterFree all the sm_states at the end of each function.
2009-02-28 Dan CarpenterAdd ->possible to __print_slist() output.
2009-02-28 Dan CarpenterSave all the pools a state goes through.
2009-02-27 Dan CarpenterAdd and fix smatch implied tests.
2009-02-27 Dan CarpenterPreserve the ->pools and ->possible for implied states.
2009-02-27 Dan CarpenterFix handling mutually exclusive states.
2009-02-27 Dan CarpenterGet rid of redundant harmonize_states()
2009-02-27 Dan CarpenterAdd function __set_true_false_sm()
2009-02-26 Dan CarpenterOnly save an implied list if a state has been modified.
2009-02-26 Dan CarpenterOnly implied states that aren't already true.
2009-02-26 Dan CarpenterTake a parameter instead of assuming the output is...
2009-02-26 Dan CarpenterDon't check that there are both true and false states...
2009-02-25 Dan CarpenterThis check_order() seems superfluous.
2009-02-25 Dan CarpenterNew function harmonize_states()
2009-02-25 Dan Carpentercall __split_expr()
2009-02-25 Dan Carpenterremove unneeded calls to __use_cond_true_states();
2009-02-24 Dan CarpenterDon't set the implied state to &merged.
2009-02-24 Dan CarpenterMake cmp_tracker() accessible to outside files.
2009-02-24 Dan CarpenterAll the states are implied not just unique ones.
2009-02-24 Dan CarpenterImprove lock check output. Add more validation samples.
2009-02-23 Dan CarpenterAdd support for down_interruptible() and friends.
2009-02-23 Dan CarpenterFix the Unclear locking thing. Again.
2009-02-23 Dan CarpenterWarn on double lock/unlocks.
2009-02-23 Dan CarpenterPrint fewer Unclear locking messages.
2009-02-23 Dan Carpenterif ((1)) { ... is a known_condition_true()
2009-02-23 Dan CarpenterAdd support for those funny gcc ({ ... }) block statements.
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterHandle declarations inside switch statement blocks.
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterCleanup is_zero()
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterAdd known_condition_false()
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterFix handling of continue inside do while statements.
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterDon't set let people set states for unreachable code.
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterSmall cleanup.
2009-02-22 Dan CarpenterHandle the iterators correctly.
2009-02-20 Dan CarpenterAdd support for "if (a?b:c) { ..." ternary conditions
2009-02-20 Dan CarpenterAdd some support for _spin_trylock() and friends.
2009-02-20 Dan Carpenterif (a || b) { a->foo; should print an error. Also...
2009-02-19 Dan CarpenterThis prints out error messages all the time that are...
2009-02-19 Dan CarpenterAssignment always sets &isfreed to something else like...
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterDon't print cross_func errors if the called function...
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterRemove call to alloc_state()
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterCall the merge_hook() instead of setting the state...
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterOops. Meant to commit this earlier. :/
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterAdd the merge_hook() back in.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterClear the returns lists at the end of each function.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterMove the implications checking to after the scripts...
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterRewrite completely with new goal.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterAdd some functions to handle tracker lists.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterDon't segfault all the time when checking forever loops.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterTest to see if we are catching cross function derefs.
2009-02-18 Dan CarpenterUse the ->possible states and remove the merge_hook().
2009-02-18 Dan Carpenter"while ((1)) {" is a forever loop. Call strip_expr().
2009-02-18 Dan Carpenterfixes to the -> possible setting.
2009-02-17 Dan CarpenterMerge branch 'master' into null_deref
2009-02-17 Dan CarpenterAdd validation script for check_null_deref.c
2009-02-16 Dan CarpenterClean up. new->possible is always null here.
2009-02-14 Dan CarpenterOops. ->possibles wasn't getting set correctly.
2009-02-14 Dan CarpenterUse strip_expr() in split_conditions() instead reproduc...
2009-02-14 Dan CarpenterAdd some more operations to get_value().
2009-02-13 Dan CarpenterReturn &merged instead of &undefined.
2009-02-13 Dan Carpentermake get_value() return a value for bitwise or expressions.