2007-05-01 Josh TriplettFix most -Wshadow warnings in Sparse.0.3
2007-04-20 Christopher Lihandle label attributes
2007-04-20 Christopher LiFix the annotated inline call position
2007-04-20 Josh Triplettlinearize: DECLARE_ALLOCATOR for asm_constraint and...
2007-04-20 Josh Triplettsimplify.c: Declare delete_pseudo_user_list_entry static
2007-04-20 Josh Triplettcompile-i386.c: Declare regs_in_use static
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettDeclare gcc_patchlevel extern in lib.h
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettDeclare do_error static
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettRemove unused variable "include" from lib.c
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettDeclare die_if_error extern in lib.h
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettTeach cgcc about -Wtransparent-union and -Wno-transpare...
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettFix comment to reference #weak_define rather than ...
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettParse and ignore the __regparm__ attribute, just like...
2007-04-20 Josh TriplettUse noreturn on die() and error_die()
2007-04-16 Josh TriplettAdd test case for basic address_space annotations.
2007-03-11 Josh TriplettPrevent potential NULL pointer dereference in expand_co...
2007-03-11 Josh TriplettRemove stray space from expand_compare in expand.c
2007-03-11 Josh TriplettAvoid returning an uninitialized pointer from dup_list...
2007-03-10 Josh TriplettFix two potential NULL pointer dereferences in dissect.c
2007-03-10 Josh TriplettUse GCC format and sentinel attributes on appropriate...
2007-03-09 Josh TriplettFix typos in comments
2007-03-09 Christopher LiIntroduce keyword driven attribute parsing
2007-03-08 Josh TriplettFix typo in symbol.h: s/keywrods/keywords/
2007-03-08 Josh TriplettIntroduce top level parsing for asm parsing.
2007-03-08 Josh TriplettIntroducing statement keywords
2007-03-08 Josh TriplettFree up some special bits in modifiers.
2007-03-08 Josh TriplettMoving statement parsing into smaller functions.
2007-03-02 Christopher LiAdd annotation for inline function call.
2007-02-28 Josh TriplettAdd static to declarations in test cases, to remove...
2007-02-28 Christopher LiDisable liveness "dead" instruction by default.
2007-02-28 Josh TriplettMove pkg-config file to lib, rather than share
2007-02-28 Christopher LiIntroduce expression_error
2007-02-27 James WestbyUpdate the information in README about using the library.
2007-02-27 Oleg Nesterovdissect: simplify lookup_member()
2007-02-26 Josh TriplettCoding style fix: use parentheses with sizeof
2007-02-26 Christopher LiFix core dump on huge switch
2007-02-25 Christopher LiAdding debug option for showing the linearized instruction.
2007-02-25 Christopher LiFix a bug that match_idents forget to end with NULL
2007-02-23 Oleg Nesterovdissect: fix multidimensional array initializer
2007-02-23 Christopher LiFix core dump on anonymous symbol.
2007-02-23 Oleg Nesterovdissect: cleanup report_implicit()
2007-02-23 Christopher LiMake the ptrlist using the sparse allocator.
2007-02-23 Josh TriplettAdd test case for double semicolon in structure declara...
2007-02-23 Christopher LiFix double semicolon in struct declaration
2007-02-23 Christopher LiFix the segfault when initializer has unknown symbol
2007-02-21 Josh TriplettAdd test case for structure attribute placement.
2007-02-21 Christopher LiHandle structure attributes between the structure keywo...
2007-02-13 Josh TriplettAdd test case for function pointer modifier inheritance
2007-02-13 Christopher LiBug fix in pointer modifier inheritance at function...
2007-01-27 James WestbyFix mistaken comparison that becomes a no-op.
2007-01-27 Christopher LiMarking anonymous string.
2007-01-27 Christopher LiAnother attempt to fix the attribute parsing.
2007-01-27 Josh TriplettAdd missing #include "allocate.h" in linearize.h for...
2007-01-27 Josh TriplettCoding style fix: in a pointer type, * goes with the...
2007-01-27 Christopher LiEnhance debug information.
2007-01-27 Christopher LiAllow more than one command line include file.
2007-01-17 Christopher LiUpdate usage chain for dead branch instruction.
2007-01-17 Josh TriplettAdd a return in the last case of a switch; redundant...
2007-01-17 Christopher LiUpdate usage chain for dead instructions
2007-01-17 Christopher LiAdd instruction to pseudo user tracking.
2007-01-17 Christopher LiChange the symbol access list to a pseudo list
2007-01-17 Josh TriplettAdd ctags to .gitignore
2007-01-17 Christopher LiSparse-based Ctags implementation
2006-12-05 Josh TriplettRemove old SCCS target from Makefile.0.2
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovimplement #strong_undef
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovimplement #strong_define
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovprepare for #strong_{define,undef}
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovfix 'weak' attribute loss
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovfix redefine of #weak_define
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovkill NS_INVISIBLEMACRO, introduce NS_UNDEF
2006-12-05 Oleg Nesterovuse lookup_macro() in handle_undef()
2006-12-05 Pavel RoskinSupport -Wall flag
2006-12-05 Josh TriplettGenerate and install a pkg-config file. Add DESTDIR...
2006-12-05 Josh TriplettInstall static library and header files
2006-12-05 Josh TriplettRename "check.c" to "sparse.c" to match program name...
2006-12-05 Josh TriplettUpdate the FAQ: add sparse website and gitweb, update...
2006-12-05 Christopher Licleanup write to argument array hack
2006-12-05 Christopher Lidelay removing file scope
2006-11-28 Christopher LiFix warning on self check.
2006-11-28 Damien Lespiautrivial: more .gitignore stuff
2006-11-28 Christopher Litrivial fix for seg fault.
2006-11-21 Nicolas Kaiserdouble inclusions
2006-11-06 Josh TriplettStop building and installing libsparse.so0.1
2006-11-06 Pavel RoskinInstall cgcc on "make install", refactor installation...
2006-11-06 Josh TriplettRename test case bad-assignement.c to bad-assignment...
2006-11-06 Pavel RoskinTypo fixes
2006-11-06 Pavel RoskinAdd support for __builtin_strpbrk()
2006-11-06 Pavel RoskinCompile sparse executable under it's own name, not...
2006-10-24 Josh TriplettMerge branch 'context-test-cases-for-cond-lock' into...
2006-10-24 Josh TriplettAdd test cases to validation/context.c for the Linux...
2006-10-24 Al Viroswitch to hash-based get_one_special()
2006-10-24 Al Viroadded a bunch of gcc builtins
2006-10-17 Josh TriplettRecognize and ignore __alias__ and __visibility__
2006-10-17 Adam DiCarloAdd type information to enum mismatch warning
2006-10-17 Josh TriplettMerge branch 'Wcontext-default' into staging
2006-10-17 Josh Triplettmerge branch 'no-semantic-h' into staging and fix conflicts
2006-10-17 Josh Triplettmerge branch 'more-warning-flags' into staging and...
2006-10-17 Josh TriplettMerge branch 'graph' into staging
2006-10-17 Josh TriplettMerge branch 'fix-defined-twice-error-on-empty-struct...
2006-10-01 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...