2015-05-01 Dan Carpenterflow: add a new expr->parent struct membermaster
2015-04-27 Dan Carpenterfixup_kernel: hard code __spi_sync() returns.
2015-04-27 Dan Carpenterfixup_kernel: kmalloc() can allocate more data. Let...
2015-04-27 Oleg Drokincheck_locking.c: Fix annoying invisible read_unlock
2015-04-24 Dan Carpentersmatch_address: sort pointers into different ranges
2015-04-23 Dan Carpenterextra: remove some unused functions
2015-04-23 Dan Carpentersmatch.h: add the comparison hook
2015-04-22 Dan Carpentertype_to_str: fix a crashing bug
2015-04-22 Firo Yangsmatch.h: add estate_get_single_value() declaration
2015-04-13 Dan Carpenterignore_side_effects: get_child_rcu() double evaluates...
2015-04-09 Dan Carpenterimplied: use comparison information for implications
2015-04-09 Dan Carpentersmatch.h: move stree_stack declaration from smatch_slis...
2015-04-07 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: add __builtin_memset/memcpy()
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: handle returned struct members
2015-03-30 Dan Carpentercomparison: update a comment
2015-03-30 Dan update to reflect LIMIT/FILTER changes
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterunwind: add some null checks
2015-03-30 Dan Carpentertype: include smatch_slist.h to prevent a segfault
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterextra: don't set states to unknown at the beginning...
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterextra: don't set true false states if they are the...
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: add a hack around in compare_db_return_...
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterlist: add a comment about register_implications
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterparam_limit: handle struct members
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterstates: white space fix
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterconditions: ignore known/implied conditions
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterstrings: record string assignments
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterstruct_assignment: save a lot more information
2015-03-30 Dan Carpenterparam_limit/filter: fix a type bug
2015-03-30 Silvan Jegendb: Avoid dereferencing null pointer
2015-03-26 Dan Carpentercomparison: handle canonical for loops with variable...
2015-03-26 Dan Carpentercomparison: unsigned can not be less than zero
2015-03-26 Dan Carpenterflow: set __cur_stmt and __prev_stmt inside for loops
2015-03-26 Dan Carpentercomparison: merging equivalent states is not undefined
2015-03-26 Dan Carpentercomparison: fix an indent
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: fix up db_compare_callback()
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks, debug: print impossible returns if...
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterhelper: don't strip casting in get_array_offset()
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterlinks: export merge_link_states()
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterhelper: make expr_to_str() print forced casts
2015-03-20 Dan Carpentertype: make type_to_str() return a sname() buffer
2015-03-20 Dan Carpentermodification_hooks: set a variable as modified when...
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: tag it if a function sets parameters to...
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterstack: cleanup a function prototype
2015-03-20 Dan Carpenterderef_check: ignore arrays
2015-03-18 Dan Carpentertype: make sval_type_max() default to "long long"
2015-03-18 Dan Carpentertype: don't return SYM_NODE types from get_real_base_type()
2015-03-15 Dan Carpenterside_effects: the iterate_all_kinds() macro has side...
2015-03-15 Dan Carpenterunreachable: don't complain about iterate_all_kinds()
2015-03-13 Dan Carpenterflow: fix "foo += !bar;" assignments
2015-03-11 Dan Carpenterlib: handle -funsigned-char option
2015-03-10 Dan Carpenterkernel.ignore_side_effects: add some macros
2015-03-10 Dan Carpenterindenting: allow "break; case XXX:"
2015-03-05 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: mark sscanf() output as user data
2015-03-05 Dan Carpentermath, rl: fix handing division involving negative numbers
2015-03-05 Dan Carpentersval: fix sval_binop_overflows()
2015-03-05 Dan Carpenterprecedence: complain about "foo << bar - baz"
2015-03-04 Dan Carpenterflow: handle struct initialization better
2015-03-03 Dan Carpenterestate: add a NULL check in estates_equiv()
2015-03-03 Dan Carpenterparam_used: store when a parameter is used so we don...
2015-03-02 Dan Carpenterextra: ignore more __in_fake_assign data
2015-03-02 Dan Carpentercomparison: fix a crashing bug
2015-03-02 Dan Carpentertype: add an expr_signed() function that matches expr_u...
2015-02-26 Dan add functions to show functions implementing...
2015-02-26 Dan Carpenterextra: handle temporary shorthand pointers better
2015-02-26 Dan Carpenterdereferences_param: look for pointers used as an array
2015-02-26 Dan Carpentercheck_indenting: warn about missing curly braces and...
2015-02-24 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: add a comment
2015-02-24 Dan Carpentervalidation: correct some output
2015-02-24 Aaro Koskinenbuild: allow use of PKG_CONFIG to override pkg-config
2015-02-23 Dan Carpenterdb: build indexes faster
2015-02-23 Dan Carpenterslist: fix compile breakage
2015-02-23 Dan Carpenterkernel_printf: silence some false positives using smatc...
2015-02-23 Dan Carpenterstrings: record which strings are being used
2015-02-19 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: turn on skb->data tagging
2015-02-19 Dan Carpenterdb: rename FILTER_VALUE, LIMITED_VALUE, and ADDED_VALUE
2015-02-19 Dan Carpenterkernel_printf: silence some "struct sockaddr " false...
2015-02-19 Dan Carpentertype: add unions to type_to_str()
2015-02-18 Dan Carpentertype_value: speed up loading the database
2015-02-18 Dan Carpenter*new* return_cast: complain about return -EINVAL in...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterformat_string: delete this because check_kernel_printf...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: add some debug output
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterextra: cleanup db_param_add_set()
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterextra: separate PARAM_LIMIT and PARAM_FILTER
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: don't take a shortcut for "needless...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterhelper: introduce alloc_state_str()
2015-02-17 Dan Carpentermath: handle "if (likely(1)) {"
2015-02-17 Dan Carpentermath: fix/cleanup do_comparison()
2015-02-17 Dan Carpentercapped: don't record single values as capped in the...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterdb: export get_static_filter()
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: wrong parameter tagged as user data in...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: delete some code
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: strip away some casting (eliminates a false...
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: don't save unneeded states
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: don't save useless information in the database
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterstruct_assignment: ignore more fake assignments
2015-02-17 Dan Carpenterslist: fix debugging output
2015-02-16 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared, rosenberg: add underscored memset/cpy...
2015-02-16 Dan Carpenterparam_filter/set: don't record fake assignments
2015-02-16 Dan Carpenterslist, debugging: don't print ->possible list if there...
2015-02-16 Dan Carpentertype_val: add more stuff to ignore