10 days ago Dan Carpenterstates: remove an unused functionmaster
10 days ago Dan Carpenterdouble_checking: avoid more false positives
10 days ago Dan Carpenterdouble_checking: silence false positives caused by...
10 days ago Dan Carpenterdouble_checking: allow if (foo) { ... } else if (!foo...
10 days ago Dan Carpenterzero_to_err_ptr: calling PTR_ERR(NULL) is a probably...
10 days ago Dan update list of types
11 days ago Dan Carpentercheck_kernel: register this later
11 days ago Dan Carpentercheck_dma_mapping_error: The dma_mapping_error() functi...
11 days ago Dan Carpenterbuf_comparison: split the code up and move it around
12 days ago Dan Carpenterextra, db: don't use PARAM_VALUE for return states
13 days ago Dan Carpenterbuf_size: add kmap() and get_zeroed_page()
13 days ago Dan Carpenterbuf_size, strlen: don't use strlen() to determine the...
13 days ago Dan Carpenterstrlen: cleanup in get_implied_strlen()
13 days ago Dan Carpenterbuf_size, strlen: move strlen() handling to smatch_strlen.c
2015-08-15 Dan Carpenterextra: track array values
2015-08-15 Dan Carpenterstored_conditons: store the chunk as well as the var_sy...
2015-08-15 Dan Carpenterranges: add a missing cast in add_range_t()
2015-08-14 Dan Carpentervalidation: don't use uninitialized data
2015-08-14 Dan Carpentermodification_hook: record the modification expression
2015-08-12 Sudip Mukherjeekchecker: build already built directory
2015-08-11 Dan Carpentersmatch: remove the "loop could be replaced with if...
2015-08-11 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: unbreak this feature
2015-08-11 Dan print where the warnings are saved
2015-08-11 Dan Carpenterbuf_size, db: only store type_size if it is a pointer...
2015-08-10 Dan Carpenterstored_conditions, implied: use implications of previou...
2015-08-10 Dan Carpenterimplied: re-order where we calculate implications
2015-08-08 Dan Carpenteroverflow: silence glibc strcmp false positives with...
2015-08-05 Dan Carpenterimplied, ranges: use type promotion for comparisons
2015-08-05 Dan Carpenterranges: use NULL instead of zero
2015-08-04 Dan Carpenterderef_check, check_deref: only consider pointers
2015-08-03 Dan Carpenterstored_conditions: rename match_modify() to match_link_...
2015-08-03 Dan Carpentermath: fix an out of memory issue
2015-08-03 Dan Carpentermath: return a bit earlier in handle_binop_rl()
2015-07-31 Dan Carpenterimplied: we have to make the false states match as...
2015-07-31 Dan Carpentererr_ptr: use the actual values to silence false positives
2015-07-30 Dan Carpentercomparison: fix an oops
2015-07-30 Dan track kmalloced() vs .text data better
2015-07-30 Dan Carpenterextra: don't try to record the state for literals
2015-07-30 Dan Carpenterflow: add a ->parent member to statement structs
2015-07-30 Dan Carpenterranges: don't allow so many inverted ranges
2015-07-30 Dan Carpentertype: improve get_member_type_from_key()
2015-07-30 Dan Carpenterextra: handle arrays better using the chunk code
2015-07-29 Dan Carpentertype: make type_to_str() handle arrays better
2015-07-29 Dan Carpenterhelper: tiny cleanup in get_complication_score()
2015-07-28 Dan Carpenterimplied: fix bug handling unmatched implications
2015-07-28 Dan Carpenterextra: fix chunk handling a bit
2015-07-28 Dan Carpentervalidation: fix a test a bit
2015-07-27 Dan Carpenterderef_check: silence some false positives
2015-07-27 Dan Carpenterderef_check: remove unnecessary call to getting_address()
2015-07-27 Dan fix the rtlwifi hack
2015-07-25 Dan Carpenterunconstant_macros: add MAP_UNINITIALIZED
2015-07-23 Dan Carpenterptrlist: reading deleted items in NEXT_PTR_LIST()
2015-07-16 Dan Carpenterranges: fix how some ranges are joined together
2015-07-16 Dan Carpenterranges: avoid a possible integer overflow problem
2015-07-16 Dan Carpenterpointer_math: ALIGN is not bytes, but offsetof() and...
2015-07-16 Dan Carpenterpointer_math: don't complain if a pointer math operatio...
2015-07-16 Dan Carpenterpointer_math: silence false a ton of false positives
2015-07-14 Dan Carpenterchunk: improve expr_to_chunk_sym_vsl()
2015-07-14 Dan Carpenterhelper: improve get_complication_score()
2015-07-14 Dan Carpenterhelper: export get_complication_score()
2015-07-11 Dan Carpentertype: export is_local_variable()
2015-07-11 Dan Carpenterchunk: change the API a bit
2015-07-10 Dan Carpenterextra: start tracking "chunks" instead of just variables
2015-07-09 Dan Carpentermath: give up if calculating a value is too complicated
2015-07-08 Dan Carpenterimplied: turn off debug messages
2015-07-07 Dan Carpentercheck_list.h: move stored_condition_links next to store...
2015-07-07 Dan Carpenterflow: ignore arrays with over a 1000 elements
2015-07-06 Dan Carpenterdb/ hack around slow rtlwifi tests
2015-07-01 Dan Carpentercapped: use FOR_EACH_MY_SM()
2015-07-01 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: add skb_network_header()
2015-07-01 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: handle pointers to user data better
2015-07-01 Dan Carpenteruser_data: add kmap_atomic()
2015-07-01 Dan Carpenteruser_data: s/kmemdup_user/memdup_user/
2015-07-01 Dan Carpentertest_bit: add set_bit() and clear_bit() functions
2015-07-01 Dan Carpentercheck_deref: remove call to getting_address()
2015-06-30 Dan Carpenterestate: make clone_estate() take a NULL pointer
2015-06-30 Dan Carpenterwhitespace: change some spaces to tabs
2015-06-29 Dan Carpenterdebug: add some tools for developing the db parser...
2015-06-29 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: improve resizable struct handling
2015-06-29 Rasmus Villemoeseliminate some cats
2015-06-26 Dan Carpenterdb: fix a bug in split returns
2015-06-26 Dan Carpenterextra: introduce get_extra_state()
2015-06-26 Dan Carpentersmatch: change all remaining references from warns...
2015-06-26 Rasmus Villemoesprefix smatch generated files by smatch_
2015-06-26 Rasmus clean up .c.smatch files after cat
2015-06-26 Rasmus VillemoesDocumentation: make me less confused
2015-06-26 Rasmus fix hash/hash reference confusion
2015-06-23 Dan Carpenterkernel.ignored_macros: add SNIC_BUG_ON()
2015-06-10 Dan Carpenterunreachable: ignore list_for_each_entry_continue
2015-06-10 Dan Carpenterextra: handle x = (u8)y; correctly
2015-06-09 Dan Carpenterimplied: fix a leak
2015-06-09 Dan Carpentertype: handle typeof()
2015-06-09 Dan Carpentermath: handle __smatch_implied(&foo->bar) a little better
2015-06-09 Dan Carpenterassigned_expr: store it late
2015-06-09 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: fix validation/sm_compare15.c handling
2015-06-07 Dan Carpenterlocking: add new down_timeout() function
2015-06-07 Dan Carpentersmatch_address: fix compile
2015-06-07 Dan ignore some __vfs_write() calls
2015-06-07 Dan Carpenterfixup_kernel: update types
2015-06-05 Firo YangMakefile: eliminate a llvm-config build warning