2 days ago Dan Carpentermath: fix bug in bitwise ANDmaster
2 days ago Dan Carpenterimpossible: add the second register to check_list.h
2 days ago Dan Carpenterdb: split success/fail returns as best we can
2 days ago Dan Carpentermath: handle bitwise AND better (fix upper limit)
3 days ago Dan Carpenterflow: don't treat "x += foo();" as a function assignment
7 days ago Dan Carpenterderef: don't print warnings on impossible paths
8 days ago Dan Carpenterdebug: segfault using the --trace parameter
8 days ago Dan Carpentercore: improve is_array() and get_array_base()
10 days ago Dan Carpenterdebug: add --trace=variable_name option
10 days ago Dan Carpenterhelper: change "&*foo" to "foo" at the lowest levels
10 days ago Dan Carpenterdb, impossible: cull impossible paths
10 days ago Dan Carpentermath: use correct type
10 days ago Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: handle array assignments
10 days ago Dan Carpenterrecurse: fix has_variable()
10 days ago Dan Carpentertype: improve type_to_str() to handle SYM_NODE
10 days ago Dan Carpentertype: handle SYM_NODE better in get_pointer_type()
10 days ago Dan Carpentermath: introduce can_integer_overflow()
10 days ago Dan Carpentersval: type promote to int if the types are too small
10 days ago Dan Carpentersval: default to int type if the type is unknown
2014-12-10 Dan allow larger values in rw_verify_area()
2014-12-10 Dan Carpenterranges: cast to the correct type in possibly_true/false()
2014-12-10 Dan Carpenterparam_limit: don't print the limit if it's the same...
2014-12-09 Dan using LIMIT_VALUE instead of FILTER_VALUE
2014-12-09 Dan Carpenterparam_limit: add comments and clarifications
2014-12-09 Dan Carpentertype: pointers are unsigned
2014-12-08 Dan Carpenterhelper: in strip_expr() "*...
2014-12-08 Dan Carpenterimpossible: introduce is_impossible_path() to say if...
2014-12-08 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: remove impossible return states
2014-12-08 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks: improve how function assignments are...
2014-12-05 Dan Carpentertype_links: add it to check_list.h
2014-12-04 Dan Carpenterdb: use stripped expressions in get_variable_from_key()
2014-12-03 Dan Carpenterconditions: handle comma condtions
2014-12-03 Dan add TYPE_LINK and UNTRACKED_DATA
2014-12-03 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks,db: merge call_implies and return_states...
2014-12-03 Dan Carpenterfunction_hooks,db: calculate the return range based...
2014-12-02 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: update to reflect new code
2014-12-02 Dan Carpentervalidation: remove sm_redundant_check.c because we...
2014-12-01 Dan Carpentercore: introduce &ghost state
2014-12-01 Dan Carpenterlocking: add _raw_write_lock()
2014-12-01 Dan Carpenterflow: handle if (unlikely(1)) {
2014-12-01 Dan Carpenteruntracked_param: add a call back for when we lose track...
2014-12-01 Dan Carpenterflow: fix how CALL_HOOK_AFTER is called
2014-11-26 Dan Carpenterdb, annotate ksize()
2014-11-26 Dan Carpenterlocking: add _raw_write_unlock()
2014-11-25 Dan Carpenteruser_data: tag more functions as syscalls
2014-11-25 Dan Carpenterdb: create a script
2014-11-25 Dan Carpentersmatch: make the --no-db option work
2014-11-25 Dan Carpenterflow: 7777777777 was too long
2014-11-25 Dan Carpentersigned: fix some "0 can't fit into 9223372036854775807...
2014-11-25 Dan Carpenterfree: use expr_to_var() instead of expr_to_var_sym...
2014-11-25 Dan Carpenterdb: change format from "$$->foo" to "$->foo"
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterdb: pass "INTERNAL" to caller_info callbacks
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterdb: cleanup caller_info_callback() a little
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterdb: boost the allowable return_states count to 3000...
2014-11-24 Dan Carpentertype_val: improve the type/value information in the...
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterbuf_size, db: don't store redundant information
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: given and array and an offset then return...
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterfunction_ptr: handle get_from__symbol_get()
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterfunction_ptr: tweak how (*(foo->bar))() is handled
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterflow: handle comma assigns correctly. "foo = (3, 4);"
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterhooks: add a FUNCTION_CALL_HOOK_AFTER hook
2014-11-24 Dan Carpentersval: update sval_is_a_max() to handle the new valid...
2014-11-24 Dan Carpentercore: make the valid pointer range 4096-7777777777
2014-11-24 Dan Carpenterdelete the check_redundant_null_check.c
2014-11-19 Dan Carpenterdb: build a new db first then overwrite the old one
2014-11-18 Dan CarpenterREADME: point to the Documentation/ directory
2014-11-18 Dan CarpenterDocumentation: delete README-smatch, move README to...
2014-11-17 Dan Carpenterdb,caller_info: make some pattern matching more precise
2014-11-17 Dan Carpenterextra,free: introduce parent_is_gone()
2014-11-17 Dan Carpentersmdb: print call_imples information along with return_s...
2014-11-13 Dan Carpenterkchecker: let people build a full directory
2014-11-13 Dan Carpenterkchecker: fix the option ordering
2014-11-13 Dan Carpenterkchecker: add an --endian option
2014-11-12 Dan CarpenterDocumentation: say that warnings are stored in warns.txt
2014-11-11 Dan Carpenterhelper: segfault because of strip_expr()
2014-11-08 Dan Carpenterbuffer_too_small_for_struct: a variable size buffer...
2014-11-08 Dan Carpenterdocumentation/smatch.txt: add some docs on building...
2014-11-07 Dan Carpentertype_val: fake + fake is fake
2014-11-07 Dan Carpentervalidation, struct_assignment: add some tests
2014-11-07 Dan Carpenterstrip_expr: strip out known true false conditionals
2014-11-07 Dan add ARRAY_LEN
2014-11-07 Dan Carpenterdb, fixup_kernel: add vmalloc() return information
2014-11-06 Dan Carpentercore: s64max is not a valid pointer
2014-11-06 Dan Carpenterstring_len: check calls like strcpy(buf + 1, src, size);
2014-11-06 Dan Carpentercapable: track which functions are only called under...
2014-11-06 Dan Carpentertype: make type_to_str() print function types
2014-11-06 Dan Carpentertype: don't crash trying to print pointer types
2014-11-06 Dan Carpenterdebug: add __smatch_type() which prints the type of...
2014-11-06 Dan Carpentertype: type_to_str() should take a type parameter
2014-11-05 Dan Carpenterflow, db: fake an unknown return if the function is...
2014-11-05 Dan Carpenterdb,extra: fixes to param filtering
2014-11-05 Dan Carpenterdebug: add a function to do intersections
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterdb, ranges: introduce long_min/max values
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterkernel, db: pretend pci functions can't return PCIBIOS_...
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterdb, kernel: when kmalloc() succeeds that implies the...
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterdb: do the comparison against the split apart returns
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterdb: split function call returns if we can
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterflow: handle backwards goto hooks
2014-11-04 Dan Carpenterflow: function declarations are not function definitions
2014-10-31 Dan Carpenterreturn_enomem: re-write without using return_implies_st...