2014-07-14 Dan Carpenterdb: fix runtime breakagemaster
2014-07-11 Dan Carpenterdereferences_param: add more dereferenced variables
2014-06-20 Dan Carpenterranges: remove unneeded NULL check
2014-06-20 Dan Carpentertype_val: store fake assignments in a slightly differen...
2014-06-20 Dan Carpenterparam_set/filter: don't print less useless information
2014-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: fixup after call_implies changes
2014-06-19 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: handle direct assignments
2014-06-19 Dan Carpenterdb: make call_implies match caller_info with a key...
2014-06-18 Dan fix test for if a datatype is known
2014-06-12 Dan Carpenterassigned_expression: get the assigned expression using...
2014-06-12 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: handle struct to struct assignments
2014-06-12 Dan Carpenterdata/kernel.sizeof_param.remove: add __dynamic_pr_debug()
2014-05-29 Dan Carpenterstruct_assignment: introduce get_faked_expression()
2014-05-29 Dan Carpenterstruct_assignment: handle memcpy(foo, ...) where foo...
2014-05-29 Dan Carpentermath: be more ambitious handling right shifts
2014-05-28 Dan Carpenteruser_data: kstrtoul() and friends should taint data...
2014-05-28 Dan Carpenterextra: more limits on which variables are equivalent
2014-05-27 Dan Carpenterdb: get return states from function pointers if possible
2014-05-23 Dan Carpenterpropagate: remove validation test because we removed...
2014-05-22 Dan Carpenterslist: introduce merge_fake_stree()
2014-05-22 Dan Carpenterunreachable: silence "not actually initialized" false...
2014-05-22 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: fix some false positives
2014-05-16 Dan Carpenterdebug: introduce __smatch_debug_check() to debug a...
2014-05-14 Dan Carpenter*new* check_no_if_block: sometimes the if block is...
2014-05-13 Dan Carpenterunconstant_macros: add VM_SOFTDIRTY
2014-05-07 Dan Carpentertype: introduce is_string()
2014-05-07 Dan Carpenteruser_data: introduce implied_user_data()
2014-05-07 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: refactor match_copy_to_user()
2014-05-07 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: check many more functions instead of just...
2014-05-07 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: add memzero() to clear functions
2014-05-06 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: memzero() clears the parameter
2014-05-05 Dan Carpenterdb: split all boolean functions into one and zero strees
2014-05-05 Dan Carpenterclear_buffer: remove this code
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterparam_cleared: this shouldn't depend on --info
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterlocking: update validation to the new error formation
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterlocking: update error format
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterstruct_assignment: fix how smatch handles foo = NULL;
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: prepare to check pointers to structs as...
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: check for holes at the end of the struct
2014-05-02 Dan Carpenterrosenberg: this check is kernel specific
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: turn it on by default
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterhelper: introduce get_prev_statement() (fix the build).
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: add watchdog() to kernel.no_return_funcs...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: don't print a warning if we jump to the...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: ignore unreachable code right after an...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: turn off backward labeled warnings
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: add some more macros to the .ignore and...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterflow: merge continues before the iterator_post_statemen...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterflow: handle post op return statements like: return...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: ignore some conditionally unreachable...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: ignore common false positives caused by...
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: ignore unreachable code after BUG()
2014-04-25 Dan Carpenterunreachable: move it out of smatch_flow.c and smatch_st...
2014-04-24 Dan Carpenteravl: fix failing "stree->stree_id == 0" assert
2014-04-24 Dan Carpenteroverflow: don't warn if we overflow use buffers
2014-04-16 Dan Carpentersmatch_type: never refer to ->bit_size directly
2014-04-14 Dan Carpenterdb: function with too many pointers to it cause slow...
2014-04-11 Dan Carpenterdb: rename db_callback to caller_info_callback
2014-04-10 Dan Carpenterpropagate: delete this test
2014-04-10 Dan Carpenterstored_conditions: don't store constants
2014-04-10 Dan CarpenterMerge git://git./devel/sparse/chrisl/sparse into merge
2014-04-03 Linus TorvaldsFix error at anoymous unions
2014-04-03 Hans VerkuilAdd test case for the ioc type check
2014-04-03 Hans VerkuilAdd test case for anonymous union initializer
2014-04-03 Hans VerkuilAdd test case for extern array
2014-04-01 Linus TorvaldsUse any previous initializer to size a symbol
2014-04-01 Linus TorvaldsAdd warning about duplicate initializers
2014-04-01 John KeepingSupport GCC's transparent unions
2014-04-01 John Keepingevaluate: split out implementation of compatible_assign...
2014-04-01 John Keepingvalidation/sizeof-bool: fix broken test case
2014-03-07 Dan Carpenterstates: add another read_only check
2014-03-07 Dan Carpentermissing_break: use fewer states
2014-03-07 Dan Carpenteravl: add a counter for when you allocate or free a...
2014-03-07 Dan Carpenterslist, returns: introduce merge_stree_no_pools()
2014-03-07 Dan Carpenterunconstant_macros: allow (foo ...
2014-03-07 Dan Carpenterbuf_size: allow strncmp("foo", bar, 100) where 100...
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterparam_set: only record parameters
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterextra: ignore struct to struct assignments
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterimplied: add the stree_id to debug output
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterclear_buffer: delete an unused function
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterclear_buffer: delete obsolete code to handle struct...
2014-03-06 Dan Carpentercomparison: don't record that actual structs are equivalent
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterassigned_expr: don't store fake assignments
2014-03-06 Dan Carpenterdebug: change __smatch_cur_slist() to __smatch_cur_stree()
2014-03-05 Dan Carpenterstates: don't __unnullify_path unnecessarily
2014-03-05 Dan Carpenterimplied: smatch was saying somethings were implied...
2014-02-28 Dan Carpenterstree: fix a bunch of stree leaks
2014-02-28 Dan Carpenterstates: merge nullify_all_states() into save_all_states()
2014-02-27 Joe Perchessparse: Allow override of sizeof(bool) warning
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterstree: make strees copy on write
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterstree: move stree_id into the avl root
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterslist: rename slist_id to stree_id.
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenteravl: introduce FOR_EACH_MY_SM() and callers
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterkunmap: update validation file
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterflow: fixes for hairy functions
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterextra: fix unknown += assignments
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterimplied: add a newline to output
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterstored_conditions: store comparisons and not logicals
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterdb: fix nested call handling
2014-02-27 Dan Carpenterkunmap: tidy up error message