2013-04-07 Stefan BeckerRelease 1.15.1 -- Bug Fixes I1.15.1
2013-04-06 Stefan Beckertransport: reset subscribed flag for reauthentication
2013-04-05 Stefan Beckerupdate files in preparation for next release
2013-04-04 Stefan BeckerFix #190: SIP 407 response rejected with invalid messag...
2013-04-04 Michael LambMerge branch 'mlamb-experimental' into mob
2013-04-04 Michael Lambadium: Fixing "separation of concerns" violations
2013-04-03 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (hu)
2013-04-03 Michael Lambadium: Fixes in prep for 1.15.1 release
2013-03-31 Stefan Beckercontrib: add execute flag on valgrind log analyzer
2013-03-29 Stefan Beckercore: also update About text
2013-03-29 Stefan Beckeri18n: update bug tracker URL in script
2013-03-29 Stefan Beckerdocumentation: update descriptions & URLs
2013-03-28 Stefan Beckercontrib: add simple valgrind log analyzer
2013-03-27 Stefan Beckertransport: fix use-after-free accesses
2013-03-27 Stefan Beckersvc: use authuser for l.m.c if set
2013-03-26 Stefan Beckercore: add git version if available
2013-03-26 Stefan BeckerOBS: sync with latest versions
2013-03-24 Stefan Beckertransport: clear address_data with service_data
2013-03-16 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (ro)
2013-03-15 Stefan Beckerntlm: add a message analyzer tool
2013-03-15 Stefan Beckercore: add SIPE version to debug log
2013-03-15 Stefan Beckersecurity: set private flags acquire_cred_func()
2013-03-12 Michael Lambadium: Get bundle version strings from preprocessor...
2013-03-12 Michael LambMerge branch 'mob' of git+ssh://
2013-03-12 Michael Lambadium: Pull in version number from GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEF...
2013-03-12 Jakub AdamDon't use my work email in AUTHORS
2013-03-11 Michael LambMerge branch 'mob' of git+ssh://
2013-03-09 Stefan BeckerRelease 1.15.0 -- Authentication & Autodiscovery Update1.15.0
2013-03-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix crash in debug printing
2013-03-08 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix Coverity warnings in NTLM code
2013-03-08 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (cs, fr...
2013-03-08 Jochen De SmetInclude sip-sec-negotiate
2013-03-08 Michael Lambadium: General fixes in preparation for release
2013-03-07 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2013-03-07 Stefan BeckerFeature #3607040: Simple button to disable calendar...
2013-03-07 Stefan Beckertelepathy: restore copying of username when login is...
2013-03-07 Stefan Beckerpurple: restore copying of username when login is empty
2013-03-07 Stefan Beckercore: move SSO from flag to sipe_core_allocate()
2013-03-06 Stefan Beckerpurple: add missing space in author list
2013-03-06 Stefan Beckerpurple: update description & author plugin strings
2013-03-05 Michael Lambadium: Display properly sized image for all icon types
2013-03-05 Stefan Beckerupdate files in preparation for next release
2013-03-05 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (cs, fr...
2013-03-05 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix SSPI NTLM
2013-03-05 Stefan Beckersecurity: add more debugging to create context
2013-03-04 Stefan Beckertransport: drop sip.DOMAIN:5061 from auto-discovery
2013-03-04 Stefan Beckerpurple: ignore spurious "can write" events during close
2013-03-04 Stefan Beckertransport: don't use IP address from DNS A resolve
2013-03-04 Stefan Beckerpurple: fix compilation without SSPI & Kerberos
2013-03-03 Stefan Beckerpurple: make it compile against 3.0.X API
2013-03-03 Stefan BeckerOBS: replace OS specific with feature specific .dsc's
2013-03-03 Stefan Beckertls-dsk: allow password-less configurations
2013-03-03 Stefan Beckermingw: enable TLS-DSK for SSPI version
2013-03-03 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix libkrb5 flagging for Windows
2013-03-02 Stefan BeckerFeature #3594094: Add HTTPS to autodiscover probe
2013-03-02 Stefan Beckercore: ignore authentication settings for Single Sign-On
2013-03-01 Stefan Beckersecurity: public & mechanism API cleanup
2013-03-01 Michael Lambadium: Updated README for correct build steps
2013-03-01 Stefan Beckeradium: fix distcheck failure
2013-03-01 Michael Lambgit: Adding .gitignore entries
2013-02-28 Michael Lambadium/purple: Better solution to auto-detect for Adium
2013-02-28 Michael Lambadium: Clean-up prior to next release
2013-02-28 Stefan Beckerpurple: improve Adium server hack
2013-02-28 Harris P. KauffmanThe Adium client does not allow for an account to be...
2013-02-28 Jochen De SmetMinor fixups
2013-02-27 Stefan Beckerpurple: Single Sign-On default must be OFF
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckersecurity: initialize security context for Negotiate
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckersecurity: acquire credentials for Negotiate
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckersecurity: constructor & destructor for Negotiate
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckerhttp: always use Negotiate when possible
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckersecurity: add module for Negotiate scheme
2013-02-26 Stefan Beckersecurity: improve Kerberos w/o Single Sign-On & SSPI
2013-02-25 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2013-02-25 Stefan Beckerupdate ChangeLog
2013-02-25 Stefan Beckerhttp: fix crash after redirect
2013-02-25 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix memory leaks in SSPI
2013-02-25 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix init context for HTTP in SSPI
2013-02-25 Michael LambAdded custom User-Agent string to account view controller
2013-02-25 Michael LambAdded custom User-Agent string support. First pass...
2013-02-25 Michael LambAdding PurpleDefaultsSIPE.plist so Adium will stop...
2013-02-25 Michael LambMerge branch 'fixXCode' into mob
2013-02-25 Michael LambFixing the Xcode project file so that it builds cleanly...
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix target name memory leak in Kerberos
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckerhttp: add debug info for security context init
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckersecurity: remove domain extraction from Kerberos
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckersecurity: simplify Single Sign-On handling in SSPI
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckersecurity: simplify mechanism code in SSPI
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckerhttp: simplify Single Sign-On handling
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckersecurity: allow / and \ as Kerberos realm seperators
2013-02-24 Stefan Beckercalendar: allow / and \ as domain seperators
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix TLS-DSK authentication
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckerhttp: fix Single Sign-On handling
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: remove flagging for krb5_get_error_message()
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: fix memory leaks in Kerberos scheme
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: Kerberos init step can be called multiple...
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: don't use printf() for debugging
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: remove sip_sec_init_context()
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckersecurity: remove SIP_SEC_I_CONTINUE_NEEDED
2013-02-23 Stefan Beckertransport: remove special handling for NTLM
2013-02-22 Stefan Beckersecurity: implement is_ready flag for all schemes