2012-12-16 Stefan BeckerRelease 1.14.0 -- Buddy photo & ADFS support, Web Ticke... 1.14.0
2012-12-15 Stefan Beckerpurple: make it compile against 3.0.x API
2012-12-11 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (tr)
2012-12-10 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (cs, fr...
2012-12-08 Stefan Beckerupdate files in preparation for next release
2012-12-08 Stefan BeckerOBS: only update .debian.tar.gz when necessary
2012-12-08 Stefan BeckerOBS: DRY removal: reuse contrib/debian files
2012-12-08 Stefan BeckerOBS: fix telepathy-glib version for 12.04 & 12.10
2012-12-08 Stefan Beckercontrib: update debian files
2012-12-08 Stefan Beckercontrib: move control.maemo to own directory
2012-12-07 Stefan Beckergroupchat: only retry once
2012-12-06 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2012-12-03 Stefan BeckerOBS: fix distro specific .dsc files
2012-12-02 Stefan BeckerOBS: add .dsc file for Ubuntu 12.10
2012-12-02 Stefan BeckerFeature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be...
2012-12-02 Stefan Beckercore: move SIP transport auth type to public API
2012-12-01 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix two Coverity warnings
2012-12-01 Stefan Beckerwebticket: cache ADFS token
2012-12-01 Stefan Beckerwebticket: only retrieve RealmInfo once
2012-11-28 Jakub Adamnotify: remove nested sbuddy variables in process_incom...
2012-11-28 Jakub Adamnotify: fix segfault when we got presence of a buddy...
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckerwebticket: convert token booleans to state
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckerwebticket: fix token extraction from ADFS response
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckersvc: add wst:KeyType to ADFS request
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckersvc: drop Passport extension for multiple tokens
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckersvc: allow different content types
2012-11-27 Stefan Beckerwebticket: implement support for ADFS setup
2012-11-27 Stefan BeckerMerge branch 'mob' of git+ssh://
2012-11-26 Jakub Adammedia: don't repeat ICE version in sipe_core_media_conn...
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckerwebticket: implement queueing
2012-11-21 Stefan BeckerFix #3580212: Connection drops after a few hours
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckerwebticket: store expiration time for cached tokens
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckertls-dsk: extract expires value from TLS certificate
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckerwebticket: implement caching
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix compilation against glib2 >= 2.34
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckerwebticket: factor out callback execution
2012-11-21 Stefan Beckercore: fix addressbook URI memory leak
2012-11-19 Stefan Beckermingw: update fetch script to Pidgin 2.10.6
2012-11-18 Stefan Beckerwebticket: add detection for ADFS setup
2012-11-18 Stefan Beckerwebticket: request RealmInfo for WsFedBearer
2012-11-18 Stefan Beckerwebticket: factor out l.m.c attempts
2012-11-18 Stefan Beckerwebticket: extract Passport failure message
2012-11-18 Stefan Beckerwebticket: add failure message to callback
2012-10-14 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (nl)
2012-10-12 Stefan BeckerRevert "purple: make password entry optional if using...
2012-10-11 William Readingpurple: make password entry optional if using kerberos
2012-09-28 Stefan Beckerpurple: fix build break
2012-09-28 Patrick ClokeMSVC compatibility for Instantbird.
2012-09-25 Stefan BeckerOBS: fix unresolvable BR on openSUSE_Factory
2012-09-25 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement avatar interface
2012-09-24 Stefan BeckerOBS: sync with latest versions
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement persistent photo cache
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement emit contact info update
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckerbuddy: add backend API to refresh properties
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement contact info interface functions
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix crash in TpDBusPropertiesMixin
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: hook up backend API for buddy info fields
2012-09-24 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add contact info interface
2012-09-19 Daniel AtallahUse the account-contextual dns query functions even...
2012-09-16 Jakub Adambuddy: allow to disable photo functionality on a per...
2012-09-16 Jakub Adambuddy: fix memory leak in sipe_backend_buddy_set_photo...
2012-09-16 Jakub Adammedia: don't use OC2007 fallback mode with test call bot
2012-09-16 Jakub Adamsdpmsg: add TCP setup attributes to SDP message
2012-09-16 Jakub Adamsdpmsg: fix TCP relay candidates in ICE draft6 compatib...
2012-09-16 Jochen De SmetAdd stub photo functions to fix miranda compilation
2012-09-16 Jochen De SmetRemove return from void function
2012-09-16 Jochen De SmetMerge branch 'mob' of git+ssh://
2012-09-12 Stefan Beckerconfigure: set GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED == 2.28
2012-09-12 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix compilation error in search code
2012-09-12 Stefan Beckernotify: process addedContact elements in roaming contacts
2012-09-11 Stefan Beckergroup: improve set buddy alias core API
2012-09-11 Stefan Beckernotify: process deletedGroup elements in roaming contacts
2012-09-11 Stefan Beckernotify: process addedGroup elements in roaming contacts
2012-09-11 Stefan Beckernotify: re-order processing of modifiedContact
2012-09-10 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement incoming buddy alias updates
2012-09-10 Stefan Beckercore: process incoming changes for roaming contacts
2012-09-10 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement remaining buddy alias backend API
2012-09-10 Stefan Beckertelepathy: forward alias changes to core
2012-09-10 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement buddy status handling
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: complete contact search channel implementation
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: complete contact search channel state handling
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckercore: improve core/backend search API
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckerosc2007: fix build error when V&V is disabled
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: raise BR for telepathy-glib to 0.18.0
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckerocs2007: DRY removal of status tokens
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: make contact search channel work
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add contact search channel
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: simplify telepathy_buddy_entry handling
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add aliasing interface for contacts
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: raise BR for telepathy-glib to 0.14.0
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement some sipe_backend_buddy_XXX()...
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add contact group list interface
2012-09-09 Stefan BeckerOBS: really disable telepathy for mingw builds
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add contact list class to connection
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: add contacts mixin to connection class
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: fix crash from read_completed during flush
2012-09-09 Stefan Beckertelepathy: implement own status handling
2012-09-08 Jakub Adammedia: set "In a conference" status when audio conferen...
2012-09-08 Jakub Adammedia: add sipe_media_is_conference_call()
2012-09-08 Jakub Adammedia: set "In a call" status when media call is in...