2011-08-29 Anibal AvelarUpdated to release
2011-08-28 Jakub Adaml10n: sync translations with (es, pt_BR)
2011-08-27 Stefan BeckerFix #3399007: Crash when sipe_cal_working_hours->days_o...
2011-08-26 Stefan Beckerpurple: add simple source upward compatibility path
2011-08-26 Stefan Beckerpurple: make it compile against 3.0.x API (part 2)
2011-08-26 Stefan Beckerpurple: make it compile against 3.0.x API
2011-08-26 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (fr)
2011-08-03 Jakub Adammedia: drop support for ms-early-media
2011-07-10 Jakub Adamabout: update Transifex URL
2011-07-07 Matthew DugganUpdate Adium plugin files to keep it compiling
2011-07-06 Jakub Adamconf: fix possible segfault in sipe_conf_cancel_unaccep...
2011-07-06 Jakub Adammedia: do not ask to accept conference call that we...
2011-06-29 Jakub Adammedia: when session connection information IP differs...
2011-06-29 Jakub Adammedia: fix unconfirmed stream counting
2011-06-29 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: Handle messages with wrong callid
2011-06-25 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with (nb)
2011-06-22 Stefan Beckercontrib: raise glib2-devel BR for "--with vv"
2011-06-22 Stefan Beckercontrib: fix typos in RPM SPEC
2011-06-22 Stefan BeckerOBS: Add gstreamer-devel to the RPM SPEC file
2011-06-19 Jakub Adaml10n: sync translations with
2011-06-19 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2011-06-14 Jochen De SmetDepurple sipe_group_buddy
2011-06-14 Jochen De SmetMove slist_insert_unique_sorted to sipe-utils
2011-06-13 Stefan Beckerpresence: correctly detect multiple points of presence
2011-06-11 Jochen De SmetUpdate miranda files
2011-06-11 Stefan Beckerconfigure: correctly check for media BRs
2011-06-11 Stefan Beckermedia: Fix uninitialized variable compilation errors
2011-06-11 Jakub Adammedia: removed patches released in pidgin 2.8.0 and...
2011-06-11 Jakub Adamconfigure: require libpurple >= 2.8.0 for voice and...
2011-06-11 Jakub Adamconfigure: use PURPLE prefix in PKG_CHECK_MODULES
2011-06-11 Stefan Beckerpurple: add clarifying comment to network code
2011-06-11 Stefan Beckernetwork: cleanup after last commit
2011-06-11 Jochen De SmetMake sipe-ft use sipe_backend_network_ip_address like...
2011-06-08 Jochen De SmetDepurple group rename and group remove
2011-06-07 Jochen De SmetMove group-related functions to sipe-group.{h,c}
2011-06-06 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: do not process incoming invite in "ms...
2011-06-03 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: Do not use raw file descriptors in sipe...
2011-06-03 Stefan BeckerFeature #3311026: Support for HTTP/1.1 Transfer-Encodin...
2011-06-03 Stefan Beckerincoming: fix double de-allocate on delayed invite...
2011-06-03 Stefan Beckerim: trigger delayed invite response when user sends...
2011-06-03 Stefan Beckerincoming: use unique name for delayed invite response...
2011-06-02 Stefan support alternative repository URL
2011-06-02 Stefan Beckerincoming: implement delayed invite response
2011-06-02 Stefan Beckerincoming: factor out invite response generation code
2011-06-01 Stefan Beckerpresence: detect multiple points of presence
2011-05-27 Stefan Beckerconfigure: media requires glib2 >= 2.28.0
2011-05-27 Jochen De SmetUpdated miranda files from libsipe repo after syncup...
2011-05-06 Stefan Beckerfix autoconf 2.68 AC_LANG_PROGRAM warnings
2011-05-06 Stefan BeckerFix #3267073: False "could not be delivered" errors
2011-05-05 Stefan Beckerpurple: make it compile against 2.8.x API
2011-05-04 Stefan Beckergroupchat: fix broken XML generated for line breaks
2011-05-04 Stefan Beckerim: fix response/timeout for multiparty/conference...
2011-04-25 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2011-04-19 Jakub Adamconf: allow to reject incoming AV conference call ...
2011-04-19 Jakub Adamcore: Make get_buddy_alias() non-static
2011-04-17 Jakub Adamuser: add API for displaying queries to the user
2011-04-14 Jakub Adamconf: revert most of 0db497786f492e352a935e4986b2686daa...
2011-04-12 Jakub Adammedia: refresh pidgin_media_dynamic_av.patch
2011-04-11 Jakub AdamFix "variable 'x' set but not used" gcc 4.6 warnings
2011-04-03 Jakub Adamtransport: search also ms-diagnostics-public for login...
2011-04-03 Jakub Adamsipmsg: add sipmsg_get_ms_diagnostics_public_reason()
2011-04-03 Jakub Adamcore: moved repeating code to sipmsg_parse_warning()
2011-04-01 Jakub Adamconf: allow to reject incoming AV conference call
2011-03-31 Stefan Beckerl10n: sync translations with
2011-03-29 Jakub Adamconf: allow to join scheduled conference
2011-03-29 Jakub Adamutils: move sipmsg_uri_unescape() to sipe-utils.h
2011-03-29 Jakub Adammedia: Updated media patches README
2011-03-29 Jakub Adamcore: fix documentation for sipe_core_media_connect_con...
2011-03-29 Jakub Adamcore: Moved repeating code to sipmsg_get_ms_diagnostics...
2011-03-21 Jakub AdamUpdated media patches README
2011-03-19 Stefan Beckeri18n: document Transifex update procedure
2011-03-19 Stefan Beckeri18n: add a fixup script for pidgin-sipe.pot
2011-03-18 Stefan Beckeri18n: fix make check failure
2011-03-17 Jakub Adamim: show conversation subject of IM sessions
2011-03-15 Jakub Adammedia: allow to reject added video without dropping...
2011-03-13 Jakub Adammedia: handle incompatible codecs
2011-03-13 Jakub Adammedia: wait for active remote candidates for all components
2011-03-13 Jakub Adammedia: support dynamic addition and removal of video...
2011-03-04 Stefan BeckerFix #3198585: Extra line breaks
2011-03-04 Stefan Beckersipmsg: remove internal functions from API
2011-02-28 Stefan Beckerfiletransfer: more header cleanup
2011-02-27 Stefan Beckerft: re-add some of the removed #include lines
2011-02-26 Stefan Beckeri18n: add sipe-ft-tftp.c to
2011-02-26 Jakub Adammedia: updated media-patches README
2011-02-26 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: implemented Connectivity: N and Sender...
2011-02-26 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: PurpleXfer can now be used directly as
2011-02-26 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: split ft negotiation over SIP and TFTP...
2011-02-25 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: update outdated documentation
2011-02-25 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: move sipe_backend_network_listen_range...
2011-02-24 Jakub Adamutils: add sipe_utils_ip_is_private()
2011-02-24 Jakub Adamfiletransfer: extracted usage of purple_network_listen_...
2011-02-18 Stefan Beckerconfigure: add -Wunused-but-set-variable compiler warning
2011-02-13 Jakub Adammedia: MSOC 2007 compatibility refactor II
2011-02-13 Jakub Adamtransport: add utility function sip_transaction_cseq()
2011-02-13 Jakub Adammedia: MSOC 2007 compatibility refactor I : removed...
2011-02-13 Stefan BeckerFeature #3179578: libxml2-dev missing in build doc
2011-02-03 Stefan Beckerrefactor dangling IM session handling code
2011-02-03 Stefan BeckerFix #3156430: Messages not Delivered (4th attempt)
2011-02-02 Matthew DugganAdd new file sipe-im.c to project
2011-01-31 Stefan BeckerRevert "Attempt to fix segfault on invalid services...