2007-10-27 Blake Mizeranyremove irrelevant warningsoldorigin/HEAD
2007-10-27 Blake MizeranyUpdating rdoc
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyAlways re-raise errors when testing
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyShow errors and exit instead of letting the server...
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyUpdated tests
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyMUCH LOVE for testing
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyPATCH (Benjamin Birnbaum): HAML Layouts fixed
2007-10-26 Blake Mizeranycookie helpers
2007-10-26 Blake Mizeranyusing Rack's Response to leverage it's code
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyAllow before and after_attend events to put themselves...
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyFIX: Removing sessions
2007-10-26 Blake MizeranyLoading vendor directories after the environment is set
2007-10-23 Blake Mizeranygetting ready for releasev0.1.7
2007-10-23 Blake MizeranyDiscontinuing use of production/staging/test config...
2007-10-23 Blake MizeranyFIX: StaticEvents should ignore directories during...
2007-10-15 Blake Mizeranyrequire users vendor directory on loadorigin/masterv0.1.6
2007-10-08 Blake Mizeranyreleasing fixes with mutex and before-filter additionsv0.1.5
2007-10-08 Blake Mizeranybefore-filters with docs
2007-10-07 Blake MizeranyOptional mutex lock
2007-10-07 Blake MizeranyFIX:
2007-10-07 Blake MizeranyFIX:
2007-10-07 Blake Mizeranyignores
2007-10-05 Blake Mizeranysite updated for digg
2007-10-05 Blake Mizeranyremove hoe dependency
2007-10-05 Blake Mizeranydon't show what the editor returns in irb
2007-10-05 Blake Mizeranylink to docs
2007-10-05 Blake Mizeranythank yous
2007-10-04 Blake Mizeranydocs
2007-10-04 Blake MizeranyUpdated and working!
2007-10-04 Blake Mizeranyno longer used
2007-10-04 Blake MizeranyFIX: Forgot to move result_info into Irb only area
2007-10-04 Blake MizeranyERR: Irb only methods belong in irb only.
2007-10-04 Blake MizeranyUse mate or show! in irb to open in EDITOR
2007-10-03 Blake MizeranyPUT and DELETE working
2007-10-02 Blake Mizeranyupdated
2007-10-02 Blake MizeranyTurn sessions on or off
2007-10-02 Blake Mizeranythis comes free with Echoe
2007-10-02 Blake Mizerany* Pretty up default pages
2007-10-02 Blake Mizeranylayouts in dsl
2007-10-01 Blake MizeranyRendering refactoring with layouts
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... Remove log task
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... don't include logs
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... todo started
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... redirect
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... hello world
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... error page
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... * serving static files for real now. ;)
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... haml lives
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... cookie sessions
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... merged
2007-09-25 blake.mizerany... * Only add :format to routes if otherwise not explicitl...
2007-09-18 blake.mizerany... configs
2007-09-17 blake.mizerany... reload! helper for irb
2007-09-17 blake.mizerany... serving static files
2007-09-17 blake.mizerany... testing urls
2007-09-17 blake.mizerany... urls are ready
2007-09-14 blake.mizerany... respond_to
2007-09-12 blake.mizerany... udpated
2007-09-12 blake.mizerany... don't worry about this for now
2007-09-12 blake.mizerany... returns block body if body is never called
2007-09-12 blake.mizerany... * silence warnings or reload
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... * If given format on path, extract and set in params...
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... taking out for now
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... * Pretty Urls
2007-09-11 a_user@mac.comChanged the body method to accept blocks as well as...
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... * custom 404
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... fixed Irb errors
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... only reload files in dev
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... taking params
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... better for irb
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... Sexy IRB!!!
2007-09-11 blake.mizerany... * README w/MIT
2007-09-09 blake.mizerany... * loader is working!
2007-09-09 blake.mizerany... refactoring
2007-09-09 blake.mizerany... * after filters
2007-09-08 blake.mizerany... this is it