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Shapes, a powerful functional drawing language with LaTeX support
2016-02-06 Henrik TidefeltUpdating the changelog in the VERSION file, and version... maintmaster0.7.0
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2 years ago 0.7.0 This release is mainy about namespa...
4 years ago Maintenance release.
7 years ago Important maintenance release.
7 years ago Maintenance release.
8 years ago 0.6.0 Bringing in FreeType and fontconfig...
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8 years ago 0.5.2 Now supporting native include of...
8 years ago This is a bugfix release.
8 years ago This is a bugfix release.
8 years ago 0.5.1 A minor version increment with...
9 years ago This release combines compatibility...
9 years ago 0.4.3 This release comes with many long...
9 years ago (Celebrating Gustaf's thirtieth...
9 years ago 0.4.2 Changes in this version, from the...
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