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Speak Good Chinese is a cross-platform application based on Praat technology that allows you or your students to train their Mandarin pronunciation. Our software is based on Praat, leading software in speech analysis. Our speech technology is backed by the Institute of Phonetic Sciences part of the University of Amsterdam.
3 days ago Rob van SonAdapted patch to Praat 5.4.14master
7 days ago Rob van SonFolded sys_praat_name.patch into adaptPraat.patch,...
2015-07-16 Rob van SonCorrected L->U in ManPages2CPP
2015-07-15 Rob van SonAdapted to Praat 5.4.12
2015-06-17 Rob van SonWord selections with pinyin Pinyin, correction
2015-06-17 Rob van SonWord selections with pinyin Pinyin
2015-06-17 Rob van SonKeep capitals in Pinyin
2015-06-11 Rob van SonWork on pinyin input
2015-06-11 Rob van SonBetter split up of [ng] in Pinyin sequences
2015-06-11 Rob van SonUpdated manual for wordlists
2015-06-11 Rob van SonKeep syllable boundary quotes in Pinyin for for display
2015-06-11 Rob van SonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-06-11 Rob van SonRemoved tabs at end of command
2015-06-10 Rob van SonAdded SHA1 MAC
2015-06-10 Rob van SonAdaptations to remove reliance on (run)System command...
2015-06-09 Rob van SonAdded quote betwee neigboring vowels as in Xi`an
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