2012-12-05 Sean O'RourkeDelay loading some rarely-used stuff. Startup is alrea... master
2012-11-28 Sean O'RourkeFix obnoxious "the X::Y manpage" links.
2012-11-28 Sean O'Rourkerepl -> REPL
2012-10-01 Sean O'RourkeBuild HTML module list based on what's actually installed.
2012-09-08 Sean O'RourkeDefend against "Modern" Perls.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeBugfix.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeTweak.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeUse Perl's format() to flow the help text.
2012-05-12 Sean O'RourkeShorten text and change Sepia::flow() to shorten "...
2012-05-04 Sean O'RourkeDon't load (and workarounds like
2012-04-23 Sean O'RourkeFix repl_wantarray
2012-04-20 Sean O'RourkeDon't use "strict" in production
2012-04-20 Sean O'RourkeMake sepia-arg-choices its own function.
2012-01-30 Sean O'Rourkeretrieve shortcut list from inferior process.
2012-01-30 Sean O'Rourke* sepia.el (sepia-complete-symbol): Finally fix method...
2012-01-10 Sean O'Rourke* bind case-fold-search when going to header
2012-01-10 Sean O'RourkeFix bug #73721
2011-11-20 Sean O'RourkeFix POD format.
2011-11-17 Sean O'RourkeRemove $VERSION -- we only need one for the whole package.
2011-11-16 Sean O'RourkeVERSION 0.992
2011-11-16 Sean O'Rourkestrict tweak.
2011-11-16 Sean O'RourkeDon't bother messing with common::sense.
2011-11-15 Sean O'Rourke* document "sepl" a bit.
2011-11-15 Sean O'Rourke* replace Lexical::Persistence with Devel::LexAlias...
2011-11-05 Sean O'RourkeDebatable UI improvement.
2011-11-02 Sean O'RourkeReadline unification.
2011-10-25 Sean O'RourkeIgnore more stuff.
2011-10-24 Sean O'Rourke(see ChangeLog)
2011-10-23 Sean O'Rourke* copyedit
2011-10-23 Sean O'RourkeNote last change.
2011-10-23 Sean O'RourkeSome support for Term::ReadLine::Perl
2011-10-23 Sean O'Rourke-ne and -pe get keygindings.
2011-10-15 Sean O'RourkeUpdate copyrights.
2011-10-09 Sean O'RourkeBug fix.
2011-10-09 Sean O'RourkeDoc tweak.
2011-10-08 Sean O'Rourke* give sepia-pod-follow-link-at-point a keybinding...
2011-10-07 Sean O'RourkeAdd function to follow L<...> POD links.
2011-10-07 Sean O'RourkeSpaces -> TAB in Makefile generation
2011-10-06 Sean O'RourkeNo need for that to be in an eval.
2011-08-03 Sean O'RourkeBetter ",who" output.
2011-04-09 Sean O'Rourkeminor nit
2011-03-24 Sean O'RourkeClean up URLs.
2011-03-20 Sean O'RourkeBuild fixes from Hilko.
2011-03-15 Sean O'RourkeTweak tests for Solaris whitespace.
2011-03-15 Sean O'Rourke* MANIFEST bug
2011-03-15 Sean O'RourkeRegex debug toy.
2011-03-14 Sean O'Rourke* info-dir fix.
2011-02-23 Sean O'Rourke* Note bug in Sepia::Xref
2011-02-22 Sean O'Rourke* Finally use next-error rather than home-brewed version
2010-11-05 Sean O'RourkeAdd support for "while (my ($k, $v) = each %hash) ...
2010-10-27 Sean O'RourkeAdd rule for
2010-10-27 Sean O'RourkeRemove generated file.
2010-10-07 Sean O'Rourkemerge Justin's changes
2010-10-06 Sean O'Rourkeregenerate
2010-10-06 Sean O'RourkeCheck signal status more often.
2010-10-04 Sean O'Rourkesee ChangeLog
2010-09-22 Justin DavisAdd an entry for Sepia.html so we don't need package...
2010-09-22 Justin DavisRemove extra periods from module messages.
2010-09-22 Justin DavisAdd command-line options for setting path names without...
2010-09-22 Justin DavisRefactor prompts into seperate subroutines.
2010-09-22 Justin DavisRewrite MY::postable to compile .elc files on demand...
2010-09-22 Justin DavisAdd use warnings and use strict to Makefile.PL.
2010-09-22 Justin DavisUse the absolute path of emacs in the Makefile.PL.
2010-09-16 Sean O'RourkeChange $WANTARRAY and repl_wantarray to allow specifyin...
2010-09-13 Sean O'RourkeMinor bugs.
2010-09-13 Sean O'RourkeAdd sepia-find-loaded-modules, less spurious docs.
2010-09-12 Sean O'RourkeWork around Lexical::Persistence stupidity.
2010-09-02 Sean O'RourkeMention sepl command.
2010-08-19 Sean O'RourkeTidy up prompts, try to create info directory.
2010-08-18 Sean O'RourkeFix @res.
2010-08-18 Sean O'Rourkemore minor changes
2010-05-03 Sean O'RourkeOnly install completion on GNU readline.
2010-04-30 Sean O'Rourke$PRINT_PRETTY -> $COLUMNATE
2010-02-20 Sean O'Rourke * sepia.el (sepia-looks-like-module): remove apropos...
2010-01-25 Sean O'Rourke* sepl: ReadLine for Sepia
2010-01-24 Sean O'Rourke * README: add development information.
2009-12-19 Sean O'Rourkecleanup
2009-12-16 Sean O'Rourkeready for distribution
2009-12-16 Sean O'Rourkeminor tweaks, add bug description.
2009-12-16 Sean O'Rourkealways change packages
2009-12-15 Sean O'Rourkenon-Emacs interface
2009-12-15 Sean O'Rourke* Term::ReadLine-based interface.
2009-12-15 Sean O'RourkeAdd $READLINE hook for non-Emacs interfaces.
2009-12-13 Sean O'RourkeUse Emacs' stdout to avoid catching load messages.
2009-12-12 Sean O'Rourkeavoid "defined %hash"
2009-12-12 Sean O'Rourkeoops.
2009-12-08 Sean O'Rourke* VERSION 0.991_02
2009-12-07 Sean O'Rourke* Test without optional prereqs.
2009-12-07 Sean O'Rourke* eval { use blah } does the wrong thing.
2009-12-07 Sean O'Rourke* don't do quotemeta() too soon.
2009-12-07 Sean O'Rourke* use proper context for &_
2009-12-07 Sean O'RourkeFix completion bug.
2009-12-06 Sean O'Rourke* use $_ and @_ to store last output, rather than ...
2009-12-03 Sean O'RourkeLet's see if cpantesters picks this up...
2009-12-03 Sean O'Rourketry to install .el and .info files
2009-12-03 Sean O'Rourkequell warnings
2009-12-02 Sean O'RourkeHopefully "fix" or work around oddity with threaded...
2009-12-02 Sean O'RourkeMake LWP::Simple optional.
2009-11-29 Sean O'Rourkeminor tweaks
2009-11-29 Sean O'Rourkebugfix, update