2009-08-22 Rui GuoFill in design document.screen-scripting-soc
2009-08-22 Rui GuoSome tweak & fixes on interface definitions.
2009-08-22 Rui GuoCorrect the event description for activity/silient...
2009-08-20 Rui GuoUnhook the event handler if it causes error.
2009-08-19 Rui GuoMake the result of easier to use.
2009-08-19 Rui GuoFix problem caused by resourcing a script when an callb...
2009-08-18 Rui GuoSome more dead code & comments removed.
2009-08-18 Rui GuoGet rid of some codes that no longer needed.
2009-08-18 Rui GuoGet rid of some legacy code.
2009-08-18 Rui GuoUse separate lua_State for different script files.
2009-08-13 Rui GuoFix canvas.split on non-fore situation.
2009-08-13 Rui GuoImplement get_lines & get_history for window object.
2009-08-10 Rui GuoSet title bas on the output found on the screen.
2009-08-10 Rui GuoAdd two events
2009-08-10 Rui GuoAdd the window.viewing_canvases method
2009-08-04 Rui GuoDocument the onsilent/onactivity event.
2009-08-04 Rui GuoFix a warning on no return value.
2009-08-04 Rui GuoPass the missing Display for triggering onsilent event.
2009-08-04 Rui GuoImplement window event onslient & onactivity
2009-08-03 Rui GuoUpdate document on display interface.
2009-07-27 Guo RuiUnplug broker from the hash on object invalidation.
2009-07-27 Guo RuiCorrect LuaRegEvent to use broker.
2009-07-27 Guo RuiInvalidate broker on object destruction.
2009-07-27 Guo RuiImplement GC handler to release broker reference properly.
2009-07-26 Guo RuiImplement window.onclose event, which happens just...
2009-07-21 Guo RuiImproved caption demo script a bit.
2009-07-21 Guo RuiCorrectly pad the caption output.
2009-07-21 Guo RuiPush broker to lua script, instead of the pointer itself.
2009-07-21 Guo RuiClear invalid reference in get_broker_obj().
2009-07-20 Guo RuiFix freeing broker.
2009-07-16 Guo RuiImplement object broker mechanism.
2009-07-16 Guo RuiAdd display.top_canvas & bottom_canvas interface.
2009-07-14 Guo RuiDemonstrate the idle event & attach event.
2009-07-14 Guo RuiImplement global display attach event.
2009-07-13 Guo RuiImplement display.idle_timeout interface, currently...
2009-07-13 Guo RuiRename idle event to onidle event.
2009-07-13 Guo RuiReliably trigger onidle event.
2009-07-13 Guo RuiFix a crash in screen_schedule()
2009-07-12 Guo RuiImplement screen.schedule interface.
2009-07-12 Guo RuiImplement display.onidle event.
2009-07-10 Guo RuiFirst (hopefully) working version of caption processing.
2009-07-10 Guo RuiAdd canvas.display to access display from canvas.
2009-07-08 Guo RuiTrigger Processcaption event only for caption & hstatus...
2009-07-08 Guo RuiImplement canvas.split
2009-07-08 Guo RuiImplement screens.layouts.
2009-07-06 Guo RuiImplement layout related interface.
2009-07-03 Guo RuiMove ProcessCaption to current event dispatching system.
2009-07-03 Guo RuiTrigger window.onresize event.
2009-06-24 Rui GuoIntroduce canvas.showwin() interface.
2009-06-24 Rui GuoDocument method
2009-06-24 Rui GuoIntroduce window.activate method.
2009-06-24 Rui GuoExtract RC_FOCUS implementation to clean up duplicated...
2009-06-24 Rui GuoDocument the newly introduced window events.
2009-06-22 Rui GuoEnable stuffing a window.
2009-06-22 Rui GuoAdd a demo function.
2009-06-22 Rui GuoTrigger global forechange event on region change.
2009-06-22 Rui GuoTrigger onfocus onleave event when switch between regions.
2009-06-22 Rui GuoImplement onshow onhide events for window object.
2009-06-19 Rui GuoAdd some window events.
2009-06-17 Rui GuoWrap detached event trigger in compiler directives.
2009-06-17 Rui GuoMove the original forechanged event to the new hook...
2009-06-17 Rui GuoMake window.number writable.
2009-06-17 Rui GuoUpdate the document about hook/unhook and input interface
2009-06-17 Rui GuoFree allocated memory before luaL_error() in screen_input()
2009-06-17 Rui Guoinput() can now have an optional prefilled content.
2009-06-16 Rui GuoDocument a known problem.
2009-06-16 Rui GuoCorrect garbage collecting the unhook ticket.
2009-06-16 Rui GuoSeparate the weak table, since only the func part is...
2009-06-15 Rui GuoDo not produce duplicate hook on duplicate source.scripting-soc
2009-06-15 Rui GuoDo not do refcount any more.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoReally save func name -- may be lost during merge.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoChange function table name to ease removing refcnt.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoNo longer check for duplicate hook.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoClean up of the callback unhook part.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoFix an memory leak on unhook ticket.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoRemoved the LuaUnReg() func.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoMake the merged unhooking code work again.
2009-06-15 Rui GuoMerge branch 'scripting-lua-unhook' (early part) into...
2009-06-14 Sadrul Habib... Do not crash on unhook.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoA simple asynchronous input interface.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoImplement a robust ScriptCall and format the code.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoFix refcount logic & duplicate unhook checking.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoDescription about the global detach event.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoMerge branch 'scripting-python' (early part) into scree...
2009-06-12 Rui GuoFix lua stack balance in LuaHRef(). And get rid of...
2009-06-12 Rui GuoFix duplicate check on event hooking.
2009-06-12 Sadrul Habib... Copyright update.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoFill in the lost unref call. Thanks Sadrul.
2009-06-12 Rui GuoUse the key directly to refer to the lua callback handler.
2009-06-11 Sadrul Habib... Parse the params to 'script source' correctly.
2009-06-11 Sadrul Habib... Trigger detach events.
2009-06-11 Sadrul Habib... Merge branch 'master' into lua-scripting
2009-06-10 Rui GuoFurther code clean up.
2009-06-10 Rui GuoRestructure the func register code.
2009-06-10 Rui GuoMake the merged code work again. Also fixs a SEGV.
2009-06-10 Rui GuoMerge branch 'lua-scripting' into screen-scripting-soc
2009-06-10 Rui GuoMerge branch 'lua-scripting' (early part) into screen...
2009-06-10 Rui GuoMerge branch 'lua-scripting' (early part) into screen...
2009-06-10 Rui GuoMerge branch 'lua-scripting' (early part) into screen...
2009-06-10 Rui GuoDescript hook/unhook intf. Also a bit about input(...