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Welcome to SBCL.

To find out more about who created the system, see the "CREDITS" file.

If you'd like information about the legalities of copying the system,
see the "COPYING" file.

If you'd like to install or build the system, see the "INSTALL" file.

If you'd like more information about using the system, see the man
page, "sbcl.1", or the user manual in the "doc/" subdirectory of the
distribution. (The user manual is maintained as Texinfo in the source
distribution; HTML version is available for download.)

The system is a work in progress. See the "TODO" file in the source
distribution for some highlights.

The "BUGS" file lists current known bugs.

If you'd like to make suggestions, report a bug, or help to improve the
system, please send mail to one of the mailing lists:
Note that as a spam reduction measure you must subscribe to the lists
before you can post.


for NetBSD:
  NetBSD 2.0 and above are required because of the lack of needed
  signal APIs in NetBSD 1.6 and earlier.

for OpenBSD:
  OpenBSD 3.0 has stricter ulimit values, and/or enforces them more
  strictly, than its predecessors. Therefore SBCL's initial mmap()
  won't work unless you increase the limit on the data segment from
  the OpenBSD defaults, e.g. with
    ulimit -S -d 1000000
  before you run SBCL. Otherwise SBCL fails with a message like
  "ensure_space: failed to validate xxxxxxx bytes at yyyyy". (SBCL
  is just allocating this huge address space, not actually using this
  huge memory at this point. OpenBSD <3.0 had no problem with this,
  but OpenBSD 3.0 is less hospitable.)
2008-01-31 D HerringMerged sbcl-1.0.14 with the sb-simd 1.3 patchesmaster
2008-01-31 D HerringTweaks to get sb-simd 1.3 to compile
2008-01-31 D HerringAesthetic tweaks
2008-01-31 D Herringsb-simd patch version 1.3
2008-01-27 William Harold... 1.0.14: release, will be tagged as sbcl_1_0_14
2008-01-23 Richard M Kreuter1.0.13.53: Minor changes to SB-COVER, SB-MD5 tests...
2008-01-23 Richard M Kreuter1.0.13.52: Fix typo in bit-vector.impure-cload.lisp
2008-01-22 Richard M Kreuter1.0.13.51: Fixups in mkstemp wrapper used in RUN-PROGRAM.
2008-01-21 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.50: rename JECXZ to JRCXZ in the x86-64 backend...
2008-01-21 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.49: save source-locations for accessor methods...
2008-01-21 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.48: SET-CLOSED-FLAME set ANSI-STREAM-IN twice...
2008-01-21 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.47: spurious INLINE declaration for (SETF FOO...
2008-01-21 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.46: fixed bug #402
2008-01-16 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.45: close the fd before deleting / moving files...
2008-01-15 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.44: bug #414 has disappeared
2008-01-15 Nikodemus Siivola1.0.13.43: DIVIDE-BY-ZERO from BIGNUM-TRUNCATE
10 years ago master