descriptionA command line client towards the Amazon Simple Storage Service
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       s3 [--usage] [--help] [--man] [--version]

       # generic options, valid for all commands
       s3  [--id ] [--secret ] []

       # "pure" commands
       s3 acl    [--clear] [--add ] [--del ] 

       s3 add    [--meta ] [--header 
] [--acl ] [--data ] [--location ] [] s3 copy [--meta ] [--header
] [--acl ] s3 create [--acl ] [--location ] s3 delete s3 get [] s3 list [--ls] [-l] [--delimiter ] [--max-keys ] [--marker ] [] s3 locate s3 meta [--clear] [--add ] [--del ] s3 show # "filesyste-oriented" commands s3 cat [] ... s3 cp [ [ s3 dir [--delimiter ] [--max-keys ] [--marker ] [] s3 ls [-l] [--delimiter ] [--max-keys ] [--marker ] [] s3 rm [ [ ...]] Examples: # list all buckets s3 list # create two buckets s3 create mybucket s3 add mybucket-x # locate a bucket s3 localte :mybucket # list keys s3 list :mybucket s3 list :mybucket/some/prefix s3 ls :mybucket/some/directory s3 ls -l :mybucket/some/directory/extended-print s3 dir :mybucket/ditto/as/above # create a key s3 add :mybucket/empty s3 add :mybucket/cmdline-data --data 'Hello, World!' s3 add :mybucket/fromfile /path/to/somefile # get contents of one or more keys s3 get :mybucket/key s3 get :mybucket/tofile /path/to/destination s3 cat :mybucket/key :mybucket-x/key-x # make copies... s3 copy :mybucket/source :mybucket-x/destination-copy s3 cp /path/to/localfile :mybucket/remote s3 cp /local/file :mybucket/remote/file /path/to/localdir s3 cp /local/file :mybucket/remote/file :mybucket-x/path/to/remotedir/ # move stuff s3 mv :mybucket/something /path/to/local s3 mv /path/to/something :mybucket/remote s3 mv /local/file :mybucket/remote/file :mybucket-x/path/to/remotedir/ # get headers s3 show :mybucket/somekey # get/set metadata s3 meta :mybucket/somekey s3 meta :mybucket/somekey --add colour:green --del taste:awful # get/set ACL s3 acl :mybucket s3 acl :mybucket/somekey s3 acl :mybucket/somekey --add any:read --del # finally, delete stuff s3 delete :mybucket/somekey s3 delete :mybucket-x s3 rm :mybucket
2008-12-13 Flavio PolettiChanged implementation so that modified version of... master
2008-10-16 Flavio PolettiThere's a goto to a sub instead of a label... bug fixed.
2008-09-01 Flavio PolettiAdded management of a default bucket/prefix and a cd...
2008-09-01 Flavio PolettiFixed debug setting in interactive mode.
2008-09-01 Flavio PolettiExtraction of documentation from POD. Defaulting to...
2008-09-01 Flavio PolettiDocumented the --interactive | -i command line option.
2008-09-01 Flavio PolettiAdded interactive mode with Term::ShellUI. Fantastic!
2008-08-31 Flavio PolettiMade all callbacks for cp/mv accept the same parameters.
2008-08-30 Flavio PolettiAdded documentation for the mv command.
2008-08-30 Flavio PolettiAdded support for the mv command.
2008-08-30 Flavio PolettiAdded some documentation, changed interface with ACL...
2008-08-30 Flavio Polettimade modifications, added documentation.
2008-08-28 Flavio PolettiNew schemes for S3 paths seem to work fine
2008-08-28 Flavio PolettiThe Amazon S3 command line tool
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