2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded checkout_index1.0.3
2007-11-16 scott ChaconMerge branches 'master' and 'index'
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded some examples to the README
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded update-ref
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded some low level tree operations and tests
2007-11-16 scott Chaconforgot gblob
2007-11-16 scott Chacononly call rev-parse and cat-file for size and type...
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded object content caching
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded unit tests for object predicates
2007-11-16 scott Chaconadded tree? blob? commit? tag? predicates for git objects
2007-11-15 scott Chaconnew bare testing repo
2007-11-15 scott Chaconadded test for bare repo
2007-11-14 scott Chaconadded name-rev support for commit objects
2007-11-14 scott Chaconupdated the unit test to look at some of the archive...
2007-11-14 scott Chaconchanged a unit test
2007-11-14 scott Chaconadded 'archive' and tests
2007-11-13 scott Chaconupdated the TODO file with the stuff I'm working on...
2007-11-13 scott Chaconupdated a bunch of the documentation
2007-11-13 scott Chaconupdated the History for a release
2007-11-13 scott Chaconadded the tree functions and tests
2007-11-13 scott Chaconadded a bunch of good stuff to the commit object
2007-11-12 scott Chaconupdated the docs, added a version to the library, added...
2007-11-12 scott Chaconadded push, changed some docs, merged README and EXAMPL...
2007-11-12 scott Chaconadded documentation and a license filepublic/master
2007-11-12 scott Chaconadding my testing git directory
2007-11-12 scott Chaconadded tagging
2007-11-11 scott Chaconadded merging functions
2007-11-11 scott Chaconadded branch and checkout functionality
2007-11-11 scott Chaconchanged .commit to .gcommit for consistency
2007-11-11 scott Chaconadded remove and reset
2007-11-11 scott Chaconfixed a small environment bug
2007-11-11 scott Chaconadded the commit(), changed base.commit, base.tree...
2007-11-11 scott Chacongit add working, git status object working
2007-11-10 scott Chacongot clone and init to work - my first writing functions
2007-11-10 scott Chaconfew hours work - diff is done
2007-11-09 scott Chaconadded branches, more log stuff, better tests, changed...
2007-11-09 scott Chaconadded some branching beginnings
2007-11-09 scott Chacongot all the unit tests to run from either place, fixed...
2007-11-09 scott Chaconmoved the git objects into the object.rb file
2007-11-08 scott Chaconadded log functions
2007-11-08 scott Chaconadded some testing files and got some real tests to run
2007-11-08 scott Chaconstarted test framework
2007-11-08 scott Chacongot the first round working
2007-11-07 scott Chaconbeginning of Ruby/Git project